Fishing Reports by Captain Shannon Currie

About The Author: Captain

Company: Catch-1 Sport Fishing

Area Reporting: Myrtle Beach/Murrells Inlet

Bio: The summer is here! Water temps are rising and the fishing is on! Some Flounder and Red Drum are being caught in the Inlets along with a few Trout. Fishing in Myrtle Beach/Murrells Inlet starts to pick-up in April when the water gets warmer. Myrtle Beach/Murrells Inlet fishing is good from April thru December and you can expect to catch anything from Flounder,Blue Fish,Spanish Mackerel,Trout and Red Drum. Later in the season,September/October, the Weakfish Trout move in on the beach and can be found between Myrtle Beach and the Murrells Inlet Jetties. November the water temp starts to drop and the true winter trout start moving in the creeks where they can be caught with shrimp under corks. As long as the weather is nice in Myrtle Beach/Murrells Inlet the fishing is good. When the COLD moves in somedays it's brutal! If you are planning a trip to Myrtle Beach/Murrells Inlet SC give us a call @ 843-450-1430 or look us up on the web @ and we will be glad to tell you what's bitting at the time. Capt.Shannon Currie

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Red Drum Fishing (9/05/2009)
[Myrtle Beach,SC] Fishing in Murrells Inlet for Red Drum,Trout and Flounder
Fishing in Myrtle Beach/Murrells Inlet SC (7/21/2009)
[Myrtle Beach,SC] Fishing has got better since the bait has shown up.......
Fishing Myrtle Beach (4/29/2009)
[Myrtle Beach,SC] The Spanish are here so get out there. It's alittle early but they have showed up...
Myrtle Beach/Murrells Inlet Fishing (4/05/2009)
[Myrtle Beach,SC] Fishing has been slow but we found a small school that was ready to feed....
Myrtle Beach/Murrells Inlet Fishing (1/31/2009)
[Myrtle Beach,SC] Fishing is very slow here in the winter. Save your money till summer....
Murrells Inlet Fishing (12/14/2008)
[Myrtle Beach,SC] Might be cold but some fish still here if you willing to bundle up...
Fishing Murrells Inlet / Myrtle Beach (11/30/2008)
[Myrtle Beach,SC] The weather is a little tough,but for those that dare fishing is good.
Myrtle Beach/Murrells Inlet Fishing (7/19/2008)
[Myrtle Beach,SC] Fishing has been tough this year btu don't give up yet,we have a lot of summer left.....
Myrtle Beach/Murrells Inlet Fishing Reports (6/19/2008)
[Myrtle Beach,SC] Fishing is getting right in Myrtle Beach
Fishing Myrtle Beach/Murrells Inlet (3/16/2008)
[Myrtle Beach,SC] Myrtle Beach Fishing is going into high gear....
Myrtle Beach Fishing (9/03/2007)
[Myrtle Beach,SC] Fishing in myrtle beach is the best from now to dec.
Murrells Inlet - Myrtle Beach Fishing (8/31/2007)
[Myrtle Beach,SC] Bait is showing up and the fishing is getting better.
murrells inlet/myrtle beach fishing (7/21/2007)
[Myrtle Beach,SC] bait pods are here and holding fish using light tackle and wire leaders you can get in on some of the action, Good Luck!! Capt. Shannon
Murrells Inlet/Myrtle Beach Fishing (3/30/2007)
[Myrtle Beach,SC] Fishing in Murrells Inlet/ Myrtle Beach is seasonal but the time is now!