Fishing Reports by Captain Gary Burch

About The Author:

Company: Flats Guide West Florida

Area Reporting: Dunedin, Clearwater and Tarpon Springs

Bio: Capt. Gary is a full time West Central FL. fishing guide from Dunedin. Charter fishing from St Petersburg, Clearwater and Dunedin to Inshore bays and Backwaters. Targeting Snook, Redfish, Trout and other inshore fish. 45 years experience all around FL. Tournament winner and Florida State record holder.

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February Fishing Report for Clearwater Fl (3/02/2013)
[Clearwater,FL] Redfish and trout where the main targets for February winter fishing in the Tampa Bay area.
December and January Fishing Report for Clearwater Fl (1/18/2013)
[Clearwater,FL] Winter fishing is good in Clearwater and Dunedin Fl. We are catching gator trout, redfish and pompano in the Clearwater Fl fishing area.
January Fishing Forecast for Clearwater and Dunedin Fl (12/30/2012)
[Clearwater,FL] Targeting trout and redfish for the winter in the Tampa Bay fishing area.
Summer Fishing Report for Clearwater Fl (9/05/2012)
[Clearwater,FL] Fishing in Clearwater this summer has been good. We are catching snook, redfish, trout, cobia and small sharks.
The snook and trout bite was on in June. (6/24/2012)
[Clearwater,FL] The snook bite came on early in June and the trout are still all over the Clearwater Bay
February Winter Fishing Report (3/08/2012)
[Clearwater,FL] Winter fishing in Clearwater Fl was great. Lots of redfish and trout being caught.
February Fishing Forecast for Tampa Bay and Clearwater Fl (1/24/2012)
[Clearwater,FL] Winter time fishing in February for trout and redfish. The weather is great for winter time fishing.
2012 Winter Fishing Report for Clearwater Fl (1/18/2012)
[Clearwater,FL] Winter is a great time to fish in the Tampa Bay fishing area. Clearwater Fl produce alot of big trout in the winter.
January Tampa Bay Fishing Report (12/21/2011)
[Clearwater,FL] This is what Tampa Bay fisherman should be catching in the Tampa fishing area.
Buying a New Saltwater Rod and Reel (12/16/2011)
[Clearwater,FL] Read these tips before you buy a new rod and reel. They may save you money.
November Fishing Report for Clearwater and Dunedin (12/07/2011)
[Clearwater,FL] All fishing trips were catching redfish and big gator trout. Also other fish like pompano and flounder were caught as well.
Catching winter redfish and trout in December (11/30/2011)
[Clearwater,FL] December should be a great month to catch redfish and trout in Clearwater Bay.
October fishing report for Clearwater Fl (11/07/2011)
[Clearwater,FL] We were catching redfish and trout with mackerel and lady fish mixed in. Clearwater Bay has lots of trout and mackerel throughtout the bay.
November Fishing Report for Clearwater Fl (11/03/2011)
[Clearwater,FL] Read what we will be catching in the Clearwater Fl area in November.
Clearwater FL Fishing Report for September (10/12/2011)
[Clearwater,FL] Redfish and trout are spread around the bay and mackerel are everywhere. Big trout are moving into the bays.
October Fishing Forecast for Clearwater Fl (10/11/2011)
[Clearwater,FL] Fishing is good in Clearwater Fl and October should be the same. Redfish, Trout, Mackerel and sharks, all biting.
Redfish, trout, mackerel action during March 2011 (4/07/2011)
[Clearwater,FL] Spring time is here and so is the fishing action. We are catching trout, redfish and mackerel in Clearwater Bay and in St. Joseph Sound.
March 2011 Fishing Forecast for Clearwater Fl (3/04/2011)
[Clearwater,FL] The weather is warming up and the fish are chewing. Clearwater fishing should improve through March.
January 2011 Winter Fishing Report (2/13/2011)
[Clearwater,FL] The weather was cold but the fish were still biting. We caught over 70 trout in two days with close to 20 being over 20 inches.
December frigid fishing report (1/18/2011)
[Clearwater,FL] Fishing report for Clearwater Fl and Dunedin fishing areas. The weather was cold but some fish didn't care.
Redfish, trout and mackerel, a July must. (8/24/2010)
[Clearwater,FL] Trout and mackerel are still very active. The redfish have scattered, but can be found.
Fishing in July is on fire. (8/01/2010)
