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Company: Native Sportfishing

Area Reporting: Tampa Bay

Bio: My roots in the Tampa Bay area run deep. I was born right here in Saint Petersburg, Florida and my passion for fishing the waters surrounding Tampa Bay was cultivated at an early age. Along with my father and brother, I spent much of my youth fishing everywhere for everything that could be caught in saltwater. As one of the few true “Natives” I took full advantage of every chance to observe and dissect the habits of the gamefish that call Tampa Bay home. The only thing more enjoyable than fishing in my “backyard” is to introduce folks like YOU to the diverse surroundings that make Tampa Bay such a unique fishery and home to beautiful wildlife. I take great pleasure in watching my clients get immersed in this awe-inspiring place. Come join me aboard my 25 C-Hawk “Native 1” as we pursue legendary saltwater species such as Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, Seatrout, Black Drum, Mackerels, Kingfish, Snappers, Groupers and various Shark species. You’ll never forget the experience of stalking these species in a multitude of habitats aboard the most comfortable and best-equipped inshore vessel on Tampa Bay. " Captain Ben

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St Petersburg Fishing Charters Are the Best Thing to do! (11/11/2020)
[St. Petersburg,FL] The leaves may be changing color up north the the yellows and browns but we at Native Sportfishing in St. Petersburg Florida continue to plenty of Red and Gold – Redfish and Snook!
[St. Petersburg,FL] The experience inshore around Tampa Bay and St. Pete is like no other in the world. Our beautiful mangroves hold some of the most healthy ecosystems around and the fish are thriving. You don’t have to worry about getting seasick, as the backcountry is always calm and even when it’s windy, we have areas to take cover and hide.
Spring Fishing Tampa Bay (5/11/2019)
[St. Petersburg,FL] The successes of early spring have now given way to water temperatures on the rise.