When is the Best Time to Catch Bass?

Author: Michael Seeley | Posted: 03/22/2010
Big Bass
Big Bass

Big Bass
Big Bass

In my life of fishing I have fished in most conditions imaginable, some with better results than others. I still believe the best time to fish is anytime you have the opportunity. But, there are certain happenings that really get my adreneline flowing when I think about bass catching.

First and foremost, lunar influences. Most anglers know that  a full moon can trigger fish into feeding frenzies, but other things dictate when and if this frenzy will occur. A full moon on a clear night is not always a great thing unless your a night fisherman. With the light of the moon the fish will often gorge all night leaving little appetite for the daylight hours. There will often be a short feeding period right at dawn followed by hours with few bites. If you don't give up though around mid-day you could encounter some of the best fishing of your life as the fish tend to feed more in the middle of the day even on the hottest days of the year.

My favorite time to fish is on a cloudy full moon with rain in the summer months. The bass don't have the light of the moon to help them find food during the night and tend to feed more during the daylight hours plus active weather also helps keeps the fish feeding.  The full moon during the summer months trigger the shad to spawn in predictable locations which large schools of bass will follow.

New moons can be equally as good but don't require the cloud cover because naturally these are the darkest nights of the month. Three days before and three days after are usually  good days with the best being the day of the moon.

Low pressure systems are also a good stimulator for fish activity. In the fall when we get the remnants of tropical storms and hurricanes topwater action explodes. The only drawback is these days can be dangerous with high winds. Plan around the winds (if the wind is from the west fish areas protected from west winds, etc.) and try to avoid making long runs. Launch your boat near the area you plan to fish, taking wind direction into consideration and always wear your life jacket. Monitor the weather at all times, these types of storms will sometimes produce isolated tornadoes. Safety first!

In the winter the best days to fish are usually the sunniest days. The sun will warm the shallower water drawing bass from deeper water to feed. I like to fish rattle baits and shallow diving crankbaits in these conditions. Remember to stay close to deeper water. I will keep the boat  in 10' + and be casting to 2'- 3' deep water.

In conclusion, if I were planning a fishing vacation or of hiring a guide for this summer I would try to plan around the new or full moon for a successful trip.

My favorite moons of the year are coming up soon. If you would like to fish with me during these give me a call at 256-242-3044. 


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