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Bio: Captain Dave Hanson is a native of southwest Florida. He has been fishing local waters since childhood, and has been fishing professionally for over fifteen years. He is Coast Guard licensed, and is a member in good standing of the Bonita Springs Chamber of Commerce. He has been featured in several national fishing magazines, and he also appears weekly in the fishing reports sections of the Bonita, Ft. Myers, Ft. Myers Beach, and Naples, FL newspapers.

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SW FL-Bonita Beach: Snapper abundant offshore; Trout inshore (2/28/2016)
[Bonita Beach,FL] All kinds of snapper have been biting well, about 22 miles west of New Pass, when seas allow us to get out. Inshore, lots of trout have been biting, along with some pompano.
SW FL-Bonita beach: Big snapper, sheepshead, redfish, trout (2/14/2016)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Fishing has been very productive for a variety of snappers offshore, and for redfish and trout inshore. Large sheepshead have been biting in both places.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Fishing great when weather allows. 22-inch mutton snapper! (2/01/2016)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Dodging rain and wind has been a challenge lately. But on the days we can fish, catching has been good, with lots of variety and steady action.
SW FL-Bonita beach: Gotta love the grouper bite! (1/18/2016)
[Bonita Beach,FL] When weather has cooperated, the red grouper bite has been strong, allowing us to catch limits several days, and as close in as 15 miles. But weather has been a tricky factor lately.
SW FL-Bonita beach: Red Grouper Re-open Today! Big Sheepshead Moving in Too! (1/01/2016)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Fishing offshore for red grouper has been great during their closed season, when we have had to release them...let's hope that bite continues now that season is open! And winter sheepshead and nice trout have dominated backwater catches recently.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Great Grouper & Snapper Fishing! (12/17/2015)
[Bonita Beach,FL] The red grouper bite has been hot, even as close in as 12 miles. It's like they know they are out of season, can't be kept, and have nothing to lose! There have also been a few gags biting, and lots of really nice lane snapper to 16 inches.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Tricky Winds & Seas, but Fishing Good (11/28/2015)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Winds howled and seas built for several days. I fished offshore when I could, relocated a couple of trips to the backwaters, and cancelled a few. But fishing for snapper, grouper, and more has been good.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Red grouper know it's safe to bite now! (11/14/2015)
[Bonita Beach,FL] With red grouper season closed, the bite has been hot for catch-and-release. Snapper are also abundant, mostly lanes, along with some mackerel, tripletail, and other bottom varieties.
SW FL-Bonita beach: reds, Snook, Cobia, Shark, Grouper & Snapper (10/18/2015)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Fishing has been very good for lane snapper and for releasing now out-of-season red grouper. Inshore, reds, snook and cobia have been biting.
SW FL-Bonita beach: Nice redfish inshore; red grouper offshore (9/21/2015)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Backwater fishing this month has been good for redfish, and offshore has been good for red grouper and lane snapper.
SW FL-Bonita beach: Red & Black Drum Inshore; Grouper & Snapper Offshore (8/14/2015)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Rains depleted the salinity in the backwaters for a bit, but things improved this week, with nice catches of drum there. Offshore, red grouper and lane snapper have been the primary catches.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: rain, rain, go away--got some snapper anyway (7/31/2015)
[Bonita Beach,FL] A stalled low-pressure system dumped inches of rain upon our area, and brought thunderstorms and unsafe, unpleasant conditions our way for consecutive days. I fished when I could--cancelled the rest.
SW FL-Bonita Beach-Super-Snook Bites Two Hooks (7/18/2015)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Redfish, snook, and small-but-keeper-snapper have been biting inshore, with red grouper, larger mangrove and lanes snapper, and sharks biting offshore.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Great variety offshore & nice reds inshore (7/04/2015)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Seas have been calm and with lots of good action offshore for grouper, snapper, shark, etc. Inshore, redfish, permit, sheepshead and snook are biting.
