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Matching the Hatch in August is Different

As I have talked about many times over the years if you're trying to find those schooling fish there is no time of year better than August through October; the difference though is the hatch is small in physical size. Most folks don't realize but the bait fish spawn out several times a year and the late summer hatch seems to line up with the schooling and chasing that we always see as we approach fall fishing.

Knowing that this hatch is recent it can change your thought process when you see some schooling going on over the grass edges and clear water areas of the lake. This kind of feeding is just as good as it gets when it comes to catching fish after fish. The difference is the bass are generally feeding up on small size bait and if you want to jump in the game you must down size your baits to catch the fish. The one consistent bait that has been successful this time of year is the small rattle bait like the small size SPRO Aruka Shad jr. it is sized perfectly for the hatch we see especially for this early fall bite, its 3/8 oz. frame is a perfect match to the bait being targeted by the bass.

It's a great time of year for you to put a young child in the boat because as the schooling fish continues to get better and the fall bass become more aggressive a young child can catch fish easily with just reeling an SPRO Aruka Shad Jr. over the schooling fish.  It's easy to throw; works well with spinning gear is sized to match the hatch and catches fish easily for the young fisherman. It's also a great time of year to take a Punisher fish head with that small blade on it; connect it up with a Missile bait Shock Wave swim bait which is small in profile and work along the open grass by easily retrieving it back to the boat.

It is easy to match the hatch in this fall fishing bonanza you just got to get out and do it.

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