All Arkansas Fishing Reports

Whiter River Fishing For Trout by Robert Shuler (8/23/2009)
[White River,AR] Guided fishing trips on white river in ozark mountains of arkansas.Full day or half day or more.
Trout fishing Cotter to Buffalo City Arkansas by Robert Shuler (8/22/2009)
[White River,AR] Guided trout fishing trips for the family,friends or your employees.
Cotter Arkansas Trout Fishing by Robert Shuler (7/29/2009)
[White River,AR] Catch trout all day.Fun for the whole family Bring frinds,employees.Lodging.
White River Shad Kill by Steve Stinnett (1/13/2009)
[White River,AR] The Shad Kil is on the way with the new low temps.
Fall striper fishing on Norfork Lake by Tom Reynolds (9/04/2008)
[Lake Norfork,AR] Fall striper fishing has begun on Norfork lake Arkansas.
July Fishing Report For White River AK by Steve Stinnett (7/09/2008)
[White River,AR] The White River is fishing extremely well.
Late Summer Stripers by Tom Reynolds (9/02/2007)
[Lake Norfork,AR] The striper bite is on for the trollers using wide eyed shad
May fishing by Tom Reynolds (5/29/2007)
[Lake Norfork,AR] The fish have been hanging along the bluff walls but not to deep.
Chucks Trout Fishing Service by Chuck McCarney (3/17/2007)
[White River,AR] Rainbow - German Brown - Cutthroat Trout. My daily trips start at Cotter and end up at Buffalo City. Cotter is 20 miles below Bull Shoals dam.
FLW Outdoors Stren Series Tournament by Rick Culver (3/08/2007)
[Bull Shoals Lake,AR] We were fortunate to have the FLW Outdoors Stren Series here on Bull Shoals Lake this last week and the anglers had to fight some extreme weather conditions.
Bull Shoals Lake Bass Fishing Report by Rick Culver (9/21/2006)
[Bull Shoals Lake,AR] With upper 80's during the day and low 60's at night, how can anyone complain about the weather. We even had some rain over the weekend, between 1 to 2 inches. Lake level this week is at 648.81, 5 1/2 feet below normal pool.
Millwood Lake Bass Fishing Report by Mike Siefert (9/21/2006)
[Millwood Lake,AR] Best feeding periods still remain early and late in the day, but are generally improving during the slower periods. Juvenile and yearling Black Bass continue randomly schooling, and are chasing shad and baitfish in Little River along the edges of lily pads, and in the oxbows all along Little River. Take a kid fishing!
Mountain Harbor Lake Ouachita Fishing by Hugh Albright (8/28/2006)
[Lake Ouachita,AR] Large mouth bass are still fair and these fish can be caught with frog style baits and grass jigs. Try moss flats and points for best results.
Best Bait - Storm Peal Wide Eyes by Tom Reynolds (5/29/2006)
[Lake Norfork,AR] The fish have moved to their summer pattern so look deep. You can catch fish using spoons and trolling using planner boards and downriggers. The best bait so far for trolling is the Storm 4" Peal Wide Eye and Road Runners.