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Company: Knot Nancy Fishing Charters

Area Reporting: Miami To Fort Lauderdale

Bio: Captain Dave Kostyo specializes in live bait, light tackle charter fishing. 35 plus years of Tarpon Fishing, Sailfish fishing, Kingfish Fishing, Dolphin Fishing, Amberjack, Tuna, Cobia, Wahoo and more!!!

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Evening Tarpon Action Along Miami Beach (3/16/2014)
[Miami,FL] So far on this full moon cycle, the tarpon fishing appears to have finally settled into a more consistent pattern. There has been a shrimp run
Tarpon And Kingfish (3/10/2014)
[Miami,FL] Tarpon fishing remains very consistent with the most reward for the amount of effort put in. The fish have been in the 50 -120 pound class and they are as mean, nasty, and ornery as they come.
Early Season Tarpon Action (12/08/2013)
[Miami,FL] Ronald Van Engen caught and released his first two tarpon and a snook during his trip.
New Knot Nancy Under Construction (11/26/2013)
[Miami,FL] For those who follow my fishing reports, you've most likely noticed a lack of updates. I ask that you be patient as I am currently boat less. I sold Knot Nancy in early November and am in the process of having a new Whitewater 28 being built.
Blackfin Tuna Action Off Miami/Miami Beach, FL (6/26/2013)
[Miami,FL] Blackfin tuna continue to make many anglers very happy. Boris and Zair Fishkin from Buffalo, NY got to see kite fishing for the first time today.
Tarpon and Dolphin Action Off Miami/ Miami Beach (6/16/2013)
[Miami,FL] Offshore, the good news is that it is well worth while to run out in search of tasty dolphin ( mahi-mahi). Inshore, we are getting very close to the end of the winter tarpon season. With that being said, the tarpon donít seem to realize that.
End of May Fishing Report Miami/Miami Beach (6/02/2013)
[Miami,FL] The old saying about April coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb seemed to be shifted up a month this year and got switched around. May, 2013 came in like a lamb and went out like a lion.
Early May Report (5/09/2013)
[Miami,FL] The offshore fishing is right on schedule for this time of year. We continue to have decent sailfish action. There are still some very decent size kingfish around.
Miami/Miami Beach Offshore and Inshore Action (4/22/2013)
[Miami,FL] You can make a choice of offshore, inshore for tarpon, or a combination of both trips, you wonít go wrong as the fish are hungry and biting.
Miami, FL - Consistent Tarpon Action! (1/09/2013)
[Miami,FL] The 2013 year is off to a good start, especially with consistent evening tarpon action.
Miami/Miami Beach June Action Aboard Knot Nancy (6/28/2012)
[Miami,FL] As I sit here and write this report, the wind is still blowing 30 mph with higher gusts and rain squalls are coming through. In the meantime.....
Miami/Miami Beach Action Aboard Knot Nancy (6/07/2012)
[Miami,FL] The offshore action continues to be outstanding with a variety of fish.The tarpon action inshore continues to be good with fish in the 40 to 100 pound plus category.
Miami/Miami Beach - Springtime Fishing (5/15/2012)
[Miami,FL] Offshore, the blackfin tuna of all sizes have and are making a very strong showing. Inshore, tarpon is still the king and they are cooperating very nicely.
Government Cut, FL - And More Tarpon Action (4/16/2012)
[Miami,FL] The main action for tarpon has shifted from Haulover to Government Cut and Biscayne Bay. We are also at the time of year when they are making the switch from shrimp to crabs.
Miami/Miami Beach, FL - Steady, Reliable Evening Tarpon Fishing (3/25/2012)
[Miami,FL] Tarpon fishing remains the most consistent and reliable fishery in the Haulover area.With an average of 3 to 4 fish per 4 hour evening trip along with Spanish mackerel, bluefish, and ladyfish there has been plenty of action to keep my clients busy.
Miami/Miami Beach, FL - A Quick Update (3/17/2012)
[Miami,FL] Hereís a quick report before my next several trips starting this Sunday.
Miami/Miami Beach, FL - Consistent Tarpon Fishing Continues Plus Special Offer (3/02/2012)
[Miami,FL] Tarpon fishing continues to be very consistent each evening. Throw in Spanish mackerel, bluefish, and ladyfish to fill in between tarpon strikes and you keep busy.
