Limits of huge red snappers have been unloaded from the boats at Dauphin Island marina daily! Also, red grouper, trigger fish, vermilion snapper, cobias and king mackerel have been caught this week. Biggest cobias were 57 and 58 lbs! Biggest king mackerel was 40 lbs. Big red grouper 20 lbs. We have been blessed with good weather as it has been beautiful offshore. We are using live croakers and pinfish, also cut squid, pogies and cigar minnows while bottom fishing and drift fishing up to 30 miles offshore, depending on the length of trip. Let's go fishing!

Fish Species: red snappers, king mackerel, cobia, red grouper, scamp, trigger fish
Bait Used: cut bait-squid, pogies, cigar minnows and live croakers and pinfish
Tackle Used: Penn Senators 3/0
Method Used: bottom fishing/trolling/drift fishing
Water Depth: 75-100 ft.
Water Temperature:
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:
Capt. Mike Thierry and Mark Clark with sow snappers
Capt. Mike Thierry and Mark Clark with sow snappers

huge catch of red snappers
huge catch of red snappers

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