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Author: Captain Mike Gerry | Posted: 05/23/2017

All the New Boat Add-Ons

As time and technology has continued to progress we are all looking at all this "stuff" and wondering what do I really need on my boat or does it really help you become a better fisherman. As most folks I have my opinion about all this latest and greatest so I will try to share my thoughts for you to consider how it fits in your style of fishing.

If we analysis the cost of what many of us are adding to our boats the dollar signs pop up and for sure make you wonder what do I really need; lets first start with electronics. Of all the newest technological developments in bass fishing the graphing mapping/sonar technology is by far the number one must have item on your boat. Do you need the best and most expensive well I will leave that to you but some form of electronics is a must. With the right electronics nothing on the bottom is hidden and if you want to find the fish you just can't do without it.

I am a proponent of shallow anchor systems, I have always believed that angles mean everything in fishing and when the wind is blowing and you are catching fish by crossing a high spot at a certain angle the ability to lock down is a must. The deep anchoring systems that are now part of the trolling motor technology I believe the court is still out on how effective these systems are; the need to stay on a deep spot at a certain angle is certainly there. The systems so far have their flaws for example; if you're facing down wind and try to anchor with this technology it turns you into the wind and changes your angle of presentation, to me that change everything.

Lastly noise sounding systems that move bait fish to your boat area known as hydro-wave technology; well what can I say so far I just haven't seen any positive results from this. If it helps I just can't testify to it. Oh well maybe I just don't understand it. The newest latest and greatest technology has its place but only you can determine if the cost is worth it for you!

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