You will be able to feel the immersion in an old an rich culture and enjoy discovering valleys, monasteries, national parks and picks up 9000 foot while... going fishing to spectacular sceneries with pristine waters and without seeing others fishermen.

There are the famous rivers fished by Hemingway when he was attending the Sanfermines bullfighting fiestas in the 20's and again in the late 50's. With over 800 miles of water courses to choose from, there is every possible combination of fishing condition to experience but in general these medium-sized rivers have distinct characteristics:

Source: typical high mountain streams with large rocks and rapids.

Mid-section: more comfortable fishing with smaller rocks, rapids, churning pools and calm water with an average width of 10 to 15 yards.

Lower reaches: slower flowing water up to 90 yards wide. The rivers here are between 2 and 6 feet deep so are suitable for wading. Temperatures vary between 50-60 Fahrenheit (11-17 C.)

Hidden in high mountains (2000 metres and above), there are a large number of Ibons. "Ibon" is a Pyrenees word for a high-mountain lake of glacial origin. These spectacular lakes are only accessible by trekking on foot for between 2 to 6 hour.


Fly fishing on these waters in the right season and at the right spot, is one of the most exciting, challenging and enjoyable experiences for the subtle fisherman.

The rivers and the habits of the trout in them are perfect for dry fly lovers: each beat, pool or lake provides a different challenge for this style of fishing which offers the best results over other techniques.

Some of these rivers have been compared with some of the most recognize beautiful medium or small size rivers for fly fishing in Argentina.

Fly fishing in the Pyrenees is for those who are looking for something different. Surrounded by wild, unspoilt countryside, the whole day can be spent without seeing another angler.

Rather than fishing for enormous fish with a sinking line; you will experience the heady sensation of actively and continuously sight-fishing for wild trout between 0.5-2 lb.

Fish Species: Brown,Rainbow and Brook Trout
Bait Used:
Tackle Used:
Method Used:
Water Depth:
Water Temperature:
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:
High Mountain Spring Creek
High Mountain Spring Creek

A trophy Rainbow in lower reaches
A trophy Rainbow in lower reaches

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About The Author: Ivan Tarin

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Area Reporting: Spanish Pyrenees

Bio: Information about the author Ivan Tarin was born in Zaragoza, Spain, in 1977. Since 1990 until nowadays has been practising trekking in mountains searching virgin locations for dry fly fishing in lost valleys in the magnificent natural border between France and Spain. "More than 3500 km trout waters inside more than 80 different streams plus more than 400 high mountain lakes in Pyrenees, have been my entertainment, my hobby and my job along the latest 19 years, but today I have not finished my search… " Since 1999 works like Fly Fishing guide in Western and Eastern Pyrenees and since 2001 is one the owners and the head guide of the recognize SALVELINUS Fishing Adventures Company. He has worked in different Governmental programs to organize the resource: fly fishing in Pyrenees Mountains. He is the fishing tourism representing and a technical assistant in the Fishing Conseil from General Government of Aragon. His knowledge about the resource, the locations and the hidden trout populations has been completed with the extremely important information given for the rest of the guide-staff, some of them working like guides in Pyrenees more than 23 years ago. He has been done a firstly search of 4 months in Patagonia along the prime time testing more than 30 operations for fly fishing in landscapes sceneries where practise dry fly fishing and nowadays works like specialist travel agent for dry fly fishing adventures destinations to the last frontier in Patagonia. He is the Director of the SALVELINUS Fly Fishing School, with the most active and practise casting and on the river techniques courses in Spain, with clients from over Western Europe.

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