Offshore and Inshore Fishing Is Fine - Miami, FL (2/11/2012)
[Miami,FL] Offshore, the sailfishing has been OK. Inshore, tarpon fishing has finally settled into how it should be after a very slow inconsistent start to the season.
Offshore and Inshore Action Off Miami, FL (1/22/2012)
[Miami,FL] After a giant surge in sailfishing that had anyone who could put a live bait in the water catching numerous sails, the action has settle back to more of what normally takes place in January. How much action youíll see on any given day depends on the wind and current conditions as well as what part of the coastline youíre fishing.
Miami, FL - Cold Front Spurs Outstanding Sailfish Action! (1/07/2012)
[Miami,FL] The most recent cold front was just what was needed to kick start some outstanding sailfish action.
Dolphin and Sailfish Dominate The Offshore Fishing in Miami, FL (12/16/2011)
[Miami,FL] Offshore has mainly been dolphin (mahi-mahi) and sailfish. Throw in some bonito, amberjack, black grouper, and mutton snapper and you have a very good mixed bag of both game fish and eating fish.
Miami/Miami Beach - Windy Conditions - Good Action Offshore and Inshore (11/14/2011)
[Miami,FL] Itís been windy weather and rough seas. Despite these conditions, the fishing both offshore and inshore has been very good.
Miami, Florida - Fall Fishing In Full Swing (10/30/2011)
[Miami,FL] Fall has finally arrived and along with it some good to very good fishing.Offshore, the dolphin (mahi-mahi) are migrating south, sailfish are showing up in better numbers, skipjack tuna are finding the live chum and hitting the kite baits, down deep there are mutton snapper, grouper, and amberjack.
The Heat of Summer and Early Fall - Miami/Miami Beach, FL (9/21/2011)
[Miami,FL] From mid-August through to the present day in September, I have done several trips. Each trip has resulted in a mixed bag of fish that have included any of the following: sailfish, kingfish, dolphin (mahi-mahi), bonito, small amberjack, barracuda, and mutton snapper.
Summertime Variety Fishing - Miami/Miami Beach, FL (8/17/2011)
[Miami,FL] Summertime offers a good variety on a wide range of fish. Summertime is when the downrigger and bottom outfits shine.
Miami/Miami Beach - Pick Your Style, The Action Is Good (7/05/2011)
[Miami,FL] Time has flown by since my last report. The good news for dolphin (mahi-mahi) anglers is that they have finally shown up in good numbers off the coast of Miami.
Outstanding Fishing Continues Off Miami/Miami Beach, Florida (5/18/2011)
[Miami,FL] Tarpon fishing continues to be consistently outstanding. Offshore, there are a variety fish to be caught. They include sailfish, kingfish, dolphin (mahi-mahi), mutton snapper, blackfin tuna, amberjack, bonito, and barracuda.
Mixed Bag Offshore and Tarpon Inshore - Miami, FL (4/18/2011)
[Miami,FL] Offshore has been a mixed bag that includes blackfin tuna, kingfish, bonito, sailfish, and amberjack. Inshore, the shining star is still tarpon.
Miami, FL - Lots and Lots of Action (4/04/2011)
[Miami,FL] Offshore there continues to be a mixed bag of fish. Inshore, the shrimp have been making some mild runs and that makes for some excellent tarpon fishing.
Miami, FL - Springtime Is Here And The Fishing Is Great!! (3/16/2011)
[Miami,FL] Good news for the offshore fisherman. The kingfish have finally shown back up after a long absence. Even more good news, dolphin (mahi-mahi) have made their Spring appearance.
Miami, FL - Mixed Bag Offshore and Tarpon Inshore (3/03/2011)
[Miami,FL] The offshore scene has been a mixed bag of sailfish, bonito, small blackfin tuna, a few kingfish, and some mahi-mahi. Inshore, tarpon is still the king and will be for several more months.
Tarpon, Sailfish, Kingfish, And More Off Miami, Florida (1/26/2011)
[Miami,FL] Offshore has been a steady diet of sailfish and kingfish. Inshore itís tarpon in a big way.
Hot Tarpon Action Continues Off Miami Beach, Florida (1/11/2011)
[Miami,FL] Tarpon fishing is just about as good as it gets. The only thing that can make it even better is for the first shrimp run of the season to take place.
Hot Tarpon and Sailfish Action Off Miami Beach, Florida (1/08/2011)
[Miami,FL] Between the sailfish offshore and the tarpon off the beach, the action couldnít get any better. This latest cold front has kicked the fishing up another notch from what has already been outstanding fishing.
