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About The Author: Captain

Company: Rivers to Bay Fishing Charters

Area Reporting: Tampa Bay, Clearwater, St Peterburg

Bio: Covering the Tampa Bay, Clearwater and St Petersburg area. Light tackle fishing for Snook, Redfish, Trout and more While cruising from spot to spot in our 24 ft custom Triton bay boat you will be riding in comfort, it has all the amenities. I\'m a veteran fishing guide of 18 years and you\'ll be in good hands. Thanks for stopping by. Tight Lines... John

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Fishing in the Heat of July in Tampa Bay (7/24/2019)
[Tampa,FL] It's been hot and we've had a lot of rain, but despite that were still catching quality snook, Mangroves and some redfish mixed in.
March Snook Madness (3/07/2019)
[Tampa,FL] The Snook fishing has been outstanding the past few weeks and it's only going to get better. Not only is the snook bite great the redfish have also been been chewing.
Outstanding Fishing in Tampa Bay (8/26/2018)
[Tampa,FL] The inshore bite has been outstanding in Tampa Bay the past few weeks.
Summer Time Snook Bite Red Hot! (7/21/2018)
[Tampa,FL] Summer Time Fishing in Tampa Bay can be hot, but no worries, the bite is red hot for Snook, Reds, Spanish and more!!
Cold Water Fishing in Tampa Bay (2/01/2018)
[Tampa,FL] Cold Water Fishing and Low tides is what's been going on in Tampa Bay
Major Cold Front puts fish in winter mode - Tampa Bay Fishing Reports (12/14/2017)
[Tampa,FL] Major Cold Front Hits Tampa Bay, Puts Fish In Winter Patterns.
Cooler Temps make for some very good fishing (11/27/2017)
[Tampa,FL] Fall brings cooler temps and the inshore Tampa Bay fishing heats up!
Fall Has Arrived In Tampa Bay (10/25/2017)
[Tampa,FL] Fall Fishing Has Arrived In Tampa Bay, Cooler Water Temps Means Great Fishing
Redfish Snook getting right in Tampa Bay (10/05/2017)
[Tampa,FL] October is known for many things, cooler temps up north and usually here as well, pumpkin spice on the menu, and of course, lots of Redfish!! October is a great month to target redfish and snoo
Fall Fishing Not Far off - Tampa Bay Fishing (9/17/2017)
[Tampa,FL] September is half over, and although it is usually a great month to get out on the water, we had an unwelcome visitor to our area. Hurricane Irma was the largest hurricane on record;
Snook and Redfish Bite Red Hot in Tampa Bay (3/26/2017)
[Tampa,FL] Spring Has Arrived In Tampa Bay and The Snook and Redfish Bite has been great.
Snook Fishing in Tampa Bay (3/11/2017)
[Tampa,FL] Spring Break has arrived and the weather is perfect and the fishing has been great.
Sheepshead migration in full swing - Tampa Bay Fishing (2/14/2017)
[Tampa,FL] The sheepshead migration is in full swing
Clearwater-Tampa Bay Fishing Report (1/09/2017)
[Clearwater,FL] Major Cold Front hits Clearwater and Tampa Bay
First Cold Front Hits Tampa Bay (10/22/2016)
[Tampa,FL] First Cold Front Hits Tampa Bay and The Fishing Should Be very good next week.
Tampa Bay Fishing Report (10/08/2016)
[Tampa,FL] Fall is slowly showing up and the fishing in Tampa Bay is getting right. The next few weeks it's really going to fire off!!
Fall not far off Tampa Bay Inshore Fishing (9/22/2016)
[Tampa,FL] The bites been good, but it's about to get really good as the water temp drops.
Pensacola Fishing Charter Reports - Spring Break Has Ended. (4/14/2016)
[Pensacola,FL] So Spring Break has officially come to an END! But the fishing is still red hot!!
Flounder Fishing 101 - Pensacola Charter Fishing (10/24/2015)
[Pensacola,FL] Flounder Fishing 101, scanning the flats for flatties
Blue Herons, Flounder, and Bent Rods - Pensacola Fishing (10/20/2015)
[Pensacola,FL] Blue Herons, Flounder, and Bent Rods October is a great month to inshore fish for lots of species, especially flounder.
Pensacola, Navarre, Perdido Key Report (9/20/2015)
[Pensacola,FL] The 2015 Spring and Summer Season is in the books. Here is a brief report on the area fishing. It was a hot season for sure, with temps well over 100 most days
Summer Season Report for Pensacola Inshore Fishing 2015 (7/25/2015)
[Pensacola,FL] Summer Season Report for Pensacola Inshore Fishing 2015
Pensacola Fishing Report - Inshore Charters (7/14/2015)
[Pensacola,FL] The first week of July is in the books and it's been fun.
Pensacola Fishing Report - Big Fish On The Menu. (6/09/2015)
[Pensacola,FL] Big fish have been on the menu this week. What a week of fishing it's been, especially since the Gulf has been slick clam the past 6 days.
Pensacola Fishing Report - Trout, Redfish and More. (6/03/2015)
[Pensacola,FL] Flats fishing and nearshore bite has been pretty good the past few weeeks.
Spring Fishing has arrived - Pensacola Fishing Reports (4/10/2015)