SSW FL-Bonita Beach: Offshore Great for grouper, Snapper, Shark & More (6/22/2015)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Seas have been calm and the fishing has been very productive, with large lane snapper, a few mangs and yellowtails, red grouper keepers, as well as some cobia and shark.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Lots of Action Offshore & Inshore (6/06/2015)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Red grouper have been biting well, along with snapper and other bottom varieties offshore. Inshore has been good for smaller snapper, as well as flounder and redfish.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Grouper bite on! (5/14/2015)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Grouper and snapper have been biting very well offshore, between 22 and 30 miles. Inshore, some nice redfish have been the predominant catch.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Bottom Fishing Yields Good Variety (4/26/2015)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Fishing has been good for grouper, snapper, porgies, porkfish, kingfish, Spanish mackerel, pompano, and more. Sport fishing for shark and goliath grouper has also been good.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Crazy-hot snapper bite! (4/13/2015)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Lane snapper have been biting like crazy, along with a few mangs and yellowtails. red grouper are still pretty active, and other bottom species plentiful. Inshore, a few keeper redfish and a few throw-back snook have been biting, along with some big stingrays that provided a few good battles.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Kingfish are here! Grouper, Snapper, Redfish Too (3/28/2015)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Fishing has been great, with a stretch of good weather and calm seas recently. That ended this weekend, with the arrival of a weather-front that kicked up winds and seas. But the outlook is good for next week. Action has been steady offshore, with lots of lane snapper, some red grouper, and a few nice kings. Inshore, on a decent tide, redfish, snook, and sheepshead are biting well.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Grouper, Snapper, Porgies, Red & Black Drum, Sheepshead (3/16/2015)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Fishing has been good, both offshore when calm enough, and inshore, on favorable tides.
SW FL-Bonita beach: Fishing good when conditions allow (3/02/2015)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Winds and seas and low tides canceled out several offshore and inshore trips over these past couple of weeks. But, when able to get out there, the action was good offshore for grouper, snapper and porgies. Inshore, large sheepshead and a few redfish predominated.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Challenging conditions, big porgies, grouper, lanes & more (2/16/2015)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Successive cold fronts have been causing windy conditions and rough seas, with a few calm days interspersed. On good days, action has been good for porgies, red grouper, lanes and mangrove snapper.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Shark, grouper, lots of rough seas (2/02/2015)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Fishing has been good in and around weather fronts, but those fronts have been abundant for the past week or so, which canceled out a few trips.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Kingfish, Grouper, Snapper, Hogfish & More (1/19/2015)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Seas have been calm mostly, allowing for some excellent catching offshore, with great variety of species. On rougher days, the backwaters are a good option for big, winter sheepshead, as well as redfish, providing tides are favorable.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Excellent Action Offshore & Inshore (1/05/2015)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Grouper have been biting very well about 20 miles offshore. We released a couple of nice gags, and got to keep a few nice red grouper, now that their season is re-opened. Triggerfish, snapper, hogfish, porgies, porkfish, shark and goliaths also provided lots of fun. Inshore, we have beem getting some nice reds and sheepshead.
SW FL-Bonita beach: Big Sheeps return; Grouper Action Good! (12/20/2014)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Fishing offshore was productive for goliath grouper and shark battles, along with lots of good table-fare. Inshore, flats fishing produced some nice sheepshead, trout, and pompano.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Fighting Fish...and Weather! (12/08/2014)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Winds and seas have foiled a few offshore trips, but grouper and snapper action has been good on the ones that went out. And inshore fishing has been productive for sheepshead, drum, and reds.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Red Grouper, Gag Grouper, Sheepshead & Drum (11/24/2014)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Winds have been relentless recently, continuing into this week. I have fished inshore the past couple of days. We are hoping to salvage at least a few of the offshore trips planned for this busy holiday-week.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Grouper, Hogfish & Snapper (11/10/2014)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Fishing offshore has been great for catch-and-release red grouper, hogfish, mangrove and lane snapper, and other bottom varieties.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Grouper, Yellowtails, Lanes (10/26/2014)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Fishing was productive for grouper and snapper and porgies until winds and seas kicked up at the end of this past week. It is calming now. And inshore fishing produced, reds, sheepshead, and crevalle jacks.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Grouper, Snapper, Hogfish, Triggerfish (10/13/2014)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Fishing offshore has been productive for catch-release red grouper (season closed in federal waters)and for snapper and hogfish, and a few keeper-sized triggerfish.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Redfish, Sheepshead & Snapper Inshore (9/22/2014)
[Bonita Beach,FL] It has been raining for most of the past three days, with more on the way today. But fishing inshore around the rain has been productive for nice reds, sheepshead, and small snapper.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Lanes, Yellowtail & Grouper (8/25/2014)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Slow season is upon us, but I took a few trips recently, which were productive for lots of snapper and some red grouper.
