Fishing Reports by Captain Chandler Cataldie

About The Author: Captain

Company: Champion Venice La. Charters

Area Reporting: Venice LA

Bio: Venice Sportfishing Captain with one priority, Put you on the bite!

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Venice Louisiana Biggest Tuna of the Year (10/17/2020)
[Venice,LA] Our clients always ask, "When is the best time to catch Tuna pushing 200 pounds". Well, the time is now and here.
It’s Time to Fall into Huge Yellowfin Tunas (9/22/2020)
[Venice,LA] We’re now into the legendary Venice, Louisiana Yellowfin Tuna bite and and fishing grounds have not let us down! We at Champion Charters continue to put our valued clients on epic Yellowfin and Blackfin Tuna as well as Wahoo, Swordfish and other pelagic species. Champion Charters is OPEN FOR BUSINESS and is ready to get you out to the grounds to take full advantage of this great action.
The Big Tuna Are Snappin! (2/25/2020)
[Venice,LA] Today was just one of those days, 6/11 on the targeted species. Pulled a hook and lost the others to sharks. Look at those magnificent tunas!
Yellowfin Tuna Fishing in Venice Louisiana for the New Year (1/10/2020)
[Venice,LA] The ball has dropped in Times Square and the confetti has been swept up but the New Year’s celebration continues in Venice as the Yellowfin Tunas and Wahoo are partying like it’s 2019! The only way to get in on this craxy offshore action is to book your trip with Champion Charters right now!
We Are Putting Together a Great Box of Fish (6/06/2019)
[Venice,LA] The tuna are plentiful, but so are other species which is why we are coming back to the dock with a nice variety.
The Big Yellowfin Tuna Are Here! (9/27/2018)
[Venice,LA] Now is the time to get fish in the 200 pound range. We are rigged and ready.
Overnight Trips in Venice for Yellowfin Tuna (7/03/2018)
[Venice,LA] We are getting started on 11 straight days of fishing. Thankfully the tuna have showed back up!
Yellowfin Tuna Fishing in Venice LA Forecast June & July (4/23/2018)
[Venice,LA] The tuna fishing has started to really pick up, in fact we are in full swing!  We are catching them solid.  Having quality bait has been the difference including fresh pogies and hardtails.   After you catch bait, we blast out to the floating oil rigs and fish until about noon and then we go sword fishing unless you want to tuna fish all day long.
Our Biggest Yellowfin Tuna Ever (12/12/2017)
[Venice,LA] We hooked a beast recently and got it in the boat. A true butterball weighing in a 215 pounds. Our clients did great reeling in this trophy of a fish.
Warning, These Tuna Are Big! (10/24/2017)
[Venice,LA] This is our peek season and the fall big tuna are in the area. If you can get them to the boat before the sharks get them, you will have a trophy catch.
Sore Arms In Venice Louisiana (10/03/2017)
[Venice,LA] Our anglers have been battling some big tuna fish and I am happy to say they are officially here! Tuna pushing the scales at 200 pounds Are you ready for the challenge?
The Big Tuna Are Here in the Summer?! (8/03/2017)
[Venice,LA] What an unexpected and welcomed surprise when the rod bends over twice as hard as normal.
Fall Venice Season Is Coming (9/09/2015)
[Venice,LA] The temps are already starting to drop slightly. You know that the fall is just around the corner and so are the big tuna!