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Bass Fishing Reports

Browse popular bass fishing reports by professional fishing guides.

Bass Fishing Reports
    Beach Havne Captains Looking For Sun by (2013-07-03 12:07:03)
    [Beach Haven] There is a great variety of fish located in the waters surrounding Beach Haven, New Jersey. Unfortunately rain, wind, and thunderstorms make fishing difficult.
    Reef Fishing Hot In Beach Haven by (2013-06-30 17:17:34)
    [Beach Haven] The inshore artificial reefs and wrecks off Beach Haven are loaded with black sea bass. Many are shorts but there are plenty of keepers.
    the bite is on fire by (2013-06-30 11:25:21)
    [Guntersville Lake] Fish are biting everything and moving shallow
    Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 6/29/13 by (2013-06-29 12:33:40)
    [Guntersville Lake] Guntersville is still very productive and catching is easy!
    Red Hot Fishing In Hernando Beach Fl by (2013-06-22 16:59:51)
    [Hernando County] Fishing the waters of Hernando Beach FL the last week has been very good. Trout action is great in 10 to 12 feet of water on spotty bottom.
    Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 6/22/13 by (2013-06-22 12:02:33)
    [Guntersville Lake] A great week despite the heat, the bass are doing their thing!
    Beach Haven Sea Bass Fishing Gets Hot by (2013-06-20 18:20:57)
    [Beach Haven] An excessive amount of rain in New Jersey has slowed the fishing down. Now that there has been a few nice days in a row, the wreck fishing has improved.
    Lake Fork Report & Pics—June 18, 2013 by (2013-06-18 16:59:23)
    [Lake Fork] Whereas you might find bass on just about any piece of shoreline cover a month ago, now you can fish or graph large sections of the lake and not find a bass. Once you find a school though, man oooohhhhhhhhh man, it can boggle the mind with the number of good fish on one key piece of structure.
    Bass and brown trout fishing heating up by (2013-06-18 13:33:24)
    [Belgrade] Bass and brown trout fishing in the Belgrades is starting to heat up. Smallmouths are biting well and brown trout are in the top 25 feet of the water column.
    Reel Therapy clients banging em by (2013-06-18 12:25:28)
    [Monmouth County] With turbid water conditions around the Raritan Bay, we have been retreating back to our early spring spots
    Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 6/16/13 by (2013-06-16 12:17:33)
    [Guntersville Lake] Some ups and downs as we get to the heat of the summer!
    Beach Haven Captains Are Busy by (2013-06-13 18:42:08)
    [Beach Haven] The captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association have been busy getting their boats ready, running them up from winter storage, and fishing. They are now preparing for their Junior Mates Classes.
    Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 6/9/13 by (2013-06-09 09:53:49)
    [Guntersville Lake] The weeks are passing and the fishing is showing signs of summertime!
    Big Bass Caught on Lake Baccarac by (2013-06-09 00:45:44)
    [Lake Baccarac] To all bass anglers if you like catching 10 pound plus bass read the report from Lake Baccarac.
    Beach Haven Fishing Report by (2013-06-08 08:22:52)
    [Beach Haven] It is hard to get a read on the fishing situation as there are not many anglers fishing in the Beach Haven area right now. When the boats get out to the inshore reefs and wrecks they are doing well.
    Orlando FL to Daytona Beach Bass Fishing Guide Report by (2013-06-04 10:03:03)
    [Daytona Beach] Trophy Bass fishing in the Orlando an Daytona Beach area With Bass Challenger Guide Service and Eddie Bussard
    schooling fish by (2013-06-02 19:35:50)
    [Guntersville Lake] Some days the schools are really hot and other days you really have got to work them.
    Lewis Smith Lake, Alabama Striped Bass Service - Fishing 24-7 Guide Service by (2013-06-02 15:43:48)
    [Smith Lake] Fishing for striped bass on Lewis Smith Lake in Alabama. Guide Mike Walker offers several different trips and provides everything you'll need for your day on the water
    Nice Weather Sparks Beach Haven Fishing by (2013-06-01 20:38:34)
    [Beach Haven] A return to nicer weather has improved the local fishing action. It also means the boats can get out and fish.
    Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 6/1/13 by (2013-06-01 11:25:47)
    [Guntersville Lake] Another great week on Guntersville, you just had to be there to experience it!
    Big schools deep by (2013-05-26 10:52:13)
    [Guntersville Lake] The fish are going deep and grouping up big time.
    Storms Slow Beach Haven Fishing by (2013-05-25 20:41:34)
    [Beach Haven] Stormy weather is keeping the b oats of Beach Haven close to home. Unfortunately, there are several choices of good fishing action if the boats can get out.
    Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 5/25/13 by (2013-05-25 14:13:04)
    [Guntersville Lake] A great week catching instead of fishing, this is the best week of the year!
    Fishing for striped bass on Lewis Smith lake by (2013-05-23 07:19:19)
    [Smith Lake] Fishing for striped bass on Lewis Smith lake in Alabama with Mike Walker of Fishing 24-7 Guide Service.
