Well thank goodness for June, halfway through and the difference with catches this month compared with May are amazing. Barracuda are the norm on any day sizes vary between 15 and 36 inches they may not be big but they give the lure a good clatter. Also on lures we are now picking up the odd Red Bream to 3lb these are nice fish, and fun on light tackle. Anyone interested in the fishing frustration enjoyed when targeting Mullet can enjoy fish in excess of 6lbs providing you invest the time and possess the patience. For those who are just happy catching fish there are many species here on the island and all seem happy to oblige, shame that most are on the small side, having said that any families with young kids seem very happy to see fish coming into the boat irrespective of size the important thing is the massive smile on the kids faces. Today have just set up a couple of rigs for deep lures these will be tried for the first time in the morning running between 60ft and 80ft below the boat in the hope of picking out better specimens of Bream with the possibility of the odd Bass, will let you know how they work at the end of the month. The weather this week is exceptionally warm Mid June temperatures are in line with what we would expect for Mid July if this continues perhaps the Tuna will come into range sooner than the norm we can only wait and see. Talking to an American angler the other day he was intrigued by every restaurant he passed offering Dorada on the menu, Dorada in Spain is not the same fish as known by that name in the States or Australia, the Spanish Dorada is what we know as Gilt Head Bream. As I write this we have just started to get into some nice Bass around the 6lb mark they give a good account of themselves when hooked and are not keen on coming to the boat.

Fish Species: Bass
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