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What's Hot Inshore - April 2, 2014
Recent cold fronts have had no negative effects on large redfsih. Lower Tampa Bay is holding large scholls of over the slot redfsih. Live white bait and chumming are keys to success. by Steven Markovich
Gator Trout by Steven Markovich (12/26/2011)
Winter brings outstanding trout action to Tampa Bay. Schooling trout to 20" can be caught in big quantitys. Large Gator Trout are loaners and will be skinny in less than 2' of water.
Bonita Blitz Tampa Bay by Steven Markovich (12/20/2011)
December is not known for Bonita action on Lower Tampa Bay. Tons of bait and mild temps have Bonita and Kingfish still hanging around. Look for more super action with a warm weather forecast the next 10 days.
Winter Slams Tampa Bay by Steven Markovich (12/18/2011)
What a differnce a year makes! With water temps near 70 and tons of bait it feels more like October.
Trout Unlimited Tampa Bay by Steven Markovich (12/10/2011)
Hours of rod bending action makes for a fun day. Trout action on Tampa Bay is red hot.
Winter Slam Tampa Bay by Steven Markovich (12/06/2011)
Winter is loaded with options in West Central Florida. Local flats and rivers are holding good numbers of snook, redfish and trout.
Redfish Bonanza Tampa Bay by Steven Markovich (11/28/2011)
The lower Tampa Bay Redfish action is red hot. Large mullet schools are holding redfish 20-35".
Trout Mackerel Mix Tampa Bay by Steven Markovich (11/28/2011)
The rapidly approaching front put a damper on todays action. It was work locating both Trout and Mackerel that were willing to chew.
Pro Cure- West Coast Redfish Report by Sean Hagen (11/25/2011)
Redfish fishing report from Florida West Coast. Catching Tampa Redfish on Artificals- Pro Cure.
BBI Grand Slam Tampa Bay 2011 by Steven Markovich (10/21/2011)
I was excited to be ask back for the 2011 BBI Grand Slam Tournament benefitting Sheridan House Ministries. Giving back for kids is near and dear tomy heart.
Great fall action Tampa Bay by Steven Markovich (10/08/2011)
Cooling water temps has redfish feeding agreesively. Mackerel continue to invade lower Tampa Bay.
Snook Bite Is On by Rick Reddick (9/28/2011) what an excellent opportunity to prove your fish catching skills. These fish make even the most accomplished angler frustrated. In the Tampa, area we have numerous places to catch snook.
Amazing Tarpon Kingfish action Tampa Bay by Steven Markovich (9/25/2011)
As water temps cool and we approach October we know Mackerel and Kingfish will soon be here.Little did we know the explosion was about to start.
Grand Slam Tampa Bay by Steven Markovich (9/24/2011)
Catching a snook redfish and trout on the same day is a Tampa Bay Grand Slam. Most tournaments are of this type.
Fall Mackerel run Tampa Bay by Steven Markovich (9/20/2011)
Every fall local beachs and grass flats get a major push of baitfish and cooler temps. Mackerel follow like clockwork and eat non stop.
Mackerel action Tampa Bay by Steven Markovich (9/19/2011)
Cooling water temps and huge amounts of baitifsh equal the fall Mackerel blitz. As more baitfish arrives look for kingfish to arrive.
Tampa Fishing Report by Rick Reddick (9/16/2011)
Fall fishing is heating up for snook, red fish, trout, tarpon and grouper. This is one of the best time of the year to fish.
Big Redfish and much more Tampa Bay by Steven Markovich (9/14/2011)
The water has cooled to 80 degrees and the action is really warming up. Non stop action on trout jacks and sharks plus big reds.
Gator Trout Tampa Bay by Steven Markovich (9/11/2011)
Fall is in the air. Water temps have dropped and the fall redfish blitz is on.
Tampa Bay September Fishing Report by Matt Ercoli (9/09/2011)
Flats Fishing Has Been Real Good With A Lot Fewer Boats On The Water.
Big Redfish Tampa Bay by Steven Markovich (9/03/2011)
Every fall jumbo redfish invade the passes and flats of lower Tampa Bay. Take your timeand make long casts and you will keep the school happy.
Redfish and more Tampa Bay by Steven Markovich (8/31/2011)
Windy days present challenges for anglers. Take advantage of Islands and canals to find smooth sailing.
Non stop action Tampa Bay by Steven Markovich (8/22/2011)
Local waters are warm the action is red hot. Deep grass flats are loaded with small baitfish. Trout Jacks Sharks are all at the dinner table.
F150 Ecoboost Goes Under Water At Boat Ramp by Steven Markovich (8/19/2011)
Boating is not without its risk. Saftey is key for a great day on the water.
Tampa Red Fish Report by Rick Reddick (8/18/2011)
With all of the recent rain it seems that the red fish have become more active. I had the pleasure of filming with Bill Miller of Hooked On Fishing this week. So in preparation, I decided to take my boys pre-fishing. The fish sure did not disappoint us.
Great Kids Tampa Bay by Steven Markovich (8/15/2011)
As Captain Billy Nobles always says Do yourself a favor and take a kid fishing. Sunday I had the pleasure of spending the morning with two fine young men.
Redfish Action Tampa Bay by Steven Markovich (8/15/2011)
Residential redfish 20-23" are very active. Schools of large 30" redfish have been more challenging to find day to day. Slighty cooler water has helped the local bite.
Redfish Trout Sharks Tampa Bay by Steven Markovich (8/13/2011)
Kids get bored quickly so keep things simple. Choose easy targets like trout or ladyfish.
Summer Slam Tampa Bay by Steven Markovich (8/06/2011)
Fish early or late and beat the heat. Redfish schools are roaming local flats.
Tampa Fishing Guides Grouper Report by Rick Reddick (8/03/2011)
The red grouper and mangrove snapper bite has been very good. While gag grouper and red snapper are closed, there are other species that can make a trip.
Tampa Bay River Snook by Rick Reddick (7/31/2011)
While the fishing on the flats has been slow, quality fish can be found in the deeper rivers and canals. On a recent charter I decided to go fish some of my fall and spring snook spots. And to my surprise. the fishing was pretty good.
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