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Time to Fish Super Shallow

As the water continues to cool down from the change in weather some of what you might believe about bass habits will change drastically during this fall fishing period. I know that many fishermen make their moves to the deeper water once we really see the weather get cold and or the water level continue to change during this fall time period. Reality is that bass will push even shallower during the latter part of the fall even with the change in water levels from winter draw downs.

Regardless of winter draw-downs water level change either up or down only enhances the change where the fish move too. When the water level goes up well we all know they move shallow; but as the water level drops again in the fall from deeper draw down instead of moving back out deeper, the bass actually move even shallower because that where the bait is. This move back to even skinnier water by the bass seems opposite of what we all believe but it is a fact you can't really get shallow enough during fall water level changes.

The dropping of the water level exposes the bass and the bait more and more and fall feeding becomes more fun than ever; pinning a small group of bass up against a bank in 2 ft. of water during the fall can be lots of fun. I believe that this is why most fishermen love fall fishing so much because the fall offers you a chance to really get into some great feeding where you can put gobs of fish in the boat in a short period of time. It also becomes a search bait feeding frenzy as fast moving baits like Punisher spinner baits rolled through shallow water can really produce some big fish.

Some other bait's I like during this period of shallow bites are Tight-Line swim jig rigged with Missile Bait Shock Wave swim baits; or SPRO Fat John 50 or 60 square bills; these baits can run in 1 to 3 ft. of water and be very effective over shallow grass. Go shallow folks and when you think your shallow enough move shallower again for some great fall fishing.

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