Fishing Reports by Captain Michael Maddalena

About The Author: Captain

Company: Big Fish On Guide

Area Reporting: Georgia

Bio: Been fishing Lake Lanier and other GA waters for 25 years, chasing the Silver Bullet - striped Bass.

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Striper Fishing continues to improve on Lanier (3/24/2015)
[Lake Lanier,GA] The Striper fishing on Lake Lanier near Atlanta, Ga continues to improve as the water continues to warm.
Mid March Lake Lanier Striper Fishing Report (3/19/2015)
[Lake Lanier,GA] Fishing is improving as water warms, the fish are moving north!
3/12/15 Striper Report (3/16/2015)
[Lake Lanier,GA] Spring has Sprung and fishing is picking up!
March 5th Striper Report (3/05/2015)
[Lake Lanier,GA] Striper fishing is good, live bait shallow is the ticket!
2/18/2015 Striper fishing Report (2/20/2015)
[Lake Lanier,GA] Striper Fishing is good. Shallow early and deeper later.
Feb 5th 2015 Striper Fishing (2/06/2015)
[Lake Lanier,GA] Fishing is good. Water temps are good, but fish ar still active.
Striper fishing on Lake Lanier is great! (6/28/2012)
[Lake Lanier,GA] Striper fishing is great on Lake Lanier and should only get better as the summer progresses.
Stripre Fishing is great on Lake Lainer, GA (2/01/2012)
[Lake Lanier,GA] The warm air and water temps are making for some great striped bass fishing on Lake Lanier, Near Atlanta, GA.
Lanier Striper Report 1/11/2012 (1/17/2012)
[Lake Lanier,GA] Great Jan striper bite on Lake Lanier, Near Atlanta GA. Both live bait and URIGS are producing very well.
Lakr Lanier Striper Fishing Report (8/24/2011)
[Lake Lanier,GA] Fishing is very good! Live bait and trolling are both working.
Lake Lanier Fishing Report - 08/03/2011 (8/07/2011)
[Lake Lanier,GA] Striper Fishing remains great! Lot's of multiple hooks on the U-RIGS.
Fishing is Excellent! (7/28/2011)
[Lake Lanier,GA] The summer time bite is in full swing, good to great numbers and decent size! It's time to go catching!
Lake Lanier Fishing Report - 04-27-2011 (4/28/2011)
[Lake Lanier,GA] Fishing is good, the water is warming and the fish are active!
Lake Lanier Fishing Report - 04-13-2011 (4/16/2011)
[Lake Lanier,GA] Fishing is good and getting better with each passing day, the fish haven't spawned out yet, so the chance for a good fish is high!
Lake Lanier Fishing Report - 04-06-2011 (4/07/2011)
[Lake Lanier,GA] Fishing is really starting to pick up and is getting good to very good!
Lake Lanier Fishing Report - 03-30-2011 (3/31/2011)
[Lake Lanier,GA] Striper fishing on Lake Lanier is picking up!
Lake Lanier Striper on the move! (2/15/2011)
[Lake Lanier,GA] The backs of the creeks are stained and warming fish, bait in moving and the striper are following.
Lake Lanier Winter Stripers (2/07/2011)
[Lake Lanier,GA] Striper fishing is slow on Lake Lanier. I hate to say that, but that's how it is.
End of Year, Lake Lanier Fishing Report - 12/30/2010 (1/01/2011)
[Lake Lanier,GA] Warming trend has turned the stripers on!
Stripers are moving! (12/20/2010)
[Lake Lanier,GA] The stripers are moving out to the mouths of the creeks.
Lake Lanier Stripers are moving deep! (12/14/2010)
[Lake Lanier,GA] The cold weather has lowered water temps and the striper & bait are moving out to deeper water.
12/02/10 Lake Lanier Fishing Report (12/02/2010)
[Lake Lanier,GA] Current Lake Lanier Fishing Report from BIG FISH ON Lake Lanier Fishing Guides & Charters
Late May Lanier Striper Report (5/24/2010)
[Lake Lanier,GA] Current Lake Lanier fishing conditions and report for late May 2010.
Mid Feb Lake Lanier Striper Report (2/22/2010)
[Lake Lanier,GA] Update on current conditions and fish patterns.
Early Feb Lake Lanier Striper Fishing Report (2/12/2010)
[Lake Lanier,GA] Early Feb Lake Lanier Fishing Report and Conditions.
Early Jan Report (1/06/2010)
[Lake Lanier,GA] Current striper fishing report on Lake Lanier.
Late Dec Report (12/22/2009)
[Lake Lanier,GA] The winter bite is firming up, the birds are here, bait is tightly bunched up and the fish are keying on smaller baits.
Video of a couple fish (11/12/2009)
[Lake Lanier,GA] Out fishing with some friends and wandered into a couple of good fish, a 27 and 18 lber.
BIG FISH are available! (11/12/2009)
[Lake Lanier,GA] Fished a few hours Sunday afternoon. Plan was to target big fish up shallow, with large live bait on Planer boards.