Okuma Celilo Rods Reviews

Details:The fisheries of the Northwest and Northeast have been in turmoil, to say the least. However the future looks bright--the lake trout have come back strong in the last few years, and finally, the Northwest rivers are seeing good runs of salmon and steelhead. With input from some of the top fishermen on these waters, we developed the Celilo series.

Model No. Length Line Weight
CE-C-761 7'6" 12~25oz
CE-C-7101 7'10" 12~25oz
CE-C-762 7'6" 12~25oz
CE-C-802H-1 8'0'' 12~15oz
CE-C-862H-1 8'6'' 12~25oz
CE-C-862M-2 8'6'' 8~17oz
CE-C-862MH-1 8'6'' 10~20oz
CE-C-862ML-1 8'6'' 6~12oz
CE-C-902-H-1 9'0" 15~30oz
CE-C-902-XH-1 9'0" 20~40oz
CE-C-962L-1 9'6" 4~8oz
CE-C-962ML-1 9'6'' 6~12oz
CE-S-461UL-1 4'6" 1~4oz
CE-S-502UL-1 5' 1~4oz
CE-S-562UL-1 5'6" 2~6oz
CE-S-602UL-1 6' 2~6oz
CE-S-662UL-1 6'6" 2~6oz
CE-S-702L-1 7' 4~10oz
CE-S-762L-1 7'6" 4~10oz
CE-S-792M-1 7'9" 8~17oz
CE-S-862H-1 8'6'' 12~25oz
CE-S-862M-2 8'6'' 8~17oz
CE-S-862ML-1 8'6'' 6~12oz
CE-S-962L-1 9'6'' 4~8oz
CE-S-962ML-1 9'6'' 6~12oz
CE-S-1002ML-1 10'0'' 4~12oz
CE-C-561H 5'6" 40~100oz
CE-C-701H 7' 20~50oz
CE-C-701XH 7' 30~80oz
CE-S-1102 11'0" 15~40oz
CE-C-1102 11'0" 15~40oz
CE-S-241ML-1 24'' 2~8oz
CE-S-261ML-1 26'' 2~8oz
CE-S-281L-1? ? 28'' 2~6oz
CE-S-301M-1 30'' 2~10oz
CEF-862-45 8'6"' 5,6oz
CEF-902-56 9'0'' 5,6oz
CEF-902-78? ? 9'0'' 7,8oz
CEF-962-89 9'6'' 8,9oz
CEF-902-10 9'0'' 10oz

User reviews for Celilo

Number of Reviews: 5
Average Rating: 4.2
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Rating: Really amazing rods
Reviewed on May 3, 2020 by Pedro from Ontario

I have a 6'6" a 7'6"and now a 9'6" I use the 7 ft one to land some really beautiful fish from big bass to massive steelhead and it performs incredibly I just recently got the 9'6 can't wait to smash some more with that one 🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣 🎣

Rating: CEC1102 handles BIG fish/perfect plunking rod
Reviewed on November 28, 2013 by Earl from Columbia River

I bought this rod in the spring and have landed fish from 4 lb chinook jacks to 10 foot sturgeon with it. I don't throw weights over 12 oz., but it handles that with ease. This is a rod that you don't have to be built like a linebacker to use, and since I got it my Ugly Stick has stayed in the garage.

Rating: Float
Reviewed on December 17, 2012 by Fish boy from On the water

I recently got a 9'6 Celilo for float fishing with a draw spinning reel with 15# tuff line, and it works great for me.

Rating: holy cow
Reviewed on January 9, 2011 by nick from lewis river

I recently got a ceilio ML 8'6" fishing pole i lost a couple of fish with it this past weekend it handled great i love this rod

Rating: Perfect for surf fishing
Reviewed on July 11, 2009 by Phillip Middleton from Chile

I am an avid flounder fisherman. I saw this rod and gave it a try. It works wonderfully matched with an ABU 6500 or similar and multifilament of 0,21 mm. Light, sensitive, can take hard punishment, even casting weights a lot higher than it is rated for (2oz) it casts 3 OZ without any problem, and you can fish all day long without getting tired. I've caught flounders of 20+ lbs without any problem. I recommend it.

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