Continued Good Action Offshore and Inshore - Miami, FL (1/04/2011)
[Miami,FL] Whether you want to fish offshore or inshore or a combination of both, the action has been and continues to be very good. Offshore the kingfish and sailfish are cooperating nicely.
Lots of Action Offshore and Inshore - Miami, FL (12/22/2010)
[Miami,FL] Take your choice, the fishing is great both offshore and inshore. Offshore, the action for kingfish continues to be good to red hot. Throw in sailfish, mahi-mahi, mutton snapper, Spanish mackerel, and bonito and it makes for a well rounded day of fishing with lots of variety.
Hot Kingfish Action As Well As Tarpon Too!! (12/14/2010)
[Miami,FL] The cold fronts weÔŅĹve been experiencing have kicked the kingfishing into high gear. The first outstanding run of kingfish has been long awaited and very welcome. The fish are averaging 8 ÔŅĹ 30 pounds with some even larger.
And The Action Keeps Getting Better And Better!! (12/03/2010)
[Miami,FL] Offshore has been a mixed bag with a variety of species. The great thing is that when the hook up occurs, you just never know what it might be.
Good Offshore Action and Red Hot Tarpon Bite - Miami, FL (11/06/2010)
[Miami,FL] Offshore if you find a good edge and north current the fishing has been outstanding with sailfish, kingfish, a few dolphin (mahi-mahi), and mutton snapper. Move in to the Inlets and along the beach and tarpon is king.
Offshore and Inshore Action in the Haulover Area (10/31/2010)
[Miami,FL] Letís start with the offshore action in the Haulover area. Loading the live well with pilchards has been a matter of making one or two throws with the castnet to black out your well.
Fall Fishing Kicking Into High Gear (10/10/2010)
[Miami,FL] Fall fishing is definitely kicking into high gear. There are loads of finger mullet in the Bay, at the Inlets, and along the beach.
Capt Dave Is Back And Ready To Go Fishing!! (10/04/2010)
[Miami,FL] Itís October already. The surgery I had was a success. I waited, not so patiently, through the recommended recovery period. That time has finally passed.
Mixed Action Offshore and Tarpon Inshore In Miami, Florida (8/09/2010)
[Miami,FL] This will be my last update until October. Iím having a surgical procedure that will keep me off the water until then. We are in the long hot days of summer. That means that fishing tactics have to be changed to put together a good catch.
Miami Area Offshore/Tarpon Report (7/09/2010)
[Miami,FL] Springtime has progressed to the hot weather of summer. Along with this change comes changes in the fishing. With a few changes in techniques, the action will continue to keep fish pulling on the line and anglers smiling.
Dolphin, Tarpon, and More Off Miami, Florida (6/11/2010)
[Miami,FL] Offshore, the main shift has been to dolphin (mahi-mahi). The fish can be found anywhere from 120 feet out to as far as you care to go offshore. Inshore, tarpon are still going strong.
Action Is GREAT Off Miami, Florida!! (5/26/2010)
[Miami,FL] Offshore, the story is that there are still a variety of fish that continue to make for some great fishing. The variety include sailfish, cobia, dolphin, blackfin tuna, kingfish, bonito, and barracuda.
Outstanding Springtime Action In Full Swing! (4/15/2010)
[Miami,FL] Spring time action is in full swing. It's almost like which style of fishing should I do first.
Wild Tarpon Action In The Bay!! (3/29/2010)
[Miami,FL] The tarpon action continues to be most reliable. Throw in the factor of favorable tides for early evening Bay action and it's a hard combination to beat. Government Cut is seeing many fish rolling around in the deep water.
GREAT Action For Sailfish, Tarpon, Kingfish, Dolphin, And More (3/21/2010)
[Miami,FL] Tarpon, sailfish, dolphin (mahi-mahi), kingfish, blackfin tuna, bonito, and skip jack tuna are all off the Miami/Miami Beach coast and they have all been hungry and feeding. It has not made much of a difference which way the wind is blowing from nor how hard it blows.
Red HOT Tarpon Action, Lukewarm Offshore Action (3/06/2010)
[Miami,FL] The tarpon action has been outstanding! That's the best way to describe it. Add in the fact that the shrimp have finally been making the runs like they should and that means the tarpon action is even better.
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