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 The lake is slowly rising and Current Level is at 328.23 (1.8 ft) below full pool and surface temperatures on the south end of the lake are fluctuating between 59 deg and 60 deg in AM. Cool, crisp nights continue to force the herring off the shallow spawning grounds early in the morning but they gradually return as the sun warms the day. We have had success fishing morning and evening trips and we remain flexible enough to target fish in as shallow as 5 ft of water with freelines and artificials and down rod fishing near the bottom in 40-50 ft of water. A majority of the pure striped bass appear to have completed their spawning activities and are recovering while staying close to the spawning herring. The Hybrids are a little more aggressive and homesteading with the food source.

The far reaches of the lake are holding concentrated numbers of fish. On the north end of the lake, Anthony shoals is a traditional hotspot holding tons of hybrids. On the south end of the lake, the Thurmond dam is attracting and holding baitfish and small to medium hybrids that are easy to catch in the evening and before dawn each morning. The fish are showing a preference for small to medium sized herring. We also have had increased success with artificial baits this week. Any traditional bait that mimics a fleeing herring has been getting knocked around. The fluke jr baits, live target herring baits in the 4 inch range and chrome jerkbaits have produced well. The topwater baits should perform better very soon.

We have a few more days of rain followed by a sustained warming trend that should push the spring bite into overdrive. Great days are ahead. Get out and enjoy our great lake.

Fish Species: Hybrid, Striped Bass
Bait Used: live blue back herring
Tackle Used:
Method Used:
Water Depth: 5-40
Water Temperature: 60
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:

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Tony Shepherd

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