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Tiger Fishing, Bass Fishing and Camping Safariby Mike Laubscher (10/17/2018)
The rain was gone, we saw a beautiful little owl n the tree above our campsite. The overcast conditions made for perfect tiger fishing and we landed and released 26 Tiger fish for the day
Jozini Tiger Fishing Report - 22 April 2017by Mike Laubscher (4/24/2017)
This time the fish started biting immediately and first cast got us a good fish and we ended the day with a total of 23 fish. I got a really big hit during this session but to my frustration my rod snapped and the fish was lost. In the last 30 minutes as the sun was setting down low we tried for a last fish to try get to 24 but the bite went quiet. All the fish we caught were safely released.
Jozini Tiger Fishing Report: 31 March-3 April 2017by Mike Laubscher (4/05/2017)
For 4 days we fished morning and afternoon sessions spending about 8hrs on the water each day. Sadly the water was the colour of coffee and we had no luck with the lures, even 4cm into the water and one could not see the lure and so we decided to switch to bait fishing on anchor instead. The early mornings had a slight nip in the air, but by 8am it was hot and the afternoons were extremely hot with very high temperatures.
Jozini Tiger Fishing Trip, end November 2013by Mike Laubscher (12/02/2013)
We have had a lot of rain this season which makes fishing very difficult, especially when the rain is so heavy. At least we still managed to get some good fish.
Jozini Tiger Fishing Trip – Mid November 2013by Mike Laubscher (11/23/2013)
After driving up in heavy rain, and setting up the campsite in wet conditions, the sun cam out and we got into some good fishing
Jozini Report 20-22 September 2013by Mike Laubscher (9/30/2013)
We lost lots of fish and got spooled by a big one
August Jozini Tiger Fishing Trip with Adventure Fishing Safarisby Mike Laubscher (9/08/2013)
This was a difficult trip which really challenged my knowledge of Tiger fish, as the fishing was really hard. In the end we managed a new record size Tiger fish for our clients
Jozini Report – Crocs, Cows and Tiger Fishby Mike Laubscher (10/11/2012)
Our recent trip to Lake Jozini (Pongolapoort Dam) was a real success with a new client record being set and our 1500th fish caught
I was in Heaven and Hell at the same timeby Mike Laubscher (3/16/2011)
We would launch every morning at about 04h00when it was still dark to try get in on the early morning action and stayed on the water till after dark, the water was hot averaging 29 deg. C. It was really nice to be on Jozini again after chasing off-shore Gamefish for the past few months and I enjoyed the change.
Dirty lil' Tigerby Mike Laubscher (11/24/2010)
Spent the weekend camping at Lake Jozini and hunting Tiger Fish, I really enjoyed the trip, along with some good company and story telling. It was nice to take guys from the same generation who grew up and partied in the same places as me when we were teenagers.
TIGER, TIGER BURNING BRIGHT….. Jozini Report 1-5 Octoberby Mike Laubscher (10/07/2010)
I have just returned from an awesome 5 day adrenalin packed Tiger Fishing trip to Lake Jozini. We had a variety of weather conditions during this trip making each outing unique and challenging. We stayed at Shayamoya Game Lodge which as always was stunning.
Jozini Tiger Fishing during April 2010by Mike Laubscher (4/26/2010)
On the last day of trip 1 we got a real treat when we were able to watch 2 different Osprey eagles catching a tiger fish, there was a lot of game to be seen on these 2 trips and we saw elephant, buffalo, zebra, giraffe, rhino, wildebeest, crocodiles, buck and birds and so much more
Big Tiger on Drop Shot in Short time at Lake Jozini – 08/11/09by Mike Laubscher (11/09/2009)
I met my US clients at Pongola, and then we headed to Lake Jozini for some Tiger fishing. It was a hot day of around 38 deg. C, the skies were clear and the NE wind was pumping. Water surface temperature averaged around 24 deg. C.
Jozini Tigers are Tough – 24/10/09by Mike Laubscher (10/24/2009)
We left Shayamoya at around 04h50 with our breakfast packs and went down to launch the boat, The wind was already starting to blow and it was still from the NE, the water surface temperature was still averaging around 22 deg. C.
