2008 season summary

2008-11-29 21:30:52
Southeast Alaska, Alaska - Saltwater Fishing Report
Frederick Sound, Chatham Strait, Steven's Passage, Kekeu Straits
Dave Harman

Hello my name is Capt. Dave Harman and would like to give a report of my 2008 season in Southeast Alaska. Please take in to regard that I am not reporting for any other guide and thiwas my experiance. Southeast Alaska is a Hughe Area. Our spring King Salmon Season was pretty slow but did have about two weeks of pretty good fishing right in fron of the native village of kake. Halibut started out strong in June with big fish shallow in the 75 to 125 foot range we hammered some big fish with some clients from Washingtom as well as some awesome guys fro West Virginia about mid June. Our Silver Salmon was average this year with a good run for a few weeks in Mid August, but exploded in the Rivers we had some of our best silver fishing both fly and spin as I have ever seen. Ling Cod was great as usual and our Halibut peaked about the 25th of August we had some incredible Halibut fishing with just a 15 minute run daily. I would say after 10 seasons this was probably the third best I have see.

Fish Species: Halibut, Salmon, Rockfish, Yellow Eye, Ling Cod
Bait Used: Jigs, Cut Bait, Flies
Tackle Used: Conventional, Spin. Fly
Method Used: all
Water Depth: 40 -300
Water Temperature: 52-60
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:
200 lb Halibut 12lb test Spider Wire
200 lb Halibut 12lb test Spider Wire

Dave Harman

About The Author: Captain Dave Harman

Company: Tongass Sportfishing Charters

Area Reporting: Southeast Alaska

Bio: 30 years old Started my guiding career in Sarasota, Fl where I was born, after that I started fishing Alaska and Costa Rica/Nicaragua and still fish in those two last places I have logged over 1100 days on the water in Alaska and another 600 in Central America(C.R. Nic.)

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