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Recent Fishing Reports

Lake Texoma April 20th by Steve Barnes (4/20/2018)
[Lake Texoma,TX] Fishing has been pretty tough with the wind and below average temps but it can’t stay windy and cold forever so we have some great fishing to look forward to. I believe a good number of our larger fish have moved from the lake up into the Red and Washita rivers to spawn, they usually show up back in the lake about the second week of May.
Kite Fishing With Goggle Eyes For Mahi, Sailfish and More by Tom Zsak (4/20/2018)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL]  We started trolling by the sea buoy in Fort Lauderdale in 120 ft of water 1.8 miles from shore.  We put out two kites with two live Goggle Eyes from each kite.  We also put a dead Bonita bait 100 ft. down and another 200 ft. down on the bottom.  Our target species were Sailfish, Mahi Mahi, Shark and Grouper.  
First trip of season finds the Bass biting by Karl McKenna (4/19/2018)
[Raritan Bay,NJ] First trip of 2018 found bass in Raritan bay
Puerto Vallarta fishing report April by Pete Vines (4/18/2018)
[Puerto Vallarta,MM] Big baits means big fish in Puerto Vallarta fishing
Miami Kingfishing by Rafael Mayans (4/18/2018)
[Miami,FL] A great way to catch Kingfish here in Miami is by trolling Planers and fishing for these fish in mid water depth
Miami Mahi-mahi Fishing by Rafael Mayans (4/16/2018)
[Miami,FL] Miami deep-sea fishing is great way for the family to spend the day together especially on vacation , so if it’s either family time or team building with the guys a Deep-sea fishing charter is the way to go
Tuna on the bite today - Great fun on light tackle by Mike Laubscher (4/15/2018)
[Durban,KZN] The Tuna had their own plans for us and we had non-stop Tuna action for most of the trip with 14 hook ups and landing .....
Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 3-14/18 by Mike Gerry (4/14/2018)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Guntersville with few exceptions is fishing really good!
Good Tuna and Wahoo by Mike Laubscher (4/13/2018)
[Durban,KZN] We launched this morning into a strong NE wind that the forecast said would die out early and the day was supposed to be stunning, but it did not happen
Fun Family Fishing Trip by Mike Laubscher (4/11/2018)
[Durban,KZN] In the end the whole family had a great day out with a lot of fun even though there was a little rain from time to time.
Deep Sea Fishing Fort Lauderdale y Wahoo by Tom Zsak (4/11/2018)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] www.topshotfishing.comFort Lauderdale Fl.33316 Happy Day Today Sport Deep Sea fishing
April 2018 Mosquito Lagoon and New Smyrna Beach Fishing Report by Patrick Rood (4/09/2018)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] The fish have been chewing on Mosquito Lagoon and around the New Smyrna Beach area.
Black Marlin 3-2-1 - Released by Mike Laubscher (4/09/2018)
[Durban,KZN] What a day we had today, we launched this morning to look for a Marlin into a 12knot NE wind which just got stronger as the day went on until it peaked at about 28knots. Water was warm and light green. We headed about 70km out to our selected grounds
Clarks hill- lake thurmond fishing report by Tony Shepherd (4/09/2018)
[Lake Clarks Hill,GA] current Spring fishing conditions on Clarks Hill Lake
Fat Redfish & Trout In Galveston Bay by Chad Handley (4/09/2018)
[Galveston,TX] The water temperature are warming up and the fish are fat!
Crocodile Bay Costa Rica Fishing Report, March 2018 by Todd Staley (4/09/2018)
[Osa Peninsula,CP] This year we have seen the marlin stick around and we are catching yellowfin tuna two or three days a week. In the past five days we have released two marlin over three hundred pounds and caught fourteen tuna. There has been a good concentration of bait offshore and the predators have been taking advantage of it. Big schools of dolphin, tuna, manta rays and flocks of sea birds have all been hitting the bait balls.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Big game and Tablefare by Dave Hanson (4/08/2018)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Fishing has been tricky, due to lots of windy days, but juggling inshore with offshore days, depending upon conditions, has yielded good catches in both places.
