In my effort to make you a beter fisherman, it is very important that we stay on the topic of live bait.   Until you are a "masterbaiter" I am not going to stop feeding you the secret sauce as to what, where, how and why LIVE BAIT.   Once you can load your baitwells with the freshest live bait in town, the FISHING WILL BE EASY!  I promise you.

In my latest video, I show you exactly how I catch fresh live bait species using a SABIKI RIG.  A sabiki rig consist of 6 small gold hooks and feathers that act as small bait fish.  Jigging these small gold hooks yeild in catching multiple live baits at once and allow you to put them into your baitwells with the least amount of harm done to them.

What you'll need:

- Light Tackle Fishing Rod 8-15lb
- Small Spinning Reel 3000 size
- 8  to 12 Pound Mono Mainline
- Size 4, 6 or 8 Sabiki Rig
- 1 oz of lead

The biggest mistake I see in fisherman using sabiki's is that their gear is far too heavy.  You want use your lightest stuff when live bait fishing.  Even if you get a stringer (6 baits at once), you will have plenty of rod and line strength to get them in the boat.

Try to match my rod and reel, as I have messed with a ton of gear and this is the best combo when catching smaller white baits.

When you find the bait, use small cast. Nothing to agressive unless the baits are far away from you.

This method works on beaches, piers, jetties, from boats, etc.   

I like using a Sabiki Rig better than cast nets, because the baits are much healthier and give me a better chance at catching more game fish.  Quality and healthier baits are the secret to catching fish consistently.  A strong healthy pilchard tht is kicking up a storm on the kite or on your flat lines is far better than one that has no life left.  And with cast nets you stun this just enough to remove slim or scale.

Remember to always have a good pair of polarized sunglasses to help you locate the baits.

Tight Lines,
Captain Mike

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