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Heavy Pressure During Tournament Time by Eric Brictson (11/07/2011)
Yellowfin tuna have been schooling now for a couple of months on the fishing grounds from the Gordo Banks to Iman Bank, these concentrations of fish have proved to be exceptionally hook shy this season
Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado and Marlin by Eric Brictson (10/22/2011)
Other spot was the Gordo Banks, this is where the larger sized yellowfin were hanging out, these fish ranging mostly from 60 to 150 pounds, with chances of cow sized tuna as well.
Fall Season Starts by Eric Brictson (10/02/2011)
Tuna activity dropped way off during the increased swell and current activity, but the past couple days the yellowfin have made a showing off of the La Fortuna area, finicky to strike, but some charters landed as many as four yellowfin tuna,
Cow Yellowfin on Gordo Banks by Eric Brictson (9/18/2011)
The Gordo Banks has come alive with larger sized yellowfin tuna, these fish are hitting exclusively on bait, with chunks of fresh skipjack being the best bet in recent days.
Tuna,Snapper and Marlin Highlight Action by Eric Brictson (9/04/2011)
Tuna were schooling on the Gordo Banks, as well as from La Fortuna, Iman to San Luis Bank. Anglers were using various bait techniques, whole larger baits, to small sardinas and chunks of skipjack. Average tuna has been to the 30 to 60 pound class.
Yellowfin Dominate Bite on San Luis and Iman by Eric Brictson (8/21/2011)
Drift fishing while chumming with both live and dead bait was enticing the tuna into the feeding mood. The most active time of day for these fish varied from day to day.
Wide Open Yellowfin Action on San Luis Bank by Eric Brictson (8/07/2011)
On Saturday the action broke wide open on the San Luis Bank, anglers were filling their fish boxes with yellowfin tuna up to 50 pounds, also a handful of quality sized gulf grouper and dogtooth snapper.
Dorado Move in as Hurricane Dora Dissipates by Eric Brictson (7/23/2011)
Schooling dorado moved in throughout the region this past week, the majority of the fish were juveniles under ten pounds, but there were larger fish mixed in, so remember to release the young fish and fill your limit with larger specimens.
Conditions Improve Big Yellowfin on Local Banks by Eric Brictson (7/09/2011)
Panga fleets found steady action for various snappers and amberjack off the bottom structure, San Luis Bank was one of the more productive areas.
Cold Current and Fish Die Off by Eric Brictson (6/24/2011)
Anglers found extremely difficult fishing this past week, southern wins were persistent, at times gusting to 30 mph in the afternoon.
SUrface Action and Rock Piles Producing Quality Action by Eric Brictson (6/11/2011)
The grounds near La Fortuna to Iman Bank were attracting schools of red snapper (huachinango), perhaps the small jelly fish bloom in the same region has brought these fish here. At times the ocean surface would turn red as the snapper came up to feed
Marlin Red Hot, also More Dorado and Wahoo by Eric Brictson (6/05/2011)
The most consistent and talked about action this week was for striped marlin, they were found in season high numbers, as anglers reportedly were seeing scores of these billfish on any given charter, scattered throughout the region, but particularly abundant straight off of San Jose del Cabo and near the Gordo Banks.
Tuna and Marlin Hightlight out of SJDC by Eric Brictson (5/29/2011)
Warming waters have brought in more exotic species, such as dorado and wahoo, still no significant numbers, but daily these fish are being found.
Offshore Action Moves Close In by Eric Brictson (5/15/2011)
This week we have finally started to see dorado in the daily fish counts, found offshore with striped marlin and also now following baitfish closer to shore.
Offshore Action Improves out of SJDC by Eric Brictson (5/01/2011)
Further north off of San Luis Bank to Vinorama anglers were finding some quality sized yellowfin tuna. No significant numbers yet, but a good sign to see some tuna in the fish counts after such a long absence.
Inshore and Rock pIles Producing Mixed Bag by Eric Brictson (4/02/2011)
Most common species being sierra, scattered along the coastline from Cabo to San Jose and north, striking on sardinas, hoochies and rapalas.
Yellowtail on the Gordo Banks by Eric Brictson (3/20/2011)
Working the various rock piles with yo-yo jigs and sardinas produced a mix bag of pargo, yellowtail, amberjack, bonito, cabrilla, triggerfish and others.
Spring Season is Almost Here, Water is Warming by Eric Brictson (3/13/2011)
This past week anglers found that the most productive angling opportunities were close to shore for species such as sierra, roosterfish, bonito and a mix of shallow water structure fish like pargo, cabrilla, yellowtail and amberjack.
Tuna and Yellowtail Highlight Catches by Eric Brictson (2/27/2011)
The yellowfin tuna action which has been keeping anglers happily busy on the Inner Gordo Banks for the past two weeks has continued, but has become a bit tougher by the day recently, not for a lack of fish, as hundreds of yellowfin tuna could be seen breezing on the surface, in all directions of the bank, just these fish were not that aggressive towards feeding on sardinas.
Yellowfin Tuna on Gordo Banks by Eric Brictson (2/19/2011)
Definitely the most talked about bite has been the yellowfin tuna out of La Playita/Puerto Los Cabos Marina, which were now schooling on the Inner Gordo Banks.
Yellowtail and Snapper Bite in Cold Weather by Eric Brictson (2/06/2011)
Despite not so ideal conditions, anglers found a wide variety of small to medium sized species.
Yellowfin Tuna on Iman Banks by Eric Brictson (1/29/2011)
Boats were averaging 2 to 8 yellowfin per morning. This is not bad considering the time of year and condition of the water.
Winter Action Brings Great Variety by Eric Brictson (1/17/2011)
Most common catches recently have been for sierra, pargo (yellow snapper), skipack, dorado, amberjack, yellowtail, triggerfish and bonito.
Winter Action Continues Strong out of SJDC by Eric Brictson (1/09/2011)
This past week saw more schooling yellowtail moving in on the inshore reefs, most of these fish were of the firecracker variety, 4 to 8 pounds, though there were a handful of larger yellows mixed in.
Great Inshore Action by Eric Brictson (12/31/2010)
A mix of pargo, yellowtail, amberjack, bonito, dorado, hammerhead shark, jack crevalle, sierra and roosterfish were found nearby.
Tuna Bite on Gordo Banks by Eric Brictson (12/17/2010)
Average yellowfin was in the 30 to 80 pound class, but much larger fish are on these same fishing grounds, at least two tuna over 200 pounds were taken in the past several days.
SJDC Anglers Scratch Some Nice Fish by Eric Brictson (12/08/2010)
A larger grade of yellowfin were holding on the Gordo Banks, this action became less consistent during this recent cold front and with the lack of sufficient supplies of sardinas.
Wahoo Provide Excitement for SJDC Anglers by Eric Brictson (11/20/2010)
Many charters had multiple chances at wahoo, but the actual strike to catch ratio for ‘hoo usually averages out to about one fish landed per three strikes, you name it and it will happen with these elusive speedsters.
TournamentTuna Action by Eric Brictson (11/07/2010)
The fishing was very good for yellowfin in the 30 to 150 pound range. Fleets were heading in all directions.
Anglers Keep Busy with Tuna and Wahoo Action by Eric Brictson (11/01/2010)
Yellowfin tuna action has been consistent for anglers that drift fishing with sardinas on the Iman Bank.
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