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Tips for the Up-Coming SPRO frog Tournament

As we approach the Oct. 10 2015 date of the SPRO frog tournament I thought I would offer some tips as to how and where I have been catching fish on a SPRO frog.  There are no secrets frog fishing requires patience, mental commitment and some due diligence prior to the tournament to have your best chance to win. The thing that makes this tournament great is purely the excitement of the top water explosion and the fact that anyone regardless of skill level or time on the water has a chance to win! Couple the excitement with the fact that SPRO's objective is to give every dollar back to the fisherman and have them walk away from the tournament with more dollars in swag than the cost of the entry fee.

As my guiding has taken me up and down the river over the past month I have found that the upper part of Lake Guntersville from the BB Comer Bridge to the 117 bridge has been the most productive for me. There appears to be more scattered type grass, milfoil and more bait chasing activity allowing you the angler to be more successful working a frog. To me it's pure fact that the upper river always holds on to the best frog bite early and late in the fall season; it's just simpler to figure out the bite up river as the river narrows considerably and the creeks are long and have more milfoil than hydrilla which to me makes it easier to find the bite.

My SPRO frog choice has been pretty simple, most my fish are being caught on Bronze Eye Pop 60 popper frogs in Neon Glow, Nasty Shad and black widow colors. I have had a few caught on the King Daddy style but most of my fish are coming more on the grass edge than up in the grass making the popper a better presentation. My presentation as varied some but a fast quick five to six pops in a row coupled with a dead stop letting the bait sit for 15 to 20 seconds has worked best for me. Patience is a big key not only presenting the bait but setting the hook; give your hook set a couple of counts before setting it and you will be more successful.

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