We had a ton of rain overnight and today which has brought the river up significantly. Trips were canceled in the morning but we decided to go out and see what the river looked like. Mike, Dan and I floated it this evening. The water was up and colored but there was still easily two feet of visibility so it was in perfect shape to fish streamers. I streamer fished out the front of the boat and Dan was nymphing off the back of the boat. Streamer fishing was definitely the way to go. We kinda bombed through it but in two and half hours I must have moved 15-20 fish. Didn't land a ton of fish but had a ton of takes. A bunch of fish were boiling and slashing on the flies. The rainbows were boiling on it as soon as it hit the water. The browns were chasing it, chasing it chasing it and wouldn't eat it but just kept chasing it. So it was a lot of fun, just maybe not the most productive when it came to overall numbers of fish in the net. It was a ton of fun, very entertaining and told us a couple of important things. One, the water levels are back up to where they should be. The water temperatures with that rain have dropped back down to where they should be, they are much cooler again, at the level that keep these fish much more active. These fish are on the bank and feeding and feeding pretty aggressively so that's a nice combination to have.

Fish Species: Trout
Bait Used:
Tackle Used:
Method Used:
Water Depth:
Water Temperature:
Wind Direction:
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