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    Family Harbour Trip by Mike Laubscher (10/28/2018)
    [Durban] a delighted young man who had his first ever fishing trip on a boat. During the 3hrs we managed to hook up
    Tuna Grand Slam on Nawty Girl by Mike Laubscher (10/28/2018)
    [Durban] after a good fight what we thought was a Yellowfin Tuna turned out to be a
    Tiger Fishing, Bass Fishing and Camping Safari by Mike Laubscher (10/17/2018)
    [Pongolapoort Dam] The rain was gone, we saw a beautiful little owl n the tree above our campsite. The overcast conditions made for perfect tiger fishing and we landed and released 26 Tiger fish for the day
    Bass Fishing, Tiger Fishing and Camping Safari by Mike Laubscher (10/17/2018)
    [Inanda Dam] Awesome weather was presented to us and our morning session went well with 6 largemouth bass landed and released, most of them around keeper size (30cm), nothing took on top water and so we had to fish deeper to get some fish. The afternoon went slower and we went even deeper and we got 4 more bass, Janick was going really slow and this paid off
    Big Bull Dorado to open the season. by Mike Laubscher (10/01/2018)
    [Durban] It was just a matter of time before we got the big one and what a fight it gave
    Marlin Food is Here by Mike Laubscher (9/23/2018)
    [Durban] These Oceanic Bonito are Marlin food, and along with some flying fish that we saw, I am sure we will start getting Marlin early this season.
    Bonito are getting bigger. by Mike Laubscher (9/22/2018)
    [Durban] A strong west wind blew for about an hour during our trip and made for a very choppy sea and then all calmed down and the rain set in making us soaking wet
    Tuna, Tuna, Tuna, Fat Girl wins again. by Mike Laubscher (9/13/2018)
    [Durban] It was not long before we had our first bonnie on the line, then another and then another, the Bonnies are getting bigger now with a really nice one which was followed by a decent Yellowfin Tuna. After the excitement and 2 nice fish in the hatch and a bunch of others being caught I went to target my next spot and BINGO we all 9 lines go off at once
    10 Years of Charters by Mike Laubscher (9/04/2018)
    [Durban] 10 Years of charters. From humble beginnings on the 1st of September 2018, a small boat and 6 fishing rods we have overcome many obstacles to be here today.
    Good Tuna in a big swell by Mike Laubscher (9/03/2018)
    [Durban] The Bonnies have been thick this year and on our trip on Saturday afternoon we had some wild and crazy Bonnie action which broke all our previous records landing 34 Bonito in 30 minutes which was awesome fun on light tackle and the chaos and mayhem of so many fish happening at once just got everyone’s adrenalin pumping
    Tuna Quadruple Hook up. by Mike Laubscher (8/21/2018)
    [Durban] The fish were not behaving normally today and most were biting the lures very close behind the boat and not the ones further back, they were also jumping out the water at the lures making a great show and one could watch them jump and hit the surface lures and then watch the road bend and the reel zing.
    Tuna for Fat Girl and Nawty Girl. by Mike Laubscher (8/19/2018)
    [Durban] Yesterday I don’t think there was a moment when someone was not fighting a Bonnie or all the lines out on the light tackle these are great fun
    Tuna Again by Mike Laubscher (8/10/2018)
    [Durban] Then all the action stopped and we were being entertained by 2 Albatross trying to snatch our Shotgun lure and we were all calling to the Tuna, when all a sudden. BANG the shot gun rigger snapped and ZZZZZZZZZZ as the shot gun rod bent over properly and the reel started to sing
    Tuna are starting to make an appearance. by Mike Laubscher (7/21/2018)
    [Durban] Yesterday I saw some showings of larger fish which I thought were Yellowfin Tuna and so today we went out rigged accordingly with a plan and within 30 minutes we had a hook up
    July Holidays by Mike Laubscher (7/17/2018)
    [Durban] . One on long trip we went down South and found a pocket of sardines with Sharks, Sailfish and Marlin smashing them, we managed to hook up ...