Stripers Settle In...

2011-05-25 05:37:06
Cape Cod, Massachusetts - Saltwater Fishing Report
New Grounds, Cape Cod Bay

Stripers Settle In...

Capt. Hap Farrell

If you haven't noticed we have not had much sun this month. It is really affecting both the fish and the fishermen.

This cloudy and cool weather keeps the water from warming up and therefore the striped bass from moving around much. This doesn't mean the fishing isn't good, it just could be better.

The main areas right now are in by some of the small estuaries in Barnstable Harbor and just outside the mouth of the harbor with the outgoing tide where there are some schools of bigger fish. The Brewster Flats are active especially where Paine's Creek empties out along the edge. On the flood tide the deep water west of the Target Ship Buoy is active and during the the outgoing tide closer to the Ship Buoy and north of it can also be productive. I have not heard much about P-town but I imagine in by Long Point and Woodend on the outgoing would be a place to look and possibly in by Day's Cottages could hold some fish.

As anyone who has fished Cape Cod Bay knows, things can change quickly and this part of the early season is no exception. Once we do get some sun, and we will, and the water warms the large schools of stripers should move to the North Edge of Billingsgate Shoals. You can find them out in as much as 40 feet of water. These fish are usually of the larger variety. This does not mean that the other areas like west of the ship and the Brewster Flats will go dead. They will still stay active, just not as many fish and more of the undersize fish than keepers.

Other areas like the East Bar off Barnstable will liven up a long with the deep water out by the Fingers. The Path and the deep water off the Path will hold some fish. Plus, the first bluefish should show themselves in by Stony Bar and off the Eastham Shore. These bluefish could also show up in the deep water off the shoals from 30 out to 50 feet. In other words, the Bay will come alive. Next week will tell us what is going to happen and how fast. Lots of sun and things will move very fast so look to the deeper water. No sun, stay in the shallow water until the water temperature comes up some.

Last weekend I had Tim Jagemann and his crew out for a half day trip. We did pretty good. Not as good as last season but we had a spring then. We still landed a good number of stripers and were able to keep six of them. More than enough for dinner for a number of families.

If you'd like to get in on some of this early season fishing give me a call either at home (508-255-6211) or on my cell (508-240-8267). Don't miss out on some good tasting striped bass filets.

Fish Species: Striped Bass
Bait Used: N/A
Tackle Used: Lead Core line w/ umbrella Rg
Method Used: Trolling
Water Depth: 35 ft.
Water Temperature: 57 Degrees
Wind Direction: SE
Wind Speed: 8 Knots
Jagemann Crew...
Jagemann Crew...

About The Author: Captain Hap Farrell

Company: Stunmai II Charters

Area Reporting: Cape Cod Bay - Rock Harbor, Orleans

Bio: Captain Hap Farrell has been fishing the waters of Cape Cod Bay for 27 years. His intimate knowledge of the Bay and all it's idiosyncrasies guarantees that your day on the water will be an enjoyable one. Whether a novice angler, or a seasoned pro, the captain and crew of the Stunmai II will do what it takes to get you "tight" on a big striped bass or bluefish!

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