Fish Monger Sat and Sun Fluke Reports

2009-08-02 21:40:46
Point Pleasant, New Jersey - Saltwater Fishing Report
Atlantic ocean


Had an Open Boat Fluke Trip Today... Headed out to a decent size Swell Left over from Yesterday, But it was in very long period so the ocean was Beautiful.

Headed back to the rough bottom we have been fishing of late... But it was a very Tough Day...Morning started Out with a ripping current from the north and a little breeze We were drifting 1.5 -1.8 knts and it was tough to hold flying like that... We caught a Keeper and few Shorts.

We decided To anchor Up until it slowed up... But we Only managed a handful of seabass...

Back to fluking... We picked 1 keeper and A few More shorts for a few drifts... bites were inconsistent...We bounced around for the rest of the day... Hoping for a little chew but it didnt. Few More keepers Here n there and a couple seabass...

The Blues exploded on top in front of us so we put on a few Jigs and Hooked a few them inbetween.

Bucktail hair and Baits came up very dirty...

The Guys Fished REAL hard all day and we wound up with 11 Keeper Fluke and 12 Keeper Seabass along with a few Blues Congrats To Adam for Hangin in and landing a nice one near the end of the Day...

Al snsnpsfer, Tony and the Boys Laughing all day long with the Jerky boys and comedy banter... Thanks For da fresh ham!!! Nobody Knows Better!!!

Weather was actually Nice for once...Sun Burn For all

Back at it Tomorrow and all next week!!!

Thanks Again Guys


Had an open boat trip today with Russ, Pocono Pete, Paul, John, Ralph and The angler formerly known as Njbob

Weather started out nice... but that would change after morning...

Headed to the fluken grounds... First couple drifts were Slow with a keeper and a couple of shorts...

Found a patch of fish and we Boxed a keeper a pass along with shorts and some good Bites for 4 drifts...

Drift started to get very fast and slider with wind agaisnt the current...

Went off to another patch we got a couple of bites and both were big fish Paul boxed a beaut@ 9lbs 12oz & Ralph with one 5lbs 3oz...

Tried to get a few more but now the drift just became too fast and we lost our Bites... Frustrating!!!

Headed inshore in 30ft rough bottom... We picked 4 more keepers one of which was 7lbs ona bunch of drifts along a few short Fluke n seabass... With the fast drift the rocky bottom was Brutal at times...

Storms on the radar and warning of wind/ lighting prmpted us to call the day a little early after it was apparent we werent going to be able to doge them...

Rode Home in 10 miles straight of POURING BUCKETS OF RAIN...

So for the Day We wound up with 11 keeper Fluke and 3 seabass... A few real nice size ones. Congrats to Paul On landing 5 keepers including two nice ones at 9lbs and 7lbs...Ralph with a 5lber... Russ Landed a nice keeper and Hung in there with no sleep and Being under the weather...Pocono Pete put 3 in da cooler and Bob kept us entertained as always(Short Jokes) and thanks for da crumbcake

Back at Tomorrow

Great Guys,Thanks Again Fellas!!!

Fish Species: Fluke
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