Stripers are slurping little shad on some days better than others. Small spoons (trout side) crappie jigs on ultra lite tackle 1/8 oz in white chartreuse or a combo. Accuracy and presentation are everything. You must lead the leader of the schools. This is a tremendous challenge for the flyrodder. Flies that are producing right now are the pink crazy charlies. In another month a shad imitation in black and white 2" max.

Monsoons are prevalent in July so take the advantage of early morning cloud cover for extendedtop water action.

For Fly Fishing: Mini clausers - olive and Funny Bunnies good over chum, crazy charlies pink

Conventional: Mini Sassy Shads over schools working well

Trolling: Count Down Rapalas in shad imitation

Fishing Forecast for July & August: Due to higher water levels with runoff fishing is a bit unpredictable. We will update weekly for what is happening. Typically August is a good month with the water being finished coming in and the fish can get into a pattern once the water level has leveled off.

Fish Species: Stripers, smallmouth, largemouth and crappiee and walleye
Bait Used: anchovies
Tackle Used: Small spoons (troutside) crappie jigs on ultra lite tackle 1/8 oz in white and c
Method Used: Conventional and Fly Fishing
Water Depth:
Water Temperature: 80 degrees
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:

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About The Author: Captain Bill McBurney

Company: Ambassador Guides & Outfitters

Area Reporting: Lake Powell

Bio: Ambassador Guides & Outfitters specializes in Fly fishing for stripers and smallmouth along with conventional fishing for bass, walleye & crappie. As a licensed guide since 1979, Bill McBurney offers a "quality" trip with instruction for all customers. Providing the largest boat on Lake Powell for your trip.

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