Post Spawn Top Water

Author: Captain Mike Gerry | Posted: 05/23/2017

Post Spawn Top Water

As the season progresses on and each period brings a change to the fish patterns one that cannot be forgotten is the top water bite during the height of the post spawn fishing. There is probably no change in patterns as drastic as the move to post spawn top water fishing; problem is you have to be able to try different top water presentations during this period.

Many times during the top water season noise is a key to getting the bass to look up and make a bass attack top water baits; during the first few weeks of the post spawn many times a more subtle presentation is the key. A noisy buzz-bait may not be the right presentation, something more subtle like a spook without the BB's in it may be more of the ticket to success. Even a small Pop-r that just makes a low volume pop that you can work slow, and pop with a light movement of the tip; another one I like during this period is a fluke it's light easy to work extremely subtle and moves like a darting bait fish over the top of brim beds or grass very easily.

I believe with a little research and some time to look around that looking for something different may be the key to loading the boat on top water fishing. I am a traditional guy but there are many fishermen who like to try something different and this is the time during the post spawn to look for a new presentation with different baits. If you're really looking for a different way to catch fish on top I think there are many soft plastic subtle top water baits that will be different and bring you many bites in the post spawn. Tail action with soft plastic top water baits can be big; their movement over the top or just skimming the first inch or so of water under the surface is deadly during the post spawn period. This may very well be the time to get away from some traditional top water baits look for a unique top water presentation and have a blast doing something a little different.

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