Fishing Articles by Captain Mike Gerry

Key to Fishing Jerk Baits (2/23/2015)
[Crankbaits] if your a jerk bait fisherman you need to read this article it opens the keys!
Changing Your Retrieve (2/14/2015)
[Bass Fishing] Some times you just have to make your bait act different so here is some ideas.
Physical Demands of bass Fishing (2/07/2015)
[Bass Fishing] Sometimes being on the water is tough on the body but you can easily change that.
February to March patterns (2/01/2015)
[Bass Fishing] if you know where they live you know where to start your day of fishing.
Upside Down Rigging (1/25/2015)
[Bass Fishing] Something different, something new and it will catch fish, just try it!
Big Baits Big Fish (1/18/2015)
[Bass Fishing] At no time does size matter any more than it does this time of year!
Clear Water Winter Fishing (1/11/2015)
[Bass Fishing] Some tips to make the clear water work for you in the winter time!
Winter Time natural Elements (1/08/2015)
[Bass Fishing] Some of natures keys for the cold of winter, we all have them on our lakes.
The First Ever SPRO Crank bait Tournament (12/20/2014)
[Crankbaits] Guntersville will host the first ever SPRO Crank bait Tournament on 5-30-15
Keys to Different Structure (12/14/2014)
[Bass Fishing] What the elements tell you about the bottom and how to use it!
What it means to Fishing Transition Areas (11/30/2014)
[Bass Fishing] Sometimes you just have to find the in between spots and that is what transition is all about!
Understanding Rod Technology (11/24/2014)
[Bass Fishing] Some tips that will help you buy the best rod for you, and your fishing partners!
Winter Cranking (11/15/2014)
[Crankbaits] Some tips to take advantage of the winter time conditions while cranking!
The Fishing Industry is full of hero's (11/09/2014)
[Bass Fishing] There are great people everywhere and these are my fishing industry hero\'s.
Rambling Around Fishing Industry (11/02/2014)
[Bass Fishing] Changes are all around us in the fishing industry, will it survive is the question!
The Challenge of Fall Fishing (10/20/2014)
[Bass Fishing] What makes fall fishing tough and what turns it on for the weekender!
Fuel Additives are about to make some Changes (10/13/2014)
[Maintenance] The fuel additive market is confusing and there has been no standard!
Way Points can Fail You (9/29/2014)
[Bass Fishing] How to keep the area around your way points refreshed and updated!
Fall Fishing (9/21/2014)
[Bass Fishing] The fall bite changes your presentations from the summer and speeds up your baits!
A Look Back at the SPRO Tournament (9/15/2014)
[Bass Fishing] We have assessed and will make some changes in 2015 in the SPRO frog only Tournament!
The Summer Time Bite isn't Over yet (9/09/2014)
[Bass Fishing] change is upon us as the cooler weather is near but summer time fishing is still the norm!
Grass Spraying Issues on Guntersville (9/02/2014)
[Conservation] After a meeting with all the right folks I am convinced that Guntersville is being treated correctly!
Some Froggin Tips (8/26/2014)
[Bass Fishing] If your doing the same thing you have always done and not catching fish, it\'s time to do something different!
Some Frequently Asked Questions for the SPRO Tournament (8/17/2014)
[Bass Fishing] We are leading the way to answer your questions, hope this helps all!
Grass Lines (8/12/2014)
[Bass Fishing] Fishing the grass lines in August may be your best chance to load the boat.
SPRO Leadership Carving New Paths (8/04/2014)
[Bass Fishing] What SPRO has done to help the fisherman is second to none on the tournament trail.
Spro Tournament gets Creative (7/26/2014)
[Bass Fishing] A new registration process to fit all the participants wished, unreal idea!
Time to Go Fishing (7/20/2014)
[Bass Fishing] If your not on the water you are missing some of the best days this year!
Options for Fishing Heavy Grass (7/12/2014)
[Bass Fishing] There are ways to fish heavy thick grass, here are my preferences for that!
What Lies Ahead with Sonar Technology (7/07/2014)
[Electronics] What\'s next in the world of electronics and where are we headed on clarity!
It's Jigging Spoon Time (6/30/2014)
[Bass Fishing] When all else fails during the heat of the summer I turn to a jigging spoon!
Fishing Knots (6/24/2014)
[Bass Fishing] The knots I use are fast easy and strong and anyone can tie them; it\'s easy!
The popping Lure (6/15/2014)
[Bass Fishing] What makes a popping lure so attractive well the answer is pretty easy!
Deep Water Bass Fishing (6/08/2014)
[Bass Fishing] The 4 basic presentations I use when fishing in the 20 ft of water!
The Guntersville Grass issue (6/02/2014)
[Bass Fishing] Some thoughts on the grass on Lake Guntersville, is TVA really following the Stake Holders instruction!
Rambling Around Fishing Industry (5/26/2014)
[Bass Fishing] Things keep changing and the fishing world acts Different everywhere!
The Big Worm (5/13/2014)
[Bass Fishing] Some tips and changes on fishing a big worm, it is a versatile bait!
Thanks (5/05/2014)
[Bass Fishing] The Scottsboro Police saved a big problem at one of the ramps on Guntersville!
Post Spawn Fishing (4/27/2014)
[Bass Fishing] Nothing better for lots of bites, and fishing fun than fishing in the post spawn!
Expanding your Fishing Spots (4/20/2014)
[Bass Fishing] A few ideas on finding more fish close to where you caught them the day before!
The Early Frog Bite (4/13/2014)
[Bass Fishing] Top water action in April, the frog bite is on early and often!
Fishing Specfic Spots (4/05/2014)
[Bass Fishing] Some tips on finding fish on some very small specific areas of your lake.
Warming Water Affects (3/29/2014)
[Bass Fishing] What changes as the water temperature increase and what do you look for!
The Migration Path (3/23/2014)
[Bass Fishing] Some ways to find fish during the pre spawn as they move to the spawning grounds!
Fishing Current on TVA Lakes (3/16/2014)
[Bass Fishing] The current is key many times to catching a good stringer of fish.
Carolina Rig (3/09/2014)
[Bass Fishing] Some tips on how to improve using a Carolina Rig, and make it different!
2014 Spro Frog only Tournament (3/02/2014)
[Bass Fishing] Big changes, better payouts, more give-away\'s coming to this years tournament
March Madness (2/23/2014)
[Bass Fishing] It doesn\'t get much better on Guntersville than the month of March!
Classic Baits of Choice (2/16/2014)
[Bass Fishing] My top four baits that I believe will lead to a Classic win for the 56 competitors.
The Truth About the hard bottom areas of the lake (2/09/2014)
[Bass Fishing] What is it that makes a hard bottom area hold fish, and how can you find them!
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