Wind, Waves and Tigers at Jozini – 23/10/09by Mike Laubscher (10/23/2009)
I met my guests at Shayamoya Game Lodge at around 09h30, and whilst having some coffee on the deck I was looking over Lake Jozini (Pongolapoort Dam) and saw that all the recent rains had brought muddy water from the Pongola River into the dam and the water was badly stained.
Hot Tiger Fishing at Lake Jozini - 15-10-09by Mike Laubscher (10/19/2009)
On my way to the Lake Jozini (Pongolapoort Dam) slipway whilst driving through the reserve area I cam across a bunch of Giraffes and a herd of Wildebeest, I then met my guests at the slipway at around 14h00, and it was a blistering hot afternoon.
Surface Fishing for Tigers in the Weed Beds – 18-10-09by Mike Laubscher (10/18/2009)
We got down to the Lake Jozini (Pongolapoort Dam) entrance at around 04h55, as this was our last day we wanted to start early as we all had to drive home later. The gate guard was not there and arrived late at around 05h15, which is frustrating. Whilst driving down to the slipway we were treated to some game viewing with Giraffes, Wildebeest, Springbok and Nyala all making an appearance, and near the slipway there was a herd of Black Rhino.
Jozini Tiger Fish taking Surface Lures – 17-10-09by Mike Laubscher (10/17/2009)
We waited for the rain to clear and only launched at around 08h30, it was overcast and there was a light SW wind blowing, the water temperature was still averaging around 23 deg. C. The conditions were mild and it was a really pleasant day. We had thought that the Lake Jozini (Pongolapoort Dam) water might be dirty as the Pongola River was a mud colour, but the water was still crystal clear.
Jozini Tiger Fish caught in Shallow Weed Beds – 16-10-09by Mike Laubscher (10/16/2009)
We launched at Lake Jozini (Pongolapoort Dam) at 05h00 and took the 20Km (1.5Mi) trip to the Gorge, it was sunny already by the slipway, but at the gorge there was a very thick mist that made us wet and we could not even see the Lebombo mountain tops, the water was crystal clear and we could see the bottom at around 5m (16ft). There was a wind blowing down the gorge and the water surface temperature was averaging at around 22 deg. C.
Tiger Fishing in the Wind at Lake Jozini – 08/10/09by Mike Laubscher (10/08/2009)
Nikao Fishing Adventures took some guests out on Lake Jozini (Pongolapoort Dam) for a morning of Tiger Fishing. We launched at Nkonkoni at around 05h30. When we got going with the boat there was a mother Hippo and here baby nearby, and she cam and tried to chase us away even though we were some distance away she was not happy.
Targeting Tiger Fish on Drop Shot Lures and Fly Fishing – 07/10/09by Mike Laubscher (10/07/2009)
Nikao Fishing Adventures took some guests out on Lake Jozini (Pongolapoort Dam) to chase tiger fish on artificial lures and on fly. We launched at Golela at 05h00 and fished until 18h30.
Tiger Fish in Deeper Water at Lake Jozini – 06/10/09by Mike Laubscher (10/06/2009)
Nikao Fishing Adventures took some guests out on Lake Jozini (Pongolapoort Dam) for a morning of Tiger Fishing on Drop Shot lures. We stayed at Umziki Chalets, which is a lovely self catering facility.
Tiger Fishing at Lake Jozini – 05/10/09by Mike Laubscher (10/05/2009)
Nikao Fishing Adventures spent an afternoon on the southern side Lake Jozini (Pongolapoort Dam) scouting the dam to see where the Tiger Fish where active.
Tiger Fish on Top Water at Lake Jozini – 22-23/09/09by Mike Laubscher (9/25/2009)
Nikao Fishing Adventures went up to Lake Jozini also known as Pongolapoort Dam to scout the dam and then for some Tiger Fish fishing with 2 clients from the USA.
Tiger Fish Fishing Drop Shot Style at Lake Joziniby Mike Laubscher (9/08/2009)
Nikao Fishing Adventures took 2 clients from USA out for a day of Tiger Fish fishing at Lake Jozini also known as Pongolapoort Dam. The weather was superb, and the water temperature was warm, the water was slightly stained.