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Soft Plastic Time

If you haven't gotten out your bags of different soft plastic baits then you're probably missing some great times on the water. The key is what to use, how to set up the proper rod and reel and where to fish them; like all worm fisherman location, location is everything.

As the bass continue to move up for this year's spawn getting to the shallows and placing your favorite creature type bait on a bedding fish is always lots of fun. I don't know that there is any magic advice I can give you but if you like setting the hook then your time is now and being rigged for success is important.

The thing I notice mostly about inexperienced fisherman is they don't take the time to match proper equipment to fishing with soft plastic baits. Many of my clients that get in my boat with their own equipment substitute cheap combo rods and reels not knowing that there is a big difference in your end result when you're improperly set up. When you're setting the hook rod strength and stiffness are very important; if you are fishing a soft tip or even a medium tip rod you're probably missing many fish. Sensitivity in worm fishing is everything and a stiff tip or heavy action rod is imperative. Speed of retrieve also matters as being able to quickly take up line can mean the difference in catching fish as many times bass pick up you're bait and run toward you so you must be able to quickly catch up to the fish. I rig with a Duckett heavy action 7'3" worm rod, Lew's 7:1:1 reel and for sensitivity of line I use Vicious Pro Elite fluorocarbon line generally 14 lb. test.

It's also imperative that the correct soft bait is used in the right places, for me it's all about Missile Bait D-Bombs or Missile Bait D-Stroyers; these 2 baits catch fish they are not only great soft plastics but they are the ultimate design for bedding fish as they look like many of the water creatures roaming around the shallows on any fresh water lake. Imitation, location and equipment all make a difference every day on the water for the worm fisherman.

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