    Schoolers on the river by (2013-05-20 18:53:51)
    [St. Johns River] Large mouth bass are schooling on the baitfish in several places on the St Johns
    Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 5/18/13 by (2013-05-18 11:31:27)
    [Guntersville Lake] What a week on Guntersville, you just don't get any better!
    Beach Haven Fishing Heats Up by (2013-05-16 08:02:32)
    [Beach Haven] The action on striped bass and bluefish remains strong in the Beach Haven area. With the summer flounder and black sea bass seasons set to open, the fish will be red hot.
    The bite is good by (2013-05-15 10:28:22)
    [Guntersville Lake] Most fish are still around the grass and moving baits are working the best.
    Lake Toho Bass Fishing Report by (2013-05-14 09:44:08)
    [Kissimmee] Lake Toho Bass Fishing is going great, come catch your dream
    Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 5/12/13 by (2013-05-12 10:15:32)
    [Guntersville Lake] The best week of the year, easy fishing lots of fun!
    Cullman, Alabama Striper Guide Mike Walker Of Fishing 24-7 Guide Service by (2013-05-11 04:32:49)
    [Smith Lake] Fishing for striped bass on Lewis Smith Lake, Alabama. With Mike Walker of Fishing 24-7 Guide Service. For more info checkout my website
    Beach Haven Fishing Keeps Improving by (2013-05-08 20:31:57)
    [Beach Haven] Despite some strong winds that kept boats in the bay, the action on bluefish and black drum improved. Striper action slowed a little.
    Great fishing, regardless of wind by (2013-05-06 09:32:46)
    [Monmouth County] Banged the bass and blues yesterday in protected waters. All on artificial lures, bass were tagged and released, Blues were let go too.
    Striped bass report Smith Lake, Alabama. Fishing 24-7 Guide Service by (2013-05-06 09:08:46)
    [Smith Lake] Striped bass fishing report from Smith lake, Alabama. Guide Mike Walker goes over thing you'll need to know if you plan on fishing.
    Lake Fork Report & Pics—May 4, 2013 by (2013-05-04 13:38:48)
    [Lake Fork] The spawn is still going on Fork and the big females are eating all day now to replenish as they wrap up, especially around spawning shad and bluegill.
    Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 5/4/13 by (2013-05-04 13:34:43)
    [Guntersville Lake] The best week this year on Guntersville, it just keeps giving!
    Beach Haven Captains Ready For 2013 Season by (2013-05-02 16:37:56)
    [Beach Haven] The captains of the Beach haven Charter Fishing Association are ready for what looks to be a strong fishing season this summer. Already spring fishing is off to a good start.
    Big changes on the lake by (2013-05-02 11:13:34)
    [Guntersville Lake] The water has come way up and the river has turned muddy.
    fish are moving deep by (2013-05-01 12:08:11)
    [Guntersville Lake] fish are starting to move deep and group up
    Shad spawn is getting close by (2013-04-27 13:49:24)
    [Guntersville Lake] Everyday is different and as far as baits and location.
    Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 4/27/13 by (2013-04-27 10:15:22)
    [Guntersville Lake] It couldn't be any better, the fishing is as good as it gets!
    Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 4/20/13 by (2013-04-20 19:27:47)
    [Guntersville Lake] One of the best weeks of the year with lots of fish being caught all week!
    The spawn is on and numbers are high by (2013-04-19 13:02:06)
    [Guntersville Lake] The last few weeks the numbers are really high and the big ones are coming in the mix. Lots of action going on right now.
    Crane Hill Alabama Striper Guide Mike Walker Of Fishing 24-7 Guide Service by (2013-04-18 21:14:04)
    [Smith Lake] Fishing 24-7 Guide Service is Smith Lakes Premier Striped Bass Guide Service. It's About prime time, so good numbers and big fish are being brought in.
    Lets The Games Begin! by (2013-04-15 14:43:42)
    [Monmouth County] Got out yesterday for spring run out on the river. Took awhile to get them to hit, but as the day went on, we really banged em.
    Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 4/13/13 by (2013-04-13 11:11:55)
    [Guntersville Lake] A great week the bass are bedding and catching is good!
    Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 4/6/13 by (2013-04-06 17:28:38)
    [Guntersville Lake] A great week, big fish were moving and we had a blast, it will only get better!
    Lake Fork Report—April 4, 2013 by (2013-04-04 15:56:38)
    [Lake Fork] The spawn is on at Lake Fork and double digit bass are being caught in greater numbers than any year in recent memory.
    Cullman Alabama Striper Guide Mike Walker Of Fishing 24-7 Guide Service by (2013-04-03 21:50:47)
    [Smith Lake] Fishing 24-7 Guide Service is located on Lewis Smith Lake in Alabama. We are a full service striped bass guide service that provides you with everything you'll need for your day on the water.
    The spawn is here by (2013-04-03 13:38:56)
    [Guntersville Lake] The first big wave of spawners are moving in.
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