Fishing Articles by Guide John Felsher

Tharp sets catch record with new ATTRAXX design (3/09/2011)
[Bass Fishing] Team ATTRAXX pro Randall Tharp set a record in his first tournament fishing a new bait he designed, the ATTRAXX Predator Craw. Using this new soft flipping bait for the first time during the FLW Open on Lake Okeechobee in Clewiston, Fla. Tharp landed 20 bass weighing a tournament record 102 pounds, 2 ounces. Unfortunately, the record didn't stand long and he placed second in the 160-boat event.
Jacobug makes great tournament debut (3/09/2011)
[Bass Fishing] Jacob Powroznik, a top professional bass angler on the FLW trail, fished several different flipping baits, but none quite worked the way he wanted so he designed his own the ATTRAXX Jacobug!
Feeding stimulants put fish in the boat (3/09/2011)
[Saltwater Fishing] New Attraxx baits really work in salt water for redfish and speckled trout.
With ATTRAXX, fish dont let go! (10/20/2010)
[Freshwater Fishing] Mystic Tackleworks introduces new ATTRAXX baits with feeding stimulants and CP Series balsa crankbaits.
Fishing for freedom (8/13/2010)
[Bass Fishing] KILLEEN, Texas For one day in September, about 250 military members can forget about marching and overseas deployments when the 5th annual Fishing For Freedom tournament kicks off on Belton Lake adjacent to Fort Hood, Texas.
Revolutionary new technology available for fishermen (7/09/2010)
[Freshwater Fishing] "Summer Ice is truly a revolutionary breakthrough in float design," said Jeremy Bennis of Rod-N-Bobb's Premium Fishing Products, a family-owned company based in Eau Claire, Wis. \"Summer Ice gives anglers an incredible advantage because it removes the buoyancy from the surface of the water."
Devices make Kistler rods even better (6/25/2010)
[Freshwater Fishing] MAGNOLIA, Texas Kistler Custom Fishing Rods, handcrafted by the most experienced rod technicians in the business, has recently developed two new innovative products that will make fishing all day more enjoyable and comfortable as well as help anglers to be more efficient.
Operation R&R (6/25/2010)
[Bass Fishing] In an effort to show appreciation for the sacrifices members of the armed forces make every day, American Bass Anglers and Early Times Kentucky Whisky joined to create Operation Rod & Reel. Through this program, 80 active-duty service members from selected military installations will each receive fishing equipment and a free fishing trip to a local ABA bass tournament. There will be posters placed at military installations with instructions on how active duty personal can sign up.
Kistler Z-Bone rods, the champions choice (6/21/2010)
[Freshwater Fishing] Using technology once available only to pricy custom rod builders, Kistler Z-Bone rods offer every angler an innovative lighter, stronger -- yet more sensitive rod that completely outclasses anything else on the market. Build in Magnolia, Texas, with the best American technology and superior materials, Kistler Z-Bone rods incorporate blanks developed by legendary rod designer Gary Loomis.
Mexico fishing report (4/23/2010)
[Freshwater Fishing] Good action at Lakes El Salto and Mateos
Best bass fishing ever! says Birmingham man (2/19/2010)
[Bass Fishing] Alabama man and son find big bass in Mexico.
[Bass Fishing] Deep water produces good action at Lake El Salto and Mateos.
Hall of Fame angler to lead expeditions to the Amazon (11/30/2009)
[Freshwater Fishing] Hall of Famer returns to Amazon to lead new expeditions for Anglers Inn International.
Billy Chapman, peacock bass pioneer, heads back to the Amazon (11/30/2009)
[Freshwater Fishing] Anglers Inn International will begin hosting new adventures in the Amazon Basin for peacock bass and other species. You can join us on this adventure.
Hot action at Lake El Salto (11/28/2009)
[Bass Fishing] Lake El Salto, the premier trophy bass lake in the world continues to produce outstanding catches. For the latest on catching 10-pound bass, read on.
Innovative Plainfield Eyes Bring Lures To Life (11/26/2009)
[Tackle] Studies show that predators usually spot the eyes of prey species first because the eyes in live creatures stand out more than the often hidden or camouflaged body. After spotting the eyes, the predators zoom in for the kill. Plainfield Eyes look more realistic than others.
More Crappie Pro's Choose Southern Pro Jigs Than Any Other Lure (11/17/2009)
[Crappie] Professional crappie anglers choose Southern Pro jigs and use them to win tournaments.
El Salto Trophy Bass November fishing report (11/11/2009)
[Bass Fishing] Trophy action hot at Lake El Salto, Mexico. Bring plastics.
SteelShad among the most versatile bass fishing baits on the market (11/08/2009)
[Tackle] Measuring 2.5 inches and weighing 3/8-ounce, a SteelShad mimics a threadfin shad in size, movement and color. It might attract any fish that would eat a shad or a menhaden, which includes just about every predatory fish! Probably the most versatile bait on the market, a SteelShad catches fish from top to bottom. With a little manipulation, it can imitate a wounded shad struggling on the surface, a sinking baitfish or one trying to flee predators.
Paulk, Vohol win catfish championship in big way (11/02/2009)
[Freshwater Fishing] After two days of fierce competition, Bruce Paulk of Michie, Tenn., and Brian Vohol of Hermitage, Tenn., won the 7th annual Cabela's King Kat Classic, held Oct. 17, 2009, in Sheffield, Ala., with a tournament limit of 10 whiskerfish weighing 277.10 pounds.
Chapman honored with hall of fame nod (11/02/2009)
[Freshwater Fishing] Billy Chapman, Jr. was honored with an induction into the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame. He owns Anglers Inn International, which owns lodges in Mexico and operates in the Amazon. He also arranges hunting and saltwater adventures and family vacations.
El Salto could produce next world record bass (11/02/2009)
[Bass Fishing] Lake El Salto in Mexico is the top destination for trophy bass and Anglers Inn offers the best in quality accommodations and second-to-none service.