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Panama Fishing Report - Wet Season Yellowfin Tunas and More! - August 2013 by Shane Jarvis (9/13/2013)
The wet season is here in full swing in the Gulf of Chiriqui as front after front moved through making the seas a bit rough for a couple of days in August. Although the weather is more of a factor this time of year....the fishing is as good as ever. We only fished a handful of days but the ones that we did we were able to locate the fish, see some cool sights, and get into some good action!
Panama Fishing Report - Hannibal Bank Yellowfin Tunas! - July 2013 by Shane Jarvis (7/31/2013)
Full report from Propiedad de Paradise Lodge, Isla Paridas, Panama for the month of July 2013. Some great Yellowfin Tuna action at Hannibal Bank and more..only miles from our private island lodge.
Panama Fishing Report - Marlin and YFT at Hannibal Bank!- March 9-12, 2013 by Shane Jarvis (7/18/2013)
Propiedad de Paradise Lodge's clients saw some excellent Black Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna action on the TOP Cat at Hannibal Bank and Isla Montuosa!
Opportunity to fish along side with world renowned fisher and host of MONSTER FISH
Panama Fishing Report March 2011 by Lee Campbell (4/09/2011)
March was tuna tuna everywhere - which is normal here. Marlin was not as good as usual - March being one of the best months but 8 groups caught 11 Marlin - with 3 of the groups not getting any. The afternoon tuna bite was good to strong just
Panama Big Game Fishing Report Sept. 2010 Many Large Snapper by Lee Campbell (10/28/2010)
We had two groups fishing here this September. Many large snapper caught - chucking up with sardines then free lining, surface poppers, live Bonito off of the bottom and vertical jigging - all proved successful.
Panama Fishing Report August 2010 - Great Marlin Fishing by Lee Campbell (8/28/2010)
We had 5 groups (Anglers from all over the world Canada,Uruguay, Brazil, Costa Rica, Lebanon and USA). They caught/released 11 Marlin - this is with just fishing 30% of the time for Marlin - most come here for the inshore action this time of year.
Panama Fishing by John Kipp (7/21/2010)
Some of the most spectacular fish in the world caught at Hooked on Panama
Panama sport fishing Hooked on Panama by John Kipp (6/24/2010)
Owners take employees on a half day fishing and just to have fun.
Dr Holtzman group by John Kipp (5/26/2010)
trip while catching Marlin, Rooster Fish, Pargo, and other species.
New England fishermen visit Panama by John Kipp (5/08/2010)
Panama fishing report: 30 to 50 pound Cubera Snappers, 20 to 70 pound roosters and a wide variety of other beautiful species that can be caught off our coast.
Panama Big Game Sport Fishing - Big Yellowfin Tuna! by Lee Campbell (5/03/2010)
Fishing Marlin, Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Snapper with Panama Big Game Fishing Club March April 2010. We had 12 groups and caught 14 marlin - 11 blacks and 3 blues with one blue around 800lb - this is about half the average Marlin catch for this time of year and had some slow fishing with hot water around the middle of March - but was less than a week - and cleared right out. The good news
Fishing Marlin, Sailfish, Yellowfin, Dorado, Snapper Feb 2010 by Lee Campbell (5/03/2010)
Fishing Marlin, Sailfish, Yellowfin, Dorado, Snapper Feb 2010. We had 16 groups this Jan-Feb with 14 black Marlin and 3 blue marlin caught-about half what the average should be for this time period. Had good catches on 100lb plus yellow fin tuna (9 over 200lb), Cubera snapper, mullet snapper, rooster fish, sailfish and still good on Dorado (dolphin).
Panama Big Game Fishing Report December 2009 by Lee Campbell (2/04/2010)
We had 8 groups this month with 10 Black and 1 Blue marlin released. The big story was the almost daily double digit number of large Dorado (dolphin).
Panama Big Game Fishing Report November 2009 by Lee Campbell (12/15/2009)
November is always the start of the best Dorado (Dolphin) and Sailfish. Black Marlin are here all year and Blues run December through April. We had 4 groups this November and caught 6 Black Marlin.