Fishing Articles by Captain Mike Gerry

Thinking About Turning Pro (4/15/2016)
[Bass Fishing] if a professional career is in your DNA you should know the obstacles!
The Ethanol Issue (4/04/2016)
[Engines] Ethanol is still a big problem for the out board motor industry, with no fix in sight.
My Favorite Big Fish Baits (3/30/2016)
[Bass Fishing] Big baits big fish and lots to brag about when the day is over!
Fishing Guides are Blessed (3/25/2016)
[Bass Fishing] Being a guide is for sure a blessing, doing what you love and meeting great folks!
A busy Guntersville Lake (3/15/2016)
[Bass Fishing] Well the number of folks fishing on Lake Guntersville has hit an all time high!
Fishing should be Fun (3/09/2016)
[Bass Fishing] With all the challenges we all fight every day, don\'t let fishing become a drain!
Transition Cover (2/29/2016)
[Bass Fishing] When we approach the spawn looking for the right cover can be key to finding fish.
The Power of the Wind (2/22/2016)
[Bass Fishing] Many times the wind can help you, embrace it and use to your advantage!
Jigging Spoon Craze (2/07/2016)
[Bass Fishing] Some times you just have to pry the fish out and a jigging spoon is a good way to do it!
3 Keys to jerk Baits (2/02/2016)
[Bass Fishing] Some ideas on fishing jerk baits as they are fish catches in the winter!
It's Time to Drag a Jig (1/25/2016)
[Bass Fishing] Winter time and jig fishing is a combination i have always believed in!
Pattern Fishing (1/18/2016)
[Bass Fishing] Winter Time puts the bass fishing into a slow down but finding a pattern is key!
Trophy Bass Time (1/13/2016)
[Bass Fishing] Winter time fishing can be tough, but when you pull in that bigg-in its worth it!
Winter Bass Fishing (11/22/2015)
[Bass Fishing] location location, is the key to finding winter bass; but where do you fish?
Super Shallow Fishing (11/21/2015)
[Bass Fishing] Just when you think your on them there gone and you need to go shallow!
Different Swim bait heads (11/09/2015)
[Bass Fishing] There all not created equal, swim baits can be fished in many ways!
Fall Movement (11/02/2015)
[Bass Fishing] Some patterns to consider as we progress deeper into fall fishing.
The Fall Rattle Bait Bite (10/26/2015)
[Bass Fishing] Sometimes you just have to pull out a rattle bait in the fall and test it!
Shame on Alabama (10/17/2015)
[Bass Fishing] The State of Alabama is closing some State Parks it should not be!
Winter Draw Down (10/12/2015)
[Bass Fishing] There is plenty to be learned from the winter time low water on today\'s fisheries.
Is Guntersville Lake going Down Hill? (10/05/2015)
[Bass Fishing] It\'s been a tough year on Guntersville compared to past, what is going on?
Choosing Frogging Mats (9/30/2015)
[Bass Fishing] Productive grass mats are different than others you just need to know what to look for!
There is no wrong summertime pattern (9/22/2015)
[Bass Fishing] The heat changes everything this time of year, you just need to keep at it.
Tips for the SPRO frog tournament (9/14/2015)
[Bass Fishing] Sometimes frog fishing just takes patience and mental commitment but you do have to fish where the fish are!
Fall Fishing (9/06/2015)
[Bass Fishing] Sometimes of the year you just have to drop what your doing and go fishing!
Go shallow (8/31/2015)
[Bass Fishing] do you know why the bass move shallow in the hotest time of the years; find out here!
Tips for Frog Fishing (8/31/2015)
[Bass Fishing] What to look for where to catch those frog fish, tips you can count on!
The Void Under the Grass (8/17/2015)
[Bass Fishing] Sometimes knowing the grass and understanding how it grows is important.
The Back Seat Fisherman (8/17/2015)
[Bass Fishing] if your the guy in the back seat, here is a few tips to fish from behind!
Match the Hatch (8/02/2015)
[Bass Fishing] August many times defies the big baits big bites theory as the hatch is small size bait.
I Cast 2015 (7/20/2015)
[Bass Fishing] I Cast 2015 is over, but the lasting impressions will linger on for the year!
Location Location (7/13/2015)
[Bass Fishing] Fish where the fish are, if not could be some long days in the hot weather!
Extreme Size Baits (6/29/2015)
[Bass Fishing] Most people think that the summer time is all about small finesse fishing wrong!
The Golden Days are Gone (6/21/2015)
[Bass Fishing] Some times things change and we are going thru that now, you have to change with it.
Hot Water Fishing (6/18/2015)
[Bass Fishing] Bet you don\'t know that hot water has more oxygen in it in the shallow water!
The Must have's of Bass Fishing (6/11/2015)
[Bass Fishing] There are toys we just have to have to be the best on the water here they are!
Pitching and Flipping (6/01/2015)
[Bass Fishing] Some tips on where your target should be when pitching docks or cover on your lake.
Sizing Your Baits (5/25/2015)
[Bass Fishing] Some tips and myths on bait sizing for the bass fishing type guy!
The Healing Affect of Fishing (5/17/2015)
[Bass Fishing] Sometimes when your down and out go fishing it will heal what ails you!
Deep Cranking (5/12/2015)
[Crankbaits] If deep cranking hasn\'t gotten your attention then you have missed the best of the best!
Monster Hooks are taking Over (5/03/2015)
[Bass Fishing] Hook size has increased in size as manufacturers continue to advance lures.
The Secrets of Fishing Line (5/03/2015)
[Bass Fishing] Being lined correctly can be the difference in catching or just fishing!
Fish Chokers may be back in our Lakes. (4/19/2015)
[Bass Fishing] Regardless of people affected it appears gill nets will be back in the Tennessee rive!
Your Fish are Gone or Are They (4/11/2015)
[Bass Fishing] Some tips when you think your fish have moved on you, patience is important!
Soft Plastic Time (4/05/2015)
[Bass Fishing] As the bass make their way to the shallow water nothing works as well as your worm collection.
New Wave of Electronics (3/29/2015)
[Bass Fishing] You have got to love the advancement in technology with Lowrance Gen 3!
Buzz Bait Time (3/22/2015)
[Bass Fishing] Some times what you expect is quite different than what is real in fishing.
Schools of Fish (3/15/2015)
[Bass Fishing] The way I attack big schools of fish in these big bodies of water like Tennessee River!
Bladed Baits (3/08/2015)
[Bass Fishing] Some times when you need to slow down bladed baits can have an advantage!
Winning Classic baits 2015 (3/01/2015)
[Bass Fishing] Try to figure out why and what caused a bait to be successful at the classic!
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