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2007-06-24 17:42:15
Puerto Vallarta, Mainland Mexico - Saltwater Fishing Report
Corbetena, El Banco, Bay of Bahia, Sand Bank
Stan Gabruk

Fishing Report for Week of June 24th, 2007 Master Baiter’s Sportfishing and Tackle by Stan Gabruk

For those in the know, Puerto Vallarta is in the middle of Fish Heaven for the Amateur and Professional Angler alike. With Cabo just short of four hundred miles to the North of us and other world class fishing grounds to the south of us (Costa Rica, Panama, etc.), Puerto Vallarta is located Smack in the Middle of Game Fish Central! As I’ve mentioned at least a million times, no matter how “slow” our season seems to us, it is still the envy of much of the world. With that being said, High Season for Fishing is upon us again. From now until after New Years, we’ll see Monster Tuna, 1,000 lb. plus Marlin or commonly referred to as Granders. Dorado, Roosterfish and a host of other Pescado or fish too numerous to mention.

Last year in June, we had about a week of huge Black Marlin come through and hit Corbetena like a bolt of Lightening. If you could find your way to this area, anything wiggly and shinny was an open invitation for a Marlin Strike! Well, the season last year was very early and short lived. Marlin, Tuna, you name it; they all went for the deeper, cooler water. With the water temperatures elevated to uncomfortable levels for our Game Fish, all we could do was run down riggers and hope for the best. Well things this year are starting to shape up nicely, but we’re all still pretty cautious to announce the arrival of High Season. But there are some strong indications that this year will be more of what we have come to expect, in a non El Nino year of course.

At Corbetena this week, bait was plentiful and everywhere. It just makes sense to catch fresh bait in the area and present it as appealing as possible. And if you were running liveys or Skipjacks / Chorras you may have wondered why the fish weren’t taking the bait! Right now there are good sized Blue Marlin everywhere at Corbetena, and if you’re running sewed up bait, you just wasted your time. If you wanted to boat one of these beauties, you better be running lures! Color doesn’t seem to be that important, just about every thing is being hit. If you need some suggestions, run pink, blue and white, and of course the ever popular black and purple. Yellowfin Tuna have been in the area as well, using a kite is still the way to go if you’re targeting Big Yellowfin. Largest this week so far is 160 lbs., not bad!

El Banco, just south in the deep Blue Water is where my friend Josh Templeton has been getting some very nice action. Again, colored lures are the way to go, I’d try the live bait, but maybe run a mixed pattern of lures and liveys. What ever draws them in, then adapt accordingly.

North of Punta Mita, it’s still hot! There are so many Sails in this area it’s hard to believe until you see them for yourself. Dorado, Blue Marlin (that’s right), Mackerels, Snappers. It’s a closer in trip which will be easy on the wallet, yet has all the fish you could hope to catch.

With the Seasonal Rains finally coming on, Rooster fish are alive and well everywhere. They love to eat the “stuff” coming down from the rivers into the bay. So river mouths and “Trash Lines” are great bets to catch the real chicken of the sea…. A trash line is where the dirty water from the rivers is separated from the blue water of the ocean with a thin ribbon of trash. Roosters and Dorado love to feed on this sediment, so we can predict exactly where the fish will be in the bay. This is a general rule and works most of the time…

For all you “Real Fisherman”, get your gear ready. Make sure your drags are smooth, Line changed from last year. Back it with Spectra so you never get spooled. Basically get your tackle up to speed. When the Monster Tuna come in, that’s not the time to go looking for Flouro Carbon leader! Especially since it’s so hard to find if you don’t plan ahead…

That’s all for now, until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

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Fish Species: Mahi Mahi, Yellowfin Tuna, Marlin, Sailfish
Bait Used: Bonito, YF Tuna, Google eyes, Sardines, Mullets, lures, etc.
Tackle Used: Top of line Stuff
Method Used: Trolling, Drifting with open spools, Down Riggers, Casting, Kites and Balloons
Water Depth:
Water Temperature: 80 ish
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:
101 inch Sailfish!
101 inch Sailfish!

Stan Gabruk

About The Author: Stan Gabruk

Company: Master Baiter's Sportfishing and Tackle

Area Reporting: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Bio: Master Baiter's is a World Class Sportfishing Charter Company in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. We specialize in Big Game Fish like Monster Yellowfin Tuna, Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Sailfish among others. Recommended in Foder's Travel Guide for 2007 as the premier fishing company in PV. Stan Gabruk the owner writes weekly fishing articles for World Wide Fishing Guide, Vallarta Tribune, and other publications. One of the few companies that don't push "Timeshare" as a way to make your day of fishing more affordable. OUR GOAL is to make sure you have the fishng experience of a lifetime! So remember, At Master Baiter's Sportfishing and Tackle, WE WON'T JERK YOU AROUND!

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