Shell Beach Head Hunting by Rory Rorison (4/07/2018)
[Shell Beach,LA] Friday Stephen LaCoste and his sons Cole and Christian joined me for a run into the Sound. There was a little chop on the way out, but it calmed down and got slick as we got further out. The first rig we hit started out slow with way too many catfish. We made a move and found another rig that looked to be holding fish and tried it out.
Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 4-7-18 by Mike Gerry (4/07/2018)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] it's been a great year on Guntersville, the lake is producing!
Sharks on Light Spinning Tackle. by Mike Laubscher (4/04/2018)
[Durban,KZN] These are fun trips for a family outing just to enjoy each other outdoors and have a blast, not serious fishing
Dorado on the bite today by Mike Laubscher (4/04/2018)
[Durban,KZN] The sea was calm and flat, like glass, it was too nice, it is the conditions we always dream about and when we actually get to fish these days which happen so seldom one has to change ones tactics to get more action on the lures
Big Fish Beat Down in Shell Beach by Rory Rorison (4/03/2018)
[Shell Beach,LA] Big fish beat down in Shell Beach today with the Chad Bilotti group from Atlanta. Today started out a little windier than yesterday and I was not sure we could get out in the Sound, but it was not too bad. Our first stop started off slow with a bunch of catfish.
Lake Texoma Striper Report Apr 3, 2018 - Capt Steve by Steve Barnes (4/03/2018)
[Lake Texoma,TX] by Capt Steve Lake Texoma Fishing Report Tuesday April 3,2018. Lake elevation is 616.51 and water temp at the dam is 58 degrees. Fishing this time of year is up and down much like the weather but it's like anything else in life you have to take a risk for the big rewards.
The Taxman cometh and taketh away. by Mike Laubscher (4/03/2018)
[Durban,KZN] then a little further out I saw schools of bait fish, I had just gone over a known pinnacle when I saw bait fish flying on my right and some big swirls and I swung the boat towards this and it was not long before the shot gun went
Shell Beach Meat Haul by Rory Rorison (4/02/2018)
[Shell Beach,LA] Shell Beach meat haul today. The Royce family were my guests of the day and a good day it way. The weather was perfect so we headed deep into the Sound. We made two stops and filled the boat with fish and let a bunch go for another day.
Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - March wrap-up. by Jeff Rogers (3/31/2018)
[Kona,HI] Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - March wrap-up.....................................
Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 3-31-18 by Mike Gerry (3/31/2018)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] fishing slowed some full moon on its way so it will pick up soon.
Kids Fishing - 3 Generations and over 200 fish by Mike Laubscher (3/31/2018)
[Durban,KZN] He had a whale of a time and caught 44 fish with over
Mar2018 New Smyrna Daytona Beach Backcountry by Michael Savedow (3/31/2018)
[Daytona Beach,FL] Catching fish through the ups and downs of water temperature changes during this winter / spring period on Mosquito Lagoon
Two Dolly Birds and a Hoo. by Mike Laubscher (3/29/2018)
[Durban,KZN] Today I had the pleasure of hosting one of my oldest and longest standing customers and his 7yr old son who has been booking charters with me since my first small charter boat 10 years ago. Over many trips and years we are good friends. It was really great trying to remember all the different trips over the years.
5hrs, 4 Countries, 3 Fish. by Mike Laubscher (3/27/2018)
[Durban,KZN] We had an interesting group of guys today from 4 countries to attend a wedding. Belgium, Australia, UK. We launched at 06h00 for a short 5hr charter, by 07h30 we already had 2 x
Good Bottoms in a Strong Current by Mike Laubscher (3/25/2018)
[Durban,KZN] the west wind was blowing stiff with a small but choppy sea we made our way out to look for some game fish. The reverse current was screaming at 6 knots
Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 3-24-18 by Mike Gerry (3/24/2018)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] It keeps getting better and better, you can't go wrong!
Lake Texoma Srriper Fishing Report March 20, 2018 by Steve Barnes (3/22/2018)
[Lake Texoma,TX] Larger fish are in a pre-spawn pattern and staged up on shallow structure in 10-25 foot. Lots of big striper caught last week and the pattern should hold thru early April. Trolling and casting swimbaits and A-rigs in the usual colors,chartruse and glow.
Clarks hill- lake thurmond fishing report by Tony Shepherd (3/22/2018)
[Lake Clarks Hill,GA] 21 March Early Spring success for Striped bass and Hybrid stripers on Clark's Hill Lake.
Thursday Trout haul at #ShellBeach by Rory Rorison (3/19/2018)
[Shell Beach,LA] Most of the action lately has been on Sheepshead and Bull Reds out in Breton Sound. The action has been crazy fast and the catching as easy as it gets. My crew yesterday, Joe and Paul, wanted to look for some speckled trout on the edge of The Sound. With the fish still transitioning to their spring hangouts the trout were very scattered.
Lake El Cap fish repot for March 2018 by Alan Clowers (3/18/2018)
[San Diego,CA] The lakes are on fire right now with lots of numbers and some fish over 5 lbs on my 4 trips this month. We have been using dropshot rigs , Carolina rigs from 1 to 15 feet of water around spawning coves and Rocky areas . Now is the time if you want to experience some good fishing ... see you in the water . Captain Clowers
Offshore fish report for March 2018 by Alan Clowers (3/18/2018)
[San Diego,CA] Epic style rock cod fishing off coranado islands . We have been fishing from 200’ to 300’ and getting limits of real nice reds and some lingcod as well on squid and sardeans .. the quality of thease fish are real good . There has been a few days we found good yellowtail fishing as well . The weather kinda pushed them down the last few days though but they should pop back up soon as we get some decent weather . Overall it’s epic style fishing for March 👍
Triple up Dorado by Mike Laubscher (3/17/2018)
[Durban,KZN] Launching at 06h00 just as the rain started to lift the day started out wet and turned into a stunning day
Nice catches offshore and inshore by Dave Hanson (3/17/2018)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Fishing has been good when weather has cooperated. On good tides inshore, big sheepshead, permit, pompano, and drum have been prevelant, along with occasional snook. Off shore, red grouper action is good, but keepers are occasional. Lane snapper, mangrove snapper, and occasional mutton snapper and yellowtails are around, along with grunts, porgies, porkfish, and shark.
Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 3-17-18 by Mike Gerry (3/17/2018)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] The ever changing fishing landscape during the early spring!
Autumn Game Fish Grand Slam by Mike Laubscher (3/14/2018)
[Durban,KZN] With summer behind us we are now in Autumn, my favourite fishing time of the year. What a stunning morning with dead flat seas and a very slight wind we made our way out to the deep to look for a Blue Marlin by the mountain
Awesome Spring Fishing Florida Keys by Jason Gabriel (3/14/2018)
[Florida Keys,FL] What’s biting down here in the Florida Keys? It’s a great time to fish and a great time to catch!
Clarks hill- lake thurmond fishing report by Tony Shepherd (3/14/2018)
[Lake Clarks Hill,GA] Cold Spring fishing report for Striped Bass and Crappie on Clark's Hill (Lake Thurmond) provided y Capt Tony Shepherd with Little River Guide Service
Crystal River,FL Fishing Action by Kyle Messier (3/12/2018)
[Homosassa,FL] Incredible inshore fishing action for Redfish, Trout, Snook, and Sharks here along the Nature Coast.
March 2018 Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report by Patrick Rood (3/12/2018)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] The fishing on Mosquito Lagoon has been good between the fronts.
