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Rapala Lures - Reviews

Rapala - Skitter Walk: The Strikes Are Exciting. Freshwater and Saltwater
I fish all up and down the east coast with this lure when......
Reviewed by Chad BIenstock on June 12, 2010 | Rating:
Rapala - Skitter Walk: Insane strikes
This thing also works insane in freshwater. I have the......
Reviewed by Cheo Samad on June 12, 2010 | Rating:
Rapala - Skitter Walk: My Pier Secret Lure
I fish this lure from piers and jetties and you can......
Reviewed by Solomon on July 22, 2009 | Rating:
Rapala - X-Rap: Twich It and Watch Them Attack!
I like to twitch it while winding in and it gets great......
Reviewed by Todd Yurke on June 23, 2009 | Rating:
Rapala - Skitter Walk: Best Top Water Lure
This lure walked properly goes back and forth making a......
Reviewed by Joe Rodriguz on June 23, 2009 | Rating: