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Catch of the Month

[Lake Lanier, GA] Striper fishing is good but has slowed on the south end of the lake. The Threadfin shad die off seems to be more sever on the south end of the Lake. This makes for "easy pickings" for the fish. With a lot of bait on the bottom there is no need to chase live bait and the fishing tends to slow. Read more

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Buzz Bait Time
by Mike Gerry (03/22/2015)
Some times what you expect is quite different than what is real in fishing.
Schools of Fish
by Mike Gerry (03/15/2015)
The way I attack big schools of fish in these big bodies of water like Tennessee River!
Bladed Baits
by Mike Gerry (03/08/2015)
Some times when you need to slow down bladed baits can have an advantage!
Winning Classic baits 2015
by Mike Gerry (03/01/2015)
Try to figure out why and what caused a bait to be successful at the classic!

Recently Submitted Fishing Reports

Huge Hammerhead Sharks, Cobia, Permit, Goliath Grouuper by Brett Swenson (3/25/2015) - Weather and water conditions have been just awesome. Best fishing we have ever seen!!
Great All Day Fishing Trip by Steve Souther (3/25/2015) - You never know what will happen on an all-day fishing trip here in Fort Lauderdale. Our group today had fished the afternoon the day before with
Striper Fishing continues to improve on Lanier by Michael Maddalena (3/24/2015) - The Striper fishing on Lake Lanier near Atlanta, Ga continues to improve as the water continues to warm.
Tampa Bay March Fishing Report by Matt Ercoli (3/23/2015) - Warming weather has caused Spring fishing To explode, both inshore and offshore.
Mahi on Ft. Lauderdale fishing charters by Rick Brady (3/22/2015) - As we get ready to enter into the third week of March our Ft. Lauderdale fishing charters continue to yield some decent catches. The weather remains stellar, almost too hot again, and it really does seem to be the end of our stunted winter season. They were calling for 86 today and thankfully I think they fell a little short of that, at least on the water.
Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 3/21/15 by Mike Gerry (3/22/2015) - Were still in the ups and downs but this will end shortly!
Lake Ray Roberts Fishing Report by Jim Walling (3/21/2015) - Fishing overall has been slow on Ray Roberts, but there have been some Big Bass caught the last few weeks including a new Record Largemouth Bass!
Vernal Equinox Saltwater Orlando FIshing Report by John Kumiski (3/20/2015) - We fished the Atlantic, the Indian River Lagoon, and the Mosquito Lagoon. The algae bloom has started in the lagoons, not good news at all.
South Indian River Fishing Report by Charlie Conner (3/20/2015) - Big trout are on the grass flats! It's time to enjoy the spring fishing season!
Hopedale gold by Sal Fontana (3/19/2015) - Hopedale report for march 19. today the redfish had to hide from the Kentucky crew that decided to invade our marsh.
Fort Lauderdale Fishing Happy Day Today by Tommy Zsak (3/19/2015) - Fort Lauderdale Fl.Happy Day Today
Mid March Lake Lanier Striper Fishing Report by Michael Maddalena (3/19/2015) - Fishing is improving as water warms, the fish are moving north!
Palm Beach / Jupiter salt and freshwater report by Craig Korczynski (3/18/2015) - snook striking doa lures, tarpon hanging around mangrove shorelines, peacock bass getting aggresive
Wednesday 3/18 report by Sal Fontana (3/18/2015) - Hopedale, Louisiana is on fire at present time. give Capt. Sal a call and come enjoy a fishing experience you will not forget for a long time.
Monday 3/16 Report by Sal Fontana (3/18/2015) - Hopedale, Louisiana is on Fire. Give Capt. Sal a call and come enjoy a fishing experience you will remember for a long time.