Another Black Marlin for Fat Girl by Mike Laubscher (3/11/2018)
[Durban,KZN] It’s been a frustrating 3 weeks and the water has not been that great with screaming currents, green water inside and wind from every direction, water temperatures have varied from 22deg.C – 28deg.C and out in the deep the flying fish and squid are plentiful. We have not seen a Dorado or Wahoo since early February
Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 3-10-18 by Mike Gerry (3/10/2018)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] We are nearing prime time on Guntersville and the set up looks great!
Kite Fishing Fort Lauderdale Report by Tom Zsak (3/08/2018)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] We started the trip with kite fishing in 150 ft. of water, 1.8 miles from shore north of Fort Lauderdale.  We put out two kites with two live Goggle Eyes from each kite.  The first couple of baits in the water got attacked right away - within the first 5 minutes - catching one Kingfish and missing another one. 
Clarks hill- lake thurmond fishing report by Tony Shepherd (3/07/2018)
[Lake Clarks Hill,GA] Weekly fishing report from Capt Tony Shepherd (Little river guide service) on Clark's Hill-Lake Thurmond located on the GA/SC border
Spring Is The Best Time Of Year For Fishing In Fort Lauderdale by David Ide (3/07/2018)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] The spring offers the biggest mixed bag to fishing in Fort Lauderdale including sailfish and tuna.
Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report Feb 28 by Steve Barnes (3/05/2018)
[Lake Texoma,TX] Fishing on Texoma has slowed down this past week but looks like Spring is just about here and fishing will drastically improve in the coming days with the warmer temps. Water temp is 44 but with warmer weather and longer days we should heat up into the 50’s pretty soon. When this happens bait and fish will move up into shallower water on points, humps and flats.
Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 3-3-18 by Mike Gerry (3/03/2018)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] The lake this week had to stories, one good the other well?
feb 2018 little river guide service by Tony Shepherd (3/01/2018)
[Lake Clarks Hill,GA] guided fishing adventures on Clarks Hill Lake with Little River Guide Service will provide your friends and family with lasting smiles and unforgettable memories.
Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - February wrap-up. by Jeff Rogers (2/28/2018)
[Kona,HI] Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - February wrap-up..................................
Feb 2018 New Smyrna Beach Mosquito Lagoon Backcountry by Michael Savedow (2/27/2018)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Early spring here with transitioning patterns and higher water temperatures in the New Smyrna Daytona Beach Orlando area.
Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 2-24-18 by Mike Gerry (2/24/2018)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] February 2018 may go down as a month we will will never forget!
Fort Lauderdale Fishing report Shark/Mahi by Tom Zsak (2/24/2018)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Fort Lauderdale Fl.33316 Happy Day Today Bahi Mar Charter fishing
Anna Maria Island Feb Fishing Report by Matt Ercoli (2/23/2018)
[Anna Maria Island,FL] Spring Fishing In Full Swing with warming temperatures.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Still windy, still fishing! by Dave Hanson (2/23/2018)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Winds have been relentless lately, but we have managed to get offshore in tolerable seas. Fishing inshore has been good on incoming/favorable tides.
Deep Sea Fishing in Fort Lauderdale Sailfish by Tom Zsak (2/22/2018)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] The best method of fishing has been trolling the reef from 100 ft. to 475 ft. of water.   We left the dock and within 15-20 minutes we were in 120 ft. of water, 1.8 miles from shore south of Fort Lauderdale. 
Incredible Nature Coast Weather and Fishing by Kyle Messier (2/18/2018)
[Homosassa,FL] WOW what a difference a month can make in Florida. Warm weather and excellent fishing is finally here.
Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 2-17-18 by Mike Gerry (2/17/2018)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] A great week spring is on the view and the pre spawn with it!
Mixed Bag Each Day in San Diego by Chris Coletta (2/13/2018)
[San Diego,CA] Now is the time to catch a wide variety of species her in San Diego. The temperatures are right and the fishing continues to improve as we get closer to the spring.
