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[Galveston, TX] The water temperature are warming up and the fish are fat! Read more

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the Right Depth
by Mike Gerry (04/18/2018)
Fish where the fish are and that is depth related, the right depth!
Frustrating Snags
by Mike Gerry (04/13/2018)
Sometimes you just get snagged and it\'s part of fishing but you can help!
Whacky Rig Time
by Mike Gerry (04/03/2018)
The whacky rig is becoming one of the best presentations available to the weekend fisherman.
Crank Bait Cadence
by Mike Gerry (04/03/2018)
knowing how to work a crank bait is key to catching fish, knowledge!

Recently Submitted Fishing Reports

Puerto Vallarta fishing report April by Pete Vines (4/18/2018) - Big baits means big fish in Puerto Vallarta fishing
Miami Kingfishing by Rafael Mayans (4/18/2018) - A great way to catch Kingfish here in Miami is by trolling Planers and fishing for these fish in mid water depth
Miami Mahi-mahi Fishing by Rafael Mayans (4/16/2018) - Miami deep-sea fishing is great way for the family to spend the day together especially on vacation , so if it’s either family time or team building with the guys a Deep-sea fishing charter is the way to go
Tuna on the bite today - Great fun on light tackle by Mike Laubscher (4/15/2018) - The Tuna had their own plans for us and we had non-stop Tuna action for most of the trip with 14 hook ups and landing .....
Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 3-14/18 by Mike Gerry (4/14/2018) - Guntersville with few exceptions is fishing really good!
Good Tuna and Wahoo by Mike Laubscher (4/13/2018) - We launched this morning into a strong NE wind that the forecast said would die out early and the day was supposed to be stunning, but it did not happen
Fun Family Fishing Trip by Mike Laubscher (4/11/2018) - In the end the whole family had a great day out with a lot of fun even though there was a little rain from time to time.
Deep Sea Fishing Fort Lauderdale y Wahoo by Tom Zsak (4/11/2018) - www.topshotfishing.comFort Lauderdale Fl.33316 Happy Day Today Sport Deep Sea fishing
April 2018 Mosquito Lagoon and New Smyrna Beach Fishing Report by Patrick Rood (4/09/2018) - The fish have been chewing on Mosquito Lagoon and around the New Smyrna Beach area.
Black Marlin 3-2-1 - Released by Mike Laubscher (4/09/2018) - What a day we had today, we launched this morning to look for a Marlin into a 12knot NE wind which just got stronger as the day went on until it peaked at about 28knots. Water was warm and light green. We headed about 70km out to our selected grounds
Clarks hill- lake thurmond fishing report by Tony Shepherd (4/09/2018) - current Spring fishing conditions on Clarks Hill Lake
Fat Redfish & Trout In Galveston Bay by Chad Handley (4/09/2018) - The water temperature are warming up and the fish are fat!
Crocodile Bay Costa Rica Fishing Report, March 2018 by Todd Staley (4/09/2018) - This year we have seen the marlin stick around and we are catching yellowfin tuna two or three days a week. In the past five days we have released two marlin over three hundred pounds and caught fourteen tuna. There has been a good concentration of bait offshore and the predators have been taking advantage of it. Big schools of dolphin, tuna, manta rays and flocks of sea birds have all been hitting the bait balls.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Big game and Tablefare by Dave Hanson (4/08/2018) - Fishing has been tricky, due to lots of windy days, but juggling inshore with offshore days, depending upon conditions, has yielded good catches in both places.
Shell Beach Head Hunting by Rory Rorison (4/07/2018) - Friday Stephen LaCoste and his sons Cole and Christian joined me for a run into the Sound. There was a little chop on the way out, but it calmed down and got slick as we got further out. The first rig we hit started out slow with way too many catfish. We made a move and found another rig that looked to be holding fish and tried it out.