Fishing Reports by Captain Jeff Sundin

About The Author: Captain

Company: The Early Bird

Area Reporting: Chippewa National Forest in Deer River, Minnesota

Bio: fishing in Northern Minnesota with professional fishing guide, Jeff Sundin. Located at the heart of The Chippewa National Forest in Deer River, Minnesota, "The Early Bird" fishing guide is at the door step of hundreds of great fishing lakes. In fact, Itasca County alone has over 1000 Grand Lakes and Jeff Sundin is right at home fishing on all of them. Lake Winnibigoshish (Big Winnie), Cutfoot Sioux, Leech Lake, Cass Lake, Bowstring Lake, Round Lake, Pokegama Lake and Sand Lake are just a few. Our area offers great Walleye Fishing, Crappie Fishing, Musky Fishing, Bass Fishing, Northern Pike Fishing, Perch Fishing and Bluegill Fishing.

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Ice Ahead! (11/26/2006)
[Deer River,MN] The past week delivered a bit of a setback for ice fishing enthusiasts by dishing out some brutally nice days. Sunny and calm with daytime temperatures in the high 40 to low 50 degree range doesn't exactly put the ice maker into high gear.
Weather Settles Down, Post Turnover Fishing Challenges Anglers (10/21/2006)
[Deer River,MN] Well folks, here's the last update I'll be posting for a week or maybe two. Starting Sunday I'll be going into hunting mode for a week or so and when I get that out of my system, I'll get started with some ice fishing articles and forecasts for the upcoming season. I wouldn't be surprised to be talking about freeze up within the next few weeks.
Walleyes Biting? Who Knows! We Interrupt This Fishing Trip for Winter! (10/12/2006)
[Deer River,MN] You could just feel it coming. It was one of those periods where the fish were just biting too well. Walleyes, Perch, Bluegills and Pike were on a "hot bite" for a week. The action, especially over the weekend had kept steady in spite of high winds, cold water temperatures and heavy fishing pressure.
Northern Minnesota Fishing Report, New Rules for Cold Water (10/05/2006)
[Deer River,MN] The window of opportunity opens and closes quickly when the weather turns cold and surface temperatures fall into the low fifties. The past week has been a fast transition starting with surface temperatures in what I'd call "prime Walleye fishing range" of 56 to 60 degrees and ending with temperatures in the 53 to 57 degree range.
Northern Minnesota Pre-Turnover Peak Fishing Right Now (9/27/2006)
[Deer River,MN] Have you been waiting for the fishing reports to tell you that fishing has peaked before you venture out? Okay, the fishing is at or near its peak and it's time to venture out. There I said it. I know that there are still a lot of folks out there who'd disagree about the fishing being at its peak right now, but those particular anglers just haven't keyed in (so far) on the one detail that makes or breaks a fishing trip in the fall.