Sore Arms Again For Our Anglers by David Ide (2/12/2018)
[Hollywood,FL] The sportfishing in Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood is getting better by the day. We are still waiting for a huge influx of sailfish, but we are getting our fair share.
Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 2-10-18 by Mike Gerry (2/10/2018)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Fishing has picked up big time on Guntersville, I had my best day of 2018!
Fort Lauderdale Fishing Sailfish / Kingfish Report by Tom Zsak (2/09/2018)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] Today was a good day for kite fishing – we stopped at Andy’s Live Bait Boat, purchased a dozen live Goggle Eyes and headed out to deeper waters off of Fort Lauderdale. 
A Big Lady, the one that got away, the Tuna and a Shark. by Mike Laubscher (2/05/2018)
[Durban,KZN] We had 3 long trips from Friday through to Sunday with various guests from the UK and Austria, our team consisted of Erik, Kurt and myself. On Friday we launched very early so we could be back well in time before the big South West wind came through and this worked out well
SW FL-Bonita beach: battling winds and tides, but catches good! by Dave Hanson (2/05/2018)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Winds have been howling much of the past couple of weeks, and low tides in the backwaters were exacerbated by the super-moon. But we have managed to catch plenty of fish most days.
February 2nd Report Fishing Report for the Bay! by Craig Fletcher (2/04/2018)
[Annapolis,MD] It may be cold outside but the fish are biting. There is plenty of areas in the bay right now having some hot action. Get out early and be home for the big game. Go Eagles!
Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 2-3-18 by Mike Gerry (2/03/2018)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Some good some better some cold and not so good but always fun!
Winter is here, time to find the Right days to fish by Jot Owens (2/02/2018)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] A Rollercoaster of weather lately but we've had some warm very nice days mixed in. Pick the right days and you'll catch fish. Here is the target fish I like to pursue during February.
Cold Water Fishing in Tampa Bay by John Rivers (2/01/2018)
[Tampa,FL] Cold Water Fishing and Low tides is what's been going on in Tampa Bay
Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - January wrap-up. by Jeff Rogers (1/31/2018)
[Kona,HI] Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - January wrap-up............................
Kite Fishing For Sailfish Is Heating Up! by David Ide (1/30/2018)
[Fort Lauderdale,FL] We are getting multiple shots daily at sailfish on all our trips. Now is your time to get on these wonderful fish in our area.
2018 Mosquito Lagoon Backcountry New Smyrna Daytona Beach Area by Michael Savedow (1/30/2018)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] A chilly winter of 2018 has cold water temperatures sending backcountry and flats fish into a solid winter pattern this year after several mild past winters.
About the Turtle and the Yellowfin by Mike Laubscher (1/29/2018)
[Durban,KZN] This weekend was very frustrating with the weather reports getting it totally wrong, On Saturday light NE winds were forecast and we launched early for a 5 hour trip,
Brrrr! Crystal River, FL fishing report. by Kyle Messier (1/28/2018)
[Homosassa,FL] Its cold but the fish do not seem to mind. Ready for it to get warm here in Florida.
 Shad Attack! Orlando Fishing Report  by John Kumiski (1/27/2018)
[Orlando,FL] Fished the Mosquito Lagoon, the Indian River Lagoon, and the St. Johns River (twice) this week. The shad bite is strong. The saltwater fish, not so much.
Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 1-27-18 by Mike Gerry (1/26/2018)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Fishing showing some good signs the weather is also!
Game Fish Grand SLam by Mike Laubscher (1/26/2018)
[Durban,KZN] Today was a vast improvement and the strong SW winds have brought us some warmer and cleaner water and it looks like things will start getting better. We had a short 5hour charter today with nice results
Charleston winter redfish report by Michael Bales (1/23/2018)
[Charleston,SC] Crazy weather is gone and the redfish are eating.
Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 1-20-18 by Mike Gerry (1/20/2018)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Cold, ice wind and winter didn't make for the ideal fishing!
SW FL-Bonita Beach: weather isn't helping, but we're catching fish anyway! by Dave Hanson (1/18/2018)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Weather has been challenging, with successive cold fronts bringing chilly temps, high winds, and rough seas. Tides inshore have been low, but on a good tide, fishing has been productive there for sheepshead and drum.
A Big Honeycomb Skate in the Harbour. by Mike Laubscher (1/13/2018)
[Durban,KZN] We had two 5 hour harbour trips and had some great fun, catching a bunch of .......
Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 1-13-18 by Mike Gerry (1/13/2018)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] We had a brief warm up but the bite was still tough!
Black Marlin Afternoon by Mike Laubscher (1/10/2018)
[Durban,KZN] I knew when the Wahoo and Bonnies started coming around we would be getting a Black very soon. A very happy angler with his first Marlin, and our Marlin account opened for 2018. Well done Henk, you fought your Marlin like a pro.
Jan 2018 by Patrick Rood (1/09/2018)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Cold weather has set the fish into there winter time patterns on Mosquito Lagoon.
Wahoo again by Mike Laubscher (1/09/2018)
[Durban,KZN] If Wahoo are around then Black Marlin are around so the clock is ticking and it will be game on soon, the next 4 months from now until April is the best time for Marlin in Durban.
Dad's Dorado by Mike Laubscher (1/08/2018)
[Durban,KZN] With a short morning trip that had to be split between game fishing and bottoms we shot out early in the morning and by 06h30 we had a .....
Wahoo Account opened for 2018. by Mike Laubscher (1/08/2018)
[Durban,KZN] The conditions have been improving and there is a lot of clean warm water around, especially out in the deep. Inshore has been very quiet and we have had to travel a fair distance to get fish.
Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 1-6-18 by Mike Gerry (1/06/2018)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Cold was the name of the game and the weather kept most off the water.
Palm Beach Jupiter salt and fresh water inshore report by Craig Korczynski (1/05/2018)
[Palm Beach,FL] Sheepshead on the seawalls, snook active mid day, peacock bass gathering in deep holes.
BRRRRRRRRRRR! by Mike Peppe (1/05/2018)
[Sebastian,FL] Been fishing a lot of fly people of late with very good success. Reds ,Trout and Snook every day as well as lots of Ladyfish ,Blues and Jacks. Skipping some Pomps and expect that to improve. This Morning it was 32 here and I am off till Sunday. See you on the water!
Flyin By by Mike Peppe (1/04/2018)
[Sebastian,FL] Been fishing a lot of fly people of late with very good success. Reds ,Trout and Snook every day as well as lots of Ladyfish ,Blues and Jacks. Skipping some Pomps and expect that to improve. This Morning it was 32 here and I am off till Sunday. See you on the water!
First Dorado for 2018 by Mike Laubscher (1/03/2018)
[Durban,KZN] With a stiff SW wind and unsettled seas from the SW Buster the day before we made our way out for a short morning trip, we eventually found some nice clean warm water
Last Dat out in 2017 by Mike Laubscher (1/01/2018)
[Durban,KZN] Both Fat Girl and Nawty Girl made their way out of port early on the 31st to do their last trips for 2017 after a very busy week. It was a stunning day with great conditions, warm clear water, light winds and flat seas.
Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - December wrap-up. by Jeff Rogers (12/31/2017)
[Kona,HI] Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - December wrap-up................................
Christmas Time Fishing in Bonita Beach, SWFL by Dave Hanson (12/30/2017)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Weather cooperated for this busy couple of weeks of holiday fishing. But the New Year is predicted to kick off with a weather front bringing high winds and seas. We'll hope that is short-lived!
Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 12-30-17 by Mike Gerry (12/30/2017)
[Guntersville Lake,AL] Winter time but if you keep moving you find the fish!