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Company: Blue Water Charters - Durban

Area Reporting: Durban. KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Bio: I have been fishing since I was 5 years old in Durban and have fished many places around the world and in South Africa, but Durban is my home waters. I fished competitive for many years and I have been running my own charters since 2008 with 2 companies and 2 boats, fish a variety of styles and target a variety of fish species in both Salt and Fresh water, have many published articles in several magazines on fishing. Love nature and outdoors, Am very conservation minded and have a passion for birds. I am crazy about big Tuna, Marlin Fishing and Game Fishing, and also love light tackle spinning, am a total lure junkie. Represented my province in fly fishing for many years and am also pro staff for Rapala/Shimano. I want to write a book on fishing one day. 3 items left on my fishing bucket list, guess then a new bucket list will be in order. As a writer I have my own quote: \"I love taking people fishing because it releases their inner child, and in doing so keeps my inner child alive.\"

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Offshore Fishing Report Durban - 20-03-2017 (3/24/2017)
[Durban,KZN] Some good Dorado (Mahi Mahi) for the kids who had great fun offshore
Wahoo, Blue Marlin and loads of small Tuna (1/27/2014)
[Durban,KZN] With bad weather patterns fishing has not been easy. We have however managed to get fish
The Three Tunas and the Big One (1/08/2014)
[Durban,KZN] Today in bad fishing conditions and green water we managed a really good size Yellowfin Tuna for our waters.
2013 Holidays Fishing Report - Durban (1/03/2014)
[Durban,KZN] Wow, what a hectic holiday season, we have been fishing 12-16hrs every day without a rest. We got good fish.
Good Yellowfin in rough seas (12/09/2013)
[Durban,KZN] With a pumping NE wind and choppy seas, we managed to get some tuna today, was also goo to see flying fish around again
Dorado season starts with a bang (12/02/2013)
[Durban,KZN] The Dorado came late this year, but with our first Game Fish trip we did well, it felt so good to come back to port with a boat full of fish
Jozini Tiger Fishing Trip, end November 2013 (12/02/2013)
[Pongolapoort Dam,KZN] We have had a lot of rain this season which makes fishing very difficult, especially when the rain is so heavy. At least we still managed to get some good fish.
Jozini Tiger Fishing Trip Mid November 2013 (11/23/2013)
[Pongolapoort Dam,KZN] After driving up in heavy rain, and setting up the campsite in wet conditions, the sun cam out and we got into some good fishing
Kosi Bay trip October 2013 (11/03/2013)
[Kosi Lakes,KZN] Heavy rain and Howling winds made this a very difficult trip, we did get fish but very few for the 1000's of casts made
3 Tuna Species in one day off Durban (10/20/2013)
[Durban,KZN] When it was not raining the fish were biting, we managed 3 species of Tuna with a total of 10 fish landed, we got taxed by sharks with 2 fish and we lost 1
Goedertrouw Dam Bass Fishing Report October 2013 (10/20/2013)
[Inanda Dam,KZN] 5 days of hard fishing in hot weather and the cold rain, but we got some good fish
Monster Bonnies off Durban today (10/03/2013)
[Durban,KZN] We went looking for Tuna, instead we found monster bonnies
Jozini Report 20-22 September 2013 (9/30/2013)
[Pongolapoort Dam,KZN] We lost lots of fish and got spooled by a big one
Durban Fishing Report (9/30/2013)
[Durban,KZN] We got spooled on 30lb line, wish we had the 50lb rigs out
Weekend Report - Hard Fishing off Durban (9/15/2013)
[Durban,KZN] Lousy wind, screaming current but we still got
Let's talk Tuna (9/09/2013)
[Durban,KZN] An article on fishing for Yellowfin Tuna with some of the things I have learnt over the years
August Jozini Tiger Fishing Trip with Adventure Fishing Safaris (9/08/2013)
[Pongolapoort Dam,KZN] This was a difficult trip which really challenged my knowledge of Tiger fish, as the fishing was really hard. In the end we managed a new record size Tiger fish for our clients
Past seasons fishing off Durban (9/06/2013)
[Durban,KZN] Have not posted in a while, but am back on track again and will give a summary of the past few months
A very large Bull Dorado (12/25/2012)
[Durban,KZN] We went out in search of a marlin, but instead we landed a large Dorado Bull
First Dorado for the Durban Season (11/02/2012)
[Durban,KZN] Finally our Mahi mahi have arrived (A month late)
Jozini Report Crocs, Cows and Tiger Fish (10/11/2012)
[Pongolapoort Dam,KZN] Our recent trip to Lake Jozini (Pongolapoort Dam) was a real success with a new client record being set and our 1500th fish caught
Fat Girls Week End.....with a Marlin surprise (8/28/2012)
[Durban,KZN] We had a look at the canyons in some 2000m of water, and after 13.5hrs and some 320km we were rewarded with 2 Marlin strikes.
Some good bottom fishing off Durban (8/18/2012)
[Durban,KZN] It was difficult to keep the boat on the mark, and it went over so fast and so we had to move the boat around a lot that day, it paid off with some really good fish. On our first drop we picked up a large Sailfin Rubber lips
Winter Bass Fishing at Inanda Dam (7/17/2012)
[Inanda Dam,KZN] Travelling in certain areas felt a little like offshore with some large wind swells.
Four Winds and a Rainbow (7/01/2012)
[Durban,KZN] it's the first time I can recall having four winds blowing in one trip with the day starting out with a SW, which then became a North wind and later a NE and by the time we came home it was a NW.
