Fishing Reports by Captain Andy Martin

About The Author: Captain

Company: Wild Rivers Fishing Oregon and Alaska

Area Reporting: Oregon, Alaska

Bio: Andy Martin is a well-known Oregon and Alaska fishing guide and charter boat captain. He targets trophy halibut in Alaska, as well as six-fish-per-person limits of silver salmon. In Oregon, he catches some of the biggest salmon in the Northwest, including trophy king salmon over 60 pounds. Oregon salmon and steelhead trips are done out of clean, heated jet boats and drift boats on the Rogue and Chetco rivers. Andy also is a prolific outdoor writer, regular contributing to Fish Alaska, Salmon Trout Steelheader, Saltwater Sportsman, Game & Fish, Oregon Hunter, California Sportsman, Northwest Sportsman and ESPN Outdoors.

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Steelhead arrive on Chetco as salmon season winds down (12/02/2013)
[Chetco River,OR] The first adult winter steelhead of the year have been caught and steelhead fishing should continue to improve through December, January and February.
Rogue springers heating up (4/10/2011)
[Rogue River,OR] The spring chinook season on the lower Rogue River is off to a good start.
Chetco steelhead keep rods bent (1/16/2011)
[Chetco River,OR] Steelhead fishing continues to be good on the Chetco, with lots of wild and hatchery fish.
Chetco River steelhead hits high gear (1/09/2011)
[Chetco River,OR] Steelhead fishig has been prime on the Chetco River. Guide Andy Martin of Wild Rivers Fishing has been getting clients into three to five steelhead a day.
Steelhead make early showing in Chetco River (12/22/2010)
[Chetco River,OR] Steelhead fishing is off to a good start in the Chetco River, with large numbers of hatchery fish already in the system. Fishing has been good between storms.
Smith salmon run still strong (12/02/2010)
[Smith River,CA] Salmon are still entering the Smith River, while fresh steelhead also are showing up.
Smith River salmon arrive, rain coming! (10/21/2010)
[Smith River,CA] Salmon are stacking up in the Smith River tidewater, and with rain coming tonight through Sunday, fishing is expected to bust wide open next week.
Chetco salmon arrive in big numbers (10/13/2010)
[Chetco River,OR] Big king salmon are stacking up off the mouth of the Chetco, waiting for fall rains. ODFW's big run forecast is arriving.
Salmon stack up off Chetco (10/08/2010)
[Chetco River,OR] After a slow start, kings are being caught in the ocean off the mouth of the Chetco River. Fish are big.
Upper Klamath salmon fishing hot (10/08/2010)
[Klamath River,CA] Salmon are stacking up in upper Klamath River near Hornbrook and fishing is good. 8 to 10 fish a day.
Gustavus halibut steady, coho action improves (6/28/2010)
[Icy Straits,AK] Fishing has been great for big halibut. Bright silver salmon are showing up in protected waters.
Utah man catches trophy Alaskan halibut (6/21/2010)
[Icy Straits,AK] Halibut fishing is excellent near Glacier Bay, with another 200-plus pounder caught last week. Salmon fishing continues to improve.
Chetco fall seasons set (6/05/2010)
[Chetco River,OR] ODFW has approved 2010 fall seasons. Trophy Brookings ocean salmon season Oct. 1-12, river opens Nov. 6.
Big halibut begin to arrive in SE Alaska (6/05/2010)
[Icy Straits,AK] 235-pounder caught June 2, salmon showing up offshore, plenty fo 50- to 70-pound eater-size halibut
Rogue River spring salmon best in years! (5/07/2010)
[Rogue River,OR] Spring Chinook fishing on the lower Rogue River is the best in years. 60-fish days reported on the lower river
Brookings lings show up (3/24/2010)
[Brookings,OR] Fishing for big lingcod has improved out of Brookings, with anglers beginning to catch limits. Fishing for rockfish has been excellent.
Brookings rockfish off to good start (3/09/2010)
[Brookings,OR] After two months of rough weather, the ocean out of Brookings is finally settling down enough to allow rockfish trips. The first trip of the season yieled limits of blacks.
Chetco steady as pressure lessens (2/24/2010)
[Chetco River,OR] Steelhead are still biting in Chetco, but low water has sent crowds elsewhere. Rain expected this week should give fishing another boost.
Chetco dropping after major storm (2/13/2010)
[Chetco River,OR] Steelhead fishing is expected to be good again next week as the river drops from a major storm.
Chetco fair, conditions good (2/03/2010)
[Chetco River,OR] We're catching a good mix of hatchery and native fish, some in the high teens. Water conditions have been good with plenty of rain.
Chetco hatchery steelhead appearing (1/14/2010)
[Chetco River,OR] Lots of rain, lots of fish make Chetco worthwhile as season approaches peak
Chetco steelhead good as new year nears (12/27/2009)
[Chetco River,OR] Steelhead fishing continues to be good on the Chetco River as New Year's Day approaches. We're getting two to five fish a day, all chrome bright steelhead.
Chetco steelhead arrive! (12/23/2009)
[Chetco River,OR] Steelhead fishing is in full swing on the Chetco. Lots of fish, and big ones too!
Elk on the rise (12/15/2009)
[Elk River,OR] After two weeks of dry weather, the Elk is rising and should fish good this weekend.
Salmon season winds down (12/15/2009)
[Chetco River,OR] Chetco has great salmon season, steelhead next.
Smith still producing kings (12/12/2009)
[Smith River,CA] Salmon fishing is still good on the lower Smith. Many of the fish are dark, but bright fish are still available.