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Monster Hooks are taking Over

As bass fishing continues to progress and change continues to be constant, the fishing industry is maturing and has evolved toward monster hooks and this craze continues to come front and center. I know we have all for many years used #3 or smaller size hooks for most lures but with the swim bait craze maturing we are finding out that the bigger the hook the more chance we have of catching that monster bass. Manufacturers are building many different types of bait with #7 or #8 hooks to help in hooking that monster fish.

We are seeing several different baits that have really embraced the larger hook craze starting with the swim bait head; the need to work a big seven to ten inch swim bait down to 20 plus feet of water has emerged with a heavy swim head with number eight size hook on  it. The reason, it catches fish plan and simple and allows you to keep the bait on the bottom while retrieving it.

 Shaky head fishing has also changed drastically over the last couple of years; what was once known as a finesse style of fishing has turned into a power fishing technique with ¾ oz. shaky head lures hosting a big number 7 size hook. The reason is they are building these big heavy power fishing heads with flat sides on them so a big worm stands up on the bottom and entices a bite with a wavy long worm tail projecting up ward  toward the surface allowing the current to move  the worm.

Shallow running crank baits have always lost way to many fish; the reason was the small  shallow running crank baits had an extremely small hooks; now the hooks have increased in size they have worked out the balance and wobble issues to accommodate the bigger hook and we are catching more fish as a result. The good news is this is just the beginning and as we mature further there will be many more lures hosting bigger hooks and I for one believe it will help!

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