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It's been a while since I have posted a fishing report, and I really missed writing them. I had 2 gents from Oman who asked me to take them out to specifically catch a Marlin, and so I arranged with Richard (Nikao) to use his boat as mine is in between gearboxes this weekend. (Thanks Rich)

So we all met at Wilsons wharf at around 03h45 and by 04h00 we were on our way, it was still dark and I wanted to fish deep so we ran about 26Nm until we were at around 500m depth before we dropped lines. Along the way we encountered 2 schools of Dolphins who stayed with us for a shot while, closer inshore the water was greenish with temps varying from 25-26deg C, just before the 500m we noticed a current line ahead and this was when we dropped our lines and then made our way through the current, this was just after 05h00 and the sun had started making a glorious golden highway ahead of us.

After the current line the water started warming up to over 27deg. C and we noticed a lot of birds, plankton and flying fish around and made our way to 2000m depth, by the time we got to 2000m the Agulhas current was flying and so we decided to head back towards 1000m where the current was better and we found crystal clear cobalt water of 28.6deg.C, but the swells were big at 4-5m.

Nothing, not even a Dorado or Tuna the sea was void of all game fish and so I decided to head back towards 500m and see what I could find there feeling somewhat disillusioned after many hours on the water, it was exactly 12 noon when were around the 800m area when the Penn reel on the right hand corner growled, I hit the throttles and there we saw a Marlin which I initially thought was a Black Marlin bouncing behind the boat and the reel was now screaming and everyone was filled with excitement as the event unfolded.

We then got the angler onto the rod with his harness on and then I began to slow the boat down to trolling speed and eventually to an idle, the lines where all cleared and the fight was on, I let Richard now skipper the boat so he can learn how to handle the boat when a Marlin is on, and I guided everyone and was the linesman.

About 45 minutes into the fight the angler started complaining that he was tired and wanted to give the rod to his friend, I said no, you fight your fish or you will regret it for the rest of your life, and so with some encouragement, some shouting and coaxing he continued his fight.

After a 1.5hr battle, where the fish ran deep several times I eventually got him on the leader and next to the boat, it was a Blue Marlin of around 3m long and estimated at 400lbs (182Kg).

Photos were then taken, hooks removed and we spent about 30 minutes swimming the fish next to the boat until he decided it was time to go and he dashed off with speed.

We reset the spread and continued for about an hour or so but the swells had picked up with several steam rollers of over 6m coming through and with the wind picking up I decided it was time to go, and so we packed up and made the 30Nm journey back home in haste eventually arriving back at the mooring just before 16h00. We out some flags on Richards boat, and everyone was smiles.

It was so great to get out again and even greater to hit the jackpot.

Fish Species: Blue Marlin
Bait Used: Kona's
Tackle Used: Penn International
Method Used: Trolling
Water Depth: 850m
Water Temperature: 28.6 deg.C
Wind Direction: NE
Wind Speed: 12knts
Blue Marlin at the boat offshore Durban
Blue Marlin at the boat offshore Durban

Blue Marlin released off Durban
Blue Marlin released off Durban

Mike Laubscher

About The Author: Mike Laubscher

Company: Blue Water Charters - Durban

Area Reporting: Durban. KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Bio: I have been fishing since I was 5 years old in Durban and have fished many places around the world and in South Africa, but Durban is my home waters. I fished competitive for many years and I have been running my own charters since 2008 with 2 companies and 2 boats, fish a variety of styles and target a variety of fish species in both Salt and Fresh water, have many published articles in several magazines on fishing. Love nature and outdoors, Am very conservation minded and have a passion for birds. I am crazy about big Tuna, Marlin Fishing and Game Fishing, and also love light tackle spinning, am a total lure junkie. Represented my province in fly fishing for many years and am also pro staff for Rapala/Shimano. I want to write a book on fishing one day. 3 items left on my fishing bucket list, guess then a new bucket list will be in order. As a writer I have my own quote: \"I love taking people fishing because it releases their inner child, and in doing so keeps my inner child alive.\"

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