Port Canaveral Fishing Report

2013-10-13 08:28:35
Cocoa Beach, Florida - Saltwater Fishing Report
Port Canaveral

Port Canaveral Fishing Report

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The forecast for Tuesday was NW at 5-10, seas 2-3 feet. I went out of Port Canaveral in the Mitzi. The forecast was not exactly correct. The seas were at the limit of the Mitzi's capabilities. I got exactly one crevalle before turning around and bagging it.

Wednesday after the colonoscopy I was too wrung out to do much of substance. Regular readers may have read about this long canoe trip Rodney Smith and I (and others!) will be taking in December. The Coleman stove came out for testing, since we'll need it and it hadn't been used in several years.

After oiling the pump that baby started right up.

I then went into the cook kit to see what was in there. As strange as it might seem it was like reuniting with an old friend.

A long time ago I lost my favorite camping spoon on Cape Sable while on a canoe trip. As stupid as it was I almost went into mourning over that spoon. For years I looked for another one just like it without success.

A fan took me out to dinner at an Italian restaurant in Somerset NJ while I was at the Fly Fishing Show. To my joy that restaurant had my spoon. I told the guy about losing my other one and said I was taking one, which I put in my pocket. Then I started feeling guilty. "I'm 53 years old, I shouldn't be stealing silverware from a restaurant." So I put it back on the table, and left with a clean conscience.

My friend gave me a ride back to the hotel. When I got out of the car he had a present for me- he had stolen the spoon.

It was in my cook kit, along with a cooking pot I bought in LaPaz and many other treasures filled with memories. It was like opening a time capsule.

I am so looking forward to that canoe trip.

Thursday I took a long bike ride through the state forest by the Econlockhatchee River. It was glorious. The river was still a little high but has dropped a lot. It looked good.

Friday I went out of Port Canaveral with Steve Butrym and his nephew Steve. It was a gorgeous day. The water was pretty dirty in most places, cleanest in the Bight.

We ran down the beach all the way to Satellite Beach without finding any bait. Once there I caught a single Spanish mackerel.

We headed east and went out four or five miles looking for anything that might indicate fish, heading north and heading past Cape Canaveral. We found nothing.

At that point we got close to the beach again. The water was close to nasty, very dirty. Once we cleared the tip of the Cape it cleaned up a little. I caught about 15 mullet and we started casting them into the surf. We got exactly two small jacks.

The bluefish ought to be nuisance thick right now, and there should be all kinds of fish in the surf. There wasn't much bait, and there were hardly any fish. Is the mullet run over already??

That is this week's exciting version of the Port Canaveral Fishing Report.

Life is great and I love my work!

Life is short. Go Fishing!

John Kumiski


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