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A year of change and old traditions gone new ones are evolving and what once was the standard is no longer in play. Every year we see change in the fishing industry is it really accomplishing anything or are the change monsters just working to keep the industry refreshed with nonsense? I have an opinion on this matter probably not the one most manufactures want to hear; but I think changes come many time just to add reasons to keep some ones job; or even just change for the sake of change. Trust is a thing of the past and accountability trumps trust, sponsors are struggling with who is really helping them and who is not.

This up-coming Bass Master Classic is going to be without Kevin Van Dam, that's right he did not qualify for the 2015 classic for the first time in his career of professional fishing. To me it's kind of like Tiger Woods not playing in the Masters Golf Championship; it's just not the same and I for one will struggle being interested in the results without him. The greatest fisherman ever not participating is just not the same; when a fisherman wins and or participates to the degree he has he should have an open invitation to fish the classic for his fishing career.

Ranger boats the house hold name in the bass boat industry, the leader in quality and everything that matters in bass boats is up for sale! Wow what does this really mean, is good old US manufacturing and engineering taking a turn for the worse or is the ownership just tired of the fickle bass boat industry? What will we see going forward; will we continue to see Ranger Boats made one at a time in their factory or will change come to all that matters and all of a sudden the quality that we have been use to be a thing of the past?

Talk about things changing, there are now bass fishing lures that cost you anywhere from $45 to $75 I can't imagine paying that amount of money for a fishing lure and then on one cast you hook a stump and it's gone!

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