A winter's day on Fat Girl (6/29/2012)
[Durban,KZN] We saw Dolphins in the early morning but no whales, plenty of Albatross and Gannets. These Albatross are so clever, he knew there was a fish at the end of our drift shark bait and stated pulling the line until he got to the fish.
One Big Shark......many hands (6/24/2012)
[Durban,KZN] This shark fight was the highlight of the trip, and I enjoyed seeing all the excitement on every ones faces, it was good to get a chance to educate people on catch and release.
Winter fishing of Durban on Fat Girl (6/10/2012)
[Durban,KZN] It was interesting to see how the water temperature dropped over these 3 trips with Saturday morning giving us readings from 22deg.C up to 23.5deg.C and the afternoon giving us 20deg.C to 21deg.C, by Sunday the readings where from 17deg.C to 21deg.C and we even found a small current with 12.3 deg.C out deeper. With this cold front looming and the water temp dropping I think we will see sardines very soon.
This is what fishing is all about (4/12/2012)
[Durban,KZN] I love introducing little ones to our wonderful world of fishing, and today was one of those days.
Durban Dolly's (3/18/2012)
[Durban,KZN] There was no activity early morning, could not even get a Kawa kawa to make a presence, and there were no birds to be seen at all, nothing with wings or feathers, and the only thing that we did see was some blue bottles.
Ultra Light Game Fishing offshore - Durban (2/07/2012)
[Durban,KZN] I want to play, it was to rough to go deep and so I used my ultra light tackle and fished inshore for smaller fish, excpet the fish were not that small and our tackle got tested to its limits.
Blue Friday (2/07/2012)
[Durban,KZN] We went out to specifically target a Marlin and we ended up landing a fine Blue Marlin
Durban Off-Shore Fishing Report Apr-May (5/14/2011)
[Durban,KZN] It's been a while since I last posted a report, charters have been slow and we have had a fair amount of lousy weather and a computer that died does not help for reporting either Whilst it has been slow I got a chance to service all my reels, and this was a big job but is now completed.
Wahoo..and a Dorado in April (4/03/2011)
[Durban,KZN] Our Gamefish season in Durban started early in October, 7months later in April it still going well, this is incredible.
Light Tackle Spinning Off-Shore Durban (4/02/2011)
[Durban,KZN] I love spinning off shore with light tackle as it is such an interactive way to fish
This little Bonnie got some Love (4/02/2011)
[Durban,KZN] It is refreshing to get a crew on board that have never been out to sea and are so inquisative and interested in everything, these girls loved it
Back on Inanda after a while (3/17/2011)
[Inanda Dam,KZN] It was nice to be back in surroundings that are so familiar after a long period of absence, but the conditions were far from ideal with it being extremely hot and the water surface temperatures at 29.8 deg. C and I could see on my sonar that this warm water was is the 1st 4 meters
I was in Heaven and Hell at the same time (3/16/2011)
[Pongolapoort Dam,KZN] We would launch every morning at about 04h00when it was still dark to try get in on the early morning action and stayed on the water till after dark, the water was hot averaging 29 deg. C. It was really nice to be on Jozini again after chasing off-shore Gamefish for the past few months and I enjoyed the change.
Monster Tuna Double up - Richards Bay (3/07/2011)
[Richards Bay,KZN] As a by catch in a Marlin Tournament I hooked up my new personal best Yellowfin Tuna weighing in at 86Kg (189lbs)
Poor tangled little Sailfish (2/21/2011)
[Durban,KZN] Finally after 3 sightings and to miss strikes, we got this large Sailfish that has been around an area off-shore Durban
2011 Durban Billfish Tournament Report (2/14/2011)
[Durban,KZN] My account of the annual Durban Billfish tournament
Black Marlin off Durban (2/14/2011)
[Durban,KZN] Hard Fishing and long distances produced a Black.
Report Gamefish & Tuna Course Jan 2011 (1/31/2011)
[Durban,KZN] Our first Gamefish and Tuna course went well.
Yellowfin Tuna Countdown begins (1/08/2011)
[Durban,KZN] With 249 Yellowfin Tuna landed in 2010, we start our count with 4 for 2011 with 300 being our target.
Giant Trevally (GT) off Durban for 2011 (1/03/2011)
[Durban,KZN] Well done to the Ryno Rademann (16yrs old) for enduring muscle cramps and fatigue (The deep Burn), and eventually bringing this magnificent GT to the boat, a really awesome achievement.
DURBAN HARBOUR: Z-Claw wins (12/20/2010)
[Durban,KZN] Lure casting with light spinning tackle is one of my favourite ways to fish, especially when using my Z-Claw. I just love the way this lure moves and still remember the first time that I saw it and imagined all the fish I would get with it, perhaps I just understood this lure immediately and knew what to do with it. Since then my Z-Claw has produced some good catches and today was no exception.
Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado & Big Sharks (12/20/2010)
[Durban,KZN] Eventually tired of only catching sharks we shot out deep and a trolled some lures, but it seemed that it was a day for sharks when a Mako Shark hit one of the Kona's we were trolling and after some hard runs.......
Sharks came to Play (12/12/2010)
[Durban,KZN] I am hoping to land 300 Yellowfin Tuna by the end of 2010, but this seems like a tall order with a few weeks remaining and only 234 landed to date
Teasing Striped Marlin off Durban (12/09/2010)
[Durban,KZN] When you least expect it you hook up a Marlin, and we totally under gunned for this battle.
The Weatherman lied Again (12/04/2010)
[Durban,KZN] No matter how much you watc and anticipate the weather, often it does the unexpected, but we still got fish
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