[Pensacola,FL] Well, Spring Break has ended, as has the sheepshead run. It was a lot of fun this year with lots of bent rods and smiles all around.
Spring Break Fishing is in full Swing -Pensacola Fishing Charters (3/28/2015)
[Pensacola,FL] Spring Break is happening in Pensacola! Over the past two weeks the bite has went from pretty ok to downright awesome!
November is the month of golden reds! Pensacola Fishing Report (11/25/2014)
[Pensacola,FL] November is the month of golden reds! Each year I look forward to the annual fall redfish run, and the start of this one has topped them all. We had another cold front on Tuesday and that's a good thing, because these reds like it cold.
Redfish Extravaganza - Pensacola Fishing Reports (11/13/2014)
[Pensacola,FL] It's been a redfish extravaganza over the past two weeks. This has to be one of the best starts to the annual redfish run I've ever seen.
Running of The Bulls - Pensacola Fishing (11/07/2014)
[Pensacola,FL] The annual fall-winter redfish run has started and it's been fun!
October Brings In The Kings - Pensacola Fishing (10/21/2014)
[Pensacola,FL] The past week has been outstanding for King Mackerel in Pensacola Bay. Live bait (Menhaden) is the bait of choice.
Redfish O'plenty - Pensacola Fishing Charters (8/13/2014)
[Pensacola,FL] The redfish bite over the past 6 weeks has been off the charts.
Bent Rods all of July with Redfish - Pensacola Fishing Reports (7/23/2014)
[Pensacola,FL] What a year it's been so far; new boat, crazy temperatures, flooding, and lots of bent rods. I've been fishing non-stop it seems like since spring break.
Muddy Water Adventures - Pensacola Fishing Charters (5/24/2014)
[Pensacola,FL] We had lots of rain and the water is muddy, but no worries the fish are chewing!!!
April brings more sheepsehead and redfish- Pensacola Fishing (4/09/2014)
[Pensacola,FL] March flew by, but when you're up before the sun and washing the boat as it goes down, the days go fast.
Spring has arrvied and it's been fun - Pensacola Fishing Charter - (3/25/2014)
[Pensacola,FL] It's that time of year again when everyone is fishing for the striped, spiny, bucked tooth sheepies.
Spring Break trips have officially begun - Pensacola Charters (3/13/2014)
[Pensacola,FL] Spring Break trips have officially begun and the fishing has been pretty good, not quite great yet, but it'll warm up a bit more, and then it will be on fire.
February Fishing in Northwest Florida - Pensacola Fishing Reports (2/24/2014)
[Pensacola,FL] March is not far off and that means Monster Sheepshead and Redfish!
New Boat for 2014 - Pensacola Fishing Report (2/11/2014)
[Pensacola,FL] New Boat for 2014 February just arrived and so did my NEW 240 LTS Triton! Plus the trout bite has been great.
2014 starts out bitter cold! - Pensacol Fishing (1/15/2014)
[Pensacola,FL] January has been a pretty good month so far. As most know in North Florida it can get pretty cold up here with temps as low as 15 to 20 degrees some days and as warm as 72 degrees other days.
2014 starts out bitter cold! - Pensacol Fishing (1/10/2014)
[Pensacola,FL] First report for 2014: The New Year came in with some seriously cold temps!!! 22 degrees in the mornings one day and on Tuesday it's going to be in the teens, Brrr!!
2013 Fishing Season Comes to an End- Pensacola Fishing (12/28/2013)
[Pensacola,FL] The end of the year fishing report for 2013.
Monster Red Fun Pensacola Bay - Mega-Bite Inshore Charters (12/12/2013)
[Pensacola,FL] The weather has been kind of weird over Nov and Dec, but that hasn't stopped us from catching tons of big reds!!
December Red Fishing in full swing - Pensacola Charters (12/04/2013)
[Pensacola,FL] The annual redfish run has started in Pensacola Bay and last till mid March
Bull Red Family Fun Fishing - Pensacola Charters (11/30/2013)
[Pensacola,FL] Bull Reds have shown up in full force and the bite is RED HOT!
Great Trout and Red fishing on the Flats - Pensacola Fishing (5/06/2013)
[Pensacola,FL] May is here and the inshore bite should be off the charts!
Spring Break & Easter Weekend Fishing - Pensacola Fishing Reports (3/30/2013)
[Pensacola,FL] Spring Break fishing was great and April looks to be even better.
Pensacola Fishing, Spring Break drag screaming fun! (3/16/2013)
[Pensacola,FL] Spring Break has arrived and the fishing has been outstanding
Pensacola Inshore Sheepshead & Red Fishing Drag Screaming Fun (2/13/2013)
[Pensacola,FL] It's winter and cool, but the bite is red hot for trout, reds and now the sheepshead bite is starting to pick up!
Trout, Reds and lots of fun - Pensacola Fishing Reports (2/04/2013)
[Pensacola,FL] February came in with cold weather, but the trout and reds didn't care, the bites been red hot!
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