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Bass Fishing Reports

Browse popular bass fishing reports by professional fishing guides.

Bass Fishing Reports
    Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 7/14/12 by (2012-07-14 16:10:24)
    [Guntersville Lake] A great week on the water, wind rain and clouds helped!
    7/7 MacMillian Charter by (2012-07-07 17:22:46)
    [Sandy Hook] Sarah and Chris hooked up with Fluke-Sea Bass and Ling. Great day for a pair of fisrt timers
    Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 7/7/12 by (2012-07-07 10:25:49)
    [Guntersville Lake] Not bad, fishing is worth it but certainly some late morning heat!
    The Fish are Acting Normal... by (2012-07-04 18:44:42)
    [Cape Cod] This tells of the recent habits of the bass and bluefish in Cape Cod Bay. Also where to go and how to act while fishing amoungst other boats.
    Beach Haven Boats Fish Around Storms by (2012-07-04 11:20:37)
    [Beach Haven] Violent thunderstorms have been wracking the Beach Haven area for the past week or so. When the storms let up, the boats of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association are finding some good fishing.
    big striped bass on the hottest days of the year from Smith lake, Alabama by (2012-07-03 15:33:47)
    [Smith Lake] Catching big fish on smith lake Alabama with fishing 24-7 guide service
    Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 6/30/12 by (2012-06-30 13:48:00)
    [Guntersville Lake] heat and more heat but some top water fishing is good!
    Striper fishing on Lake Lanier is great! by (2012-06-28 11:26:43)
    [Lake Lanier] Striper fishing is great on Lake Lanier and should only get better as the summer progresses.
    Summer Fishing Heats Up In Beach Haven by (2012-06-27 10:08:41)
    [Beach Haven] Despite some recent lousy weather the fishing for the captains of the Beach Haven Charter fishing Association has gotten much better. Bother the inshore and offshore boats are catching fish.
    Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 6/23/12 by (2012-06-24 15:07:39)
    [Guntersville Lake] Some good, some not so good but still fun on Guntersville!
    Fishing Follows Northeaster In Beach Haven by (2012-06-20 09:48:15)
    [Beach Haven] A strong northeaster made fishing very difficult in Beach Haven for several days. As the storm gradually left, the bottom fishing picked right up.
    Fishing report from Curt Staley's Pro Guide Service by (2012-06-19 21:29:57)
    [Guntersville Lake] Catching some really nice fish right now.
    Summer Has Finally Arrived by (2012-06-19 18:25:47)
    [Cape Cod] The weather on the Cape Has been cool for the past week or so. It is going to warm up soon so we hope the fishing will too.
    Lake Fork Report and Pics—June 18, 2012 by (2012-06-18 19:38:40)
    [Lake Fork] Bass are in summertime patterns and biting well on deep structure.
    Summer Bass Fishing on Lake Baccarac by (2012-06-17 00:26:04)
    [Lake Baccarac] The lake level may be low but that just makes it easier to catch the big bass.
    big fish are bitting by (2012-06-16 17:02:39)
    [Guntersville Lake] One day we really catch the big ones and the next is a grind.
    Bass Fishing In Daytona and New Smyrna Beach Area by (2012-06-14 21:51:02)
    [Daytona Beach] Trophy Bass fishing on the St Johns River only minutes from Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach with Captain Ed Bussard's Bass Challenger Guide Service. 32 Years exp as a full time guide
    Gulf bound by (2012-06-14 14:36:54)
    [Smith Lake] Fishing with mike walker of fishing 24-7 guide service on smith lake alabama
    Beach Haven Fishing Shows Wide Variety by (2012-06-13 11:31:38)
    [Beach Haven] Not only is the fishing decent in Beach Haven right now, the captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association are finding a wide variety of fish. The fish range from 2-pound sea bass to 200-pound sharks.
    Orlando Florida Bass Fishing Guide Report by (2012-06-06 19:20:54)
    [St. Johns River] Trophy Bass Fishing With Captain Ed Bussard and Bass Challenger Guide Service for over 32 years in Central Florida
    Run off is over! by (2012-06-06 10:38:50)
    [Pagosa Springs] The guides were fishing lots more water during May, than a typical year. Low snowfall and an early melt, means that run off is over. While this may be good for fishing in May and early June, let’s hope for a wet summer to keep the water levels in check come October, and not let Navajo Lake run too low.
    Billingsgate Shoals Shows Some Life... by (2012-06-05 19:25:40)
    [Cape Cod] This is about the movement of the Stripers near Rock Harbor and where the larger fish move to.
    Table Rock Lake Fishing by (2012-06-04 16:10:42)
    [Branson] The weather is getting hot and so is the fishing on Table Rock Lake.Call me to set up a trip while they are biting good.
    the cory Ireland party by (2012-06-03 12:05:26)
    [Raritan Bay] heavy wind against tide made it uncomfortable but this group of anglers hung in there and caught there share of fish.
    Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 6/2/12 by (2012-06-02 10:03:36)
    [Guntersville Lake] Some god days for such hot weather, it should continue!
    St johns River Bass Fishing Guides Report by (2012-06-01 17:28:07)
    [St. Johns River] Captain Ed Bussard 32 Years of Professional Bass Fishing Guide Experience On The St Johns River.
    Bottom Fishing Hot In Beach Haven by (2012-05-30 13:10:57)
    [Beach Haven] Warmer water temperatures have turned on the black sea bass bite in the ocean off Beach Haven. The summer flounder action in the bay is improving also.
    Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 5/26/12 by (2012-05-25 10:52:14)
    [Guntersville Lake] a good week some down time but some great top water!
    Shallow Early - Deep Midday on Guntersville LakeThis Summer by (2012-05-24 16:04:17)
    [Guntersville Lake] Topwater lures at dawn in shallow water and loads of lures fished in deep water during the heat of the day, will fool bass all summer long, if you apply yourself!
    More Fish in the Bay... by (2012-05-23 19:16:09)
    [Cape Cod] This report tells of the migration of the striped bass in Cape Cod Bay. Where the fish were and where they are going to.
    Memorial Day Looks Good In Beach Haven by (2012-05-23 10:32:30)
    [Beach Haven] The weather is improving in Beach Haven which should help the fishing action. When the water temperatures rise a little, the bite should get better.
    It's All About The Bars On Smith Lake, Alabama by (2012-05-22 04:18:36)
    [Smith Lake] Fishing with Mike Walker of Fishing 24-7 Guide Service on Smith Lake, Alabama for Striped Bass.
    Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 5/19/12 by (2012-05-19 09:03:03)
    [Guntersville Lake] A great week on the water, but showing signs that the heat of the summer is here!
    the john santillo party by (2012-05-17 20:53:03)
    [Raritan Bay] a good day with the santillo party after the morning wind layed down the weather was great.
    the david d'amore party by (2012-05-17 20:34:22)
    [Raritan Bay] steady action on this trip for this very fine group of anglers.
    The Bay Comes Alive... by (2012-05-15 18:53:43)
    [Cape Cod] This report discribes how Cape Cod Bay has become more and more active as the season starts. The more active areas are highlighted.
    Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 5/12/12 by (2012-05-13 10:00:41)
    [Guntersville Lake] Weather affected fishing this past week, but was all good!
    FISHERMEN/Fishing report for 5/10/12 by (2012-05-10 18:08:35)
    [Sandy Hook] Working hard to get it done as the morning bite had us back on track after the "SUPER MOON"!!
    Cape Cod Bay Warms Up... by (2012-05-09 19:26:00)
    [Cape Cod] This is the first report of the activity in Cape Cod Bay. The fish have arrived early and that is a good thing.
    Beach Haven Sees Slow Start To Fluke Season by (2012-05-09 18:30:44)
    [Beach Haven] Cool water temperatures have slowed the appetites of summer flounder. Schools of striped bass are still around.
    Table Rock Lake Fishing by (2012-05-09 10:18:28)
    [Branson] Fishing is very good on Table Rock Lake. Now is the time to come and enjoy a day on the lake.
    Hudson River Striped Bass by (2012-05-08 22:00:16)
    [Hudson River] The bite is on for large spring run fish on the Hudson!
    the brandon hicks party by (2012-05-08 02:20:42)
    [Raritan Bay] a good morning of fishing until later in the trip when the wind picked up.
    the michael de santis party by (2012-05-08 02:10:52)
    [Raritan Bay] a good trip alot of fish and one special 11 year old boy.
    Bass fishing at Sandy Hook by (2012-05-07 11:31:57)
    [Sandy Hook] Rainy and Foggy today. Bass landed up to 15lbs.
    Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 5/5/12 by (2012-05-05 10:17:24)
    [Guntersville Lake] A great week on the water, some of the best this year!
    David Vance's Lake Fork Report by (2012-05-03 21:55:43)
    [Lake Fork] The top water bite is on here on lake fork.
    FISHERMEN/ Thursday 5/3/12 fishing report by (2012-05-03 16:30:26)
    [Sandy Hook] Not much too report as the past couple days have been tough fishing......
    Fluke Coming To Beach Haven by (2012-05-02 11:26:48)
    [Beach Haven] Tauton season has ended, but summer flounder season is coming May 5 for the captains of the ?Beach haven Charter Fishing Association. Meanswhile, the striped bass bite remains strong.
    It's Prime Time by (2012-05-02 05:49:00)
    [Smith Lake] Fishing on Smith lake, Alabama with Mike Walker of Fishing 24-7 Guide Service for Striped Bass, Bass, and Bream.
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