SW FL-Bonita beach: Great fishing Inside & Out (8/11/2014)
[Bonita Beach,FL] The backwaters have been productive for nice black drum and redfish, while the gulf has been good for grouper, snapper, shark, and more.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Good Snapper Fishing, grouper, Shark & More (7/28/2014)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Mangrove and lane snapper have been abundant and good-sized lately. Red grouper are abundant, but keeprs are a little further out now, along with occasional gags. Blacknose sharks, sandbar sharks, and sharpnose sharks have been frequent biters.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Fishing Offshore Excellent & 1st Gag of the Season (7/14/2014)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Lots of variety and nice-sized catches offshore recently, but with a lot of rain storms to dodge!Gag and red grouper are both in season now, and fishing for those has been hogfish, snapper and sharks.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Big Shark & Goliaths; Food-fish Too (6/30/2014)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Sharks have been abundant--sandbar, sharp-nose and other varieties. Goliath grouper battles have been fun1 And red grouper and all kinds of snapper are still good for the fish box.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Grouper, Snapper & Sharks (6/16/2014)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Fishing has been very productive for red grouper and snapper of many varieties. There have also been lots of sharks around.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Great Grouper Action! Shark & More! (5/26/2014)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Fishing has been very productive for red grouper, mackerel, and all kinds of snapper, along with some big-game action from sharks and goliaths. Backwater fishing has been good for large black drum and some sheepshead.
SW FL-Bonita beach: Big Game & Food Fish (5/12/2014)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Shark have been abundant, and grouper action has been steady when conditions are good for getting offshore.Snapper fishing is excellent. Large drum to 26 inches in the backwaters were an inshore highlight.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Goliath Battles, Shark Attacks and Red Grouper Action (4/28/2014)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Fishing has been good, and last week's calm seas were a welcome change, after enduring lots of wind and rough conditions earlier this month. Red grouper and all kinds of snapper have been biting well, and sharks have been abundant.
SW FL: Bonita beach: 50-lb King, 8 1/2-ft Hammerhead, Grouper & More! (4/15/2014)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Offshore fishing has been great, when winds and seas allow, with some really nice grouper, big kings, and shark and 'cuda battles. When tides are favorable in the backwaters, the reds have been biting, along with occasional snook.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Big gags Gulfside; Drum Inshore (3/31/2014)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Weather has been tricky, but fishing in one place or another, inshore or offshore, has been possible all but a couple of stormy days over the past couple of weeks. Black drum, redfish, and sheepshead have been primary catches in the backwaters, with grouper, sheepshead and snapper prevalent offshore.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: The Kings Have Returned! (3/17/2014)
[Bonita Beach,FL] King mackerel are back, and we caught a couple nice ones over the past couple of weeks. Red grouper are still biting well, as are large, winter sheepshead, along with redfish, black drum and pompano.
SWFL-Bonita Beach: Big Sheepies Rule! (3/03/2014)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Fishing has been good offshore and inshore. And the big, winter sheepshead have dominated in both places.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Big Sheepies, Bull Red, & 8-Foot Shark (2/17/2014)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Fishing was good inshore and offshore for most of this past two weeks, except for a couple of days foiled by weather. Redfish, Black Drum and Sheepshead are the primary inshore catches. Grouper, snapper, hogfish, and porgies offshore--and a shark battle too!
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Grouper & Hogs, Sheepshead & Drum (2/03/2014)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Weather has been tricky over the past couple of weeks, and we lost several fishing days, but fishing offshore and inshore has been productive when weather allows.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Inshore the only place to be (1/20/2014)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Winds and rough seas have put a damper on offshore fishing lately. But, when the tide is right in the backwaters, fishing there has been very productive for big black drum, along with some nice sheepshead, and occasional pompano, and a few mangrove snapper.
SW FL-Bonita Beach: Pompano, Sheepshead, Drum (1/06/2014)
[Bonita Beach,FL] Winds have been a problem offshore, so i have had mostly inshore and near-shore trips over the past couple of weeks. Red and black drum, pompano, sheepshead, and snapper have been our primary catches.
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