For years anglers have been going out in the late hours of the night to chase the Big Eye Scad.  Known for their hearty nature, the Goggle Eye's reputation is real.  

When you fish them on the kite, deep line or flat lines you can expect to get railed by a wide variety of species including sailfish, tuna, mahi, wahoo, marlin and king mackeral.  

During the Tournament season, the Live Bait boats can't catch them fast enough to fill the demand.  And the internet has changed the game.  Now anglers can reserve baits online or just a quick phone call and credit card.  If you don't make a reservation, they are gone.  And if you value a good nights sleep, you'll be out of luck.

Targetting Goggle Eyes is not that difficult, in fact it is quite easy as they ferocious eaters.  When you find them, it is likely you will fill up a quick and your baitwells.  However on the nights you don't find them it is tough fishing.  And the seas are not always calm.

Dish out the $100 or go out all night?  The choice is yours.  For most of us that have a large investment in the boat, gear and fuel  - the decision is easy.  But catching your own bait is sometimes more fun than actually fishing for big game fish, especially baits that yeild $10 a piece.


You'll need long rods and big quills.  I like the 12 Foot Daiwa Beef Stick paired with the Hayabusa Size 15 sabiki and a 20 ounce lead.


Goggle eyes will range in depth from off the beach out to 600 feet.  A good rull of thumb is to start in 100 feet and work your way around using your fish finder until you find them.  Weedlines and rips ususally hold the bait a bit better.  Once you find them, work that depth and area until they stop biting.


Stay away from any moons. You want to be out there when the moon is non existing and as dark as possible.  While some anglers have figured out how to catch them during the day, it is very low percentage fishing for the rest of us.

Storing Gogs:

Using bait pens is the best way to store you Goggle Eyes. And by feeding them minnows or cut up shrimp, you will keep them happy in their new home until its time to go fishing.

And while Goggle Eyes make a great bait, it is far easier to catch baits during the day that come very close such as Pilchards, Speedos and Threadfin Herring.  All these baits work great offshore and you don't have to spend the nights fishing for them.

If you have your heart set on a baitwell full of Goggle Eyes, call your local bait guy or plan your trips around the moon phase and you might just get rewarded with the most sought out bait.

Tight Lines,
Captain Mike

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