[Clearwater,FL] Join Capt. Gary of in catching a variety of fish on the flats in Clearwater. Large mackerel have showed up in Clearwater and the redfish are still around.
4th of July, fishing in the rain. (7/14/2010)
[Clearwater,FL] As the rain was falling, we continued to catch trout after trout. Than the redfish showed up.
A nice summer slam. (6/21/2010)
[Clearwater,FL] The weather is hot and the fishing is fantastic. Catching a summer slam is always exciting.
Largest and first ever (6/02/2010)
[Clearwater,FL] We found hungry redfish up next to a wall in St Joseph Sound. After catching four, the school moved off.
Excllent redfishing and trout (4/25/2010)
[Clearwater,FL] Targeting the hungry trout and redfish. Catching fish on both shrimp and white bait. Lots of bait showing up in bay.
March 10th Spring fishing report Clearwater- Redfish & Trout (3/23/2010)
[Clearwater,FL] Father and son on a spring break fishing trip in Clearwater Harbor. Targeting redfish and trout in the shallow waters.
Spring Time Redfish & Trout for March 9th (3/22/2010)
[Clearwater,FL] Catching redfish and trout in shallow water. The reds were skittish and the trout were willing.
February 2010 Winter redfish and trout (2/27/2010)
[Clearwater,FL] These winter cold fronts every two to three days is making it difficult to run my charters. But when we get out, we're catching fish.
January 2010 fishing report (1/30/2010)
[Clearwater,FL] The trout have moved in and the bite is on. Redfish are scattered and a little slow to bite.
February 2010 Clearwater Fishing Forecast (1/26/2010)
[Clearwater,FL] January has been cold. Hopefully, water temps in February will be more normal. Already redfish and trout are on fire.
Redfish and trout are back with a vengeance. (1/21/2010)
[Clearwater,FL] Trout and redfish are bitting after the cold snap. Water temps are climbing above 60 degrees and the fish are willing.
Holiday Fishing Report (12/27/2009)
[Clearwater,FL] Went out for a few hours to per-fish for clients. Found fish still on the beach.
Some are chewing and some are not. (12/16/2009)
[Clearwater,FL] I was on fish at every location. Throwing jigs and Cal plastics. Trout are very active this time of year.
October 2009 Clearwater Fishing Report Recap (11/17/2009)
[Clearwater,FL] Fishing or catching has been great. Work around temperature changes. Fish where the water is cleaner.
First Redfish and First Jack on Fly (8/31/2009)
[Clearwater,FL] Water temperature cooled down a little bit and this may set the fish bit off.
Clearwater Harbor Caching An 80 Inch Slam! (8/03/2009)
[Clearwater,FL] Catching an 80 inch slam was not the only action. Following the tide in or out will prove to be a winning combination.
Catching a Slam in Summer Conditions (7/08/2009)
[Clearwater,FL] Water and air temperatures are heating up. Fish are still biting.
West Coast Slam (snook, redfish, trout) (6/12/2009)
[Clearwater,FL] Using the incoming tide and clean water is the ticket for catching your slam.
Snook and Redfish are hungry and biting (5/26/2009)
[Clearwater,FL] Snook, Redfish and Trout are in feeding mode with the new moon tides. Lots of rain can cool water temp and shut down the bite.
Snook in the Passes (5/14/2009)
[Clearwater,FL] Targeting Snook but ended up with mixed bag.
Good day for a Slam (5/03/2009)
[Clearwater,FL] Water finally cleared up after front. Fish are starting their spring bite. Its only going to get alot better.
Slow day but ended good (4/06/2009)
[Clearwater,FL] Beautiful day on the water. Cold front passed through day before and dirtied the water. Fish were no where to be found.
Redfish and Trout are Hungry (3/29/2009)
[Clearwater,FL] Windy day of fishing for Redfish, Trout and Snook
The Redfish and Trout are hungry (3/25/2009)
[Clearwater,FL] Netted bait first stop in am. Six trout 18" to 24". Biggest were 23' and 24" Three Redfish 25" to 27". Home at noon.
Fish are on the move (3/13/2009)
[Clearwater,FL] Most of the backwater fish have been on the move this week. From Mon the 9th to Thur the 12th, the water temp changed 8 degrees. Where the reds, trout and snook were hanging out on Mon most of them had moved on Thurs.
Redfish Everywhere (3/07/2009)
[Clearwater,FL] I had clients on redfish at every stop and some trout. I worked the east shore line and found the warmest water temp. Very active w/ mullet.