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Browse Recent Chokoloskee Florida Fishing Reports

December fishing in Chokoloskee by Pete Rapps (12/14/2014)
December 2014: Chokoloskee, Everglades City, and the Everglades National Park
November fishing Everglades City, Chokoloskee, Everglades National Park by Pete Rapps (11/06/2014)
November is off to a fantastic start! Lots of live bait in the area attracting all sorts of action.
Mid Summer Report by Orlando Muniz (7/31/2013)
We've finally settled into our typical summer pattern and the fishing has also hit its stride. Snapper and dolphin pretty much rule the action right now.
Fishing Report: Everglades City and Chokoloskee 5/13 by Pete Rapps (5/22/2013)
May is here and the water temperatures are up to the high 70ís - summer fishing has begun!
December fishing out of Everglades City by Pete Rapps (12/04/2012)
December 2012 fishing out of Chokoloskee & Everglades City, FL
Tarpon and Snook on Fly by Bert Barkus (11/08/2012)
Tarpon and Snook on Fly in Everglades Backcountry.
November 2012 Fishing Report by Pete Rapps (11/01/2012)
Fall fishing is here! Water temperatures are cooling down. Live bait is coming in.
December fishing in Chokoloskee & Everglades City, by Pete Rapps (12/01/2011)
December is upon us and with it comes some big changes to the fishery in the 10,000 Islands. Some pretty good, and some will prove challenging.
Fishing Report October 2011 by Pete Rapps (10/06/2011)
Change of seasons is upon us. Air and water temps are lowering as we begin the "Hunt for Reds in October".
September Fishing in Chokoloskee & Everglades City, by Pete Rapps (8/30/2011)
The heat is on and so is the bite in out of Chokoloskee and Everglades City. Get out early and come home early to beat the mid day heat.
August fishing is Chokoloskee, Everglades City, and the Everglades National Park by Pete Rapps (8/03/2011)
August is for sure one of the warmest months of the year to fish here in Chokoloskee, Everglades City, and the Everglades National Park, however, if you time your day appropriately, is can also be one of your most productive fishing months.
June Fishing in the Everglades National Park by Pete Rapps (7/10/2011)
We have been fishing the shallow flats in the early morning up until about noon, and then again late in the afternoon after 4:00 until sunset.
May 2011 by Pete Rapps (7/07/2011)
Fishing the Everglades National Park in May
Everglades Fishing Report by Charles Wright (1/23/2011)
In between fronts, the fishing is great!
May for Tarpon Snook and Reds by Bert Barkus (5/31/2010)
Looking for weather stability.With June coming the rain will probably start,the snook should be moving to the back again,Tarpon fishing on the gulfside will pick up,and Reds will still be around.
Will the Wind and Cold ever Stop by Bert Barkus (2/22/2010)
Backcountry and Guld side fishing. Fly,Plug and Spin Casting.
Redfish and Trout are the Fish this month. by Bert Barkus (1/29/2010)
Lots of site fishing for reds and snook,but few takers. Trout and reds are very abundent.
Everglades National Park Fish Kill by Bert Barkus (1/23/2010)
Everglades National Park Cold Water Kill (Chokoloskee)