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Dorado for all boats by Mike Laubscher (12/01/2019)
December is here so fast and holiday season will be upon us in a few days, for those that are planning on booking a charter it is best to book now as we filling up fast.
Dorado for Nawty Girl by Mike Laubscher (11/26/2019)
The Dorado (Mahi) were very hyperactive today and many of them were small and came off on the jump making for a frustrating day
Dorado (Mahi) season in full swing by Mike Laubscher (11/24/2019)
The Dorado were very hungry and active, when hooked up they gave us acrobatic aerial displays with some of them jumping off the hook in the process, some were smashing at our lures but missing completely increasing the excitement
Tuna in tough conditions by Mike Laubscher (11/18/2019)
came across a school of over 100 Dorado but all where the size of my hand, was amazing to see them jumping and perfectly formed in every way even though so small
Dorado Again by Mike Laubscher (11/13/2019)
The sea was a bit bumpy this morning after yesterday’s winds but settled down in the later part of the day. The water was under 22deg. C but looking good, we also saw a massive Manta Ray. Any day now we going to hook up with a Black Marlin, the fish are coming in now.
Mixed Fishing Bag by Mike Laubscher (11/09/2019)
With some really hot days the past few weeks we could be in for a very hot summer which will make for a good game fish season.
Dorado Account Opened by Mike Laubscher (10/16/2019)
Better late than never, we finally opened our Dorado (Mahi) account for the season today, water is still cold
A Sailfish to commence the Season by Mike Laubscher (10/03/2019)
Once deep I tapped the throttles back a little and started working some previously productive areas and BANG the port corner went and I thought it was a small Striped Marlin as it took off, 30 minutes later .......
A Very Good Tuna off Durban for Fat Girl by Mike Laubscher (10/02/2019)
we were out deep off Salt Rock with that strong current and made the turn to head back, on the way back we found some smaller Yellowfin Tuna and then for the grand finale we landed a stunning........
A Good King Fish. by Mike Laubscher (8/07/2019)
This is not a fish we often catch here and so a really memorable catch.
Family Fishing Trip by Mike Laubscher (7/03/2019)
The sons definitely out fished the dads on this trip.
Fathers and Sons Fishing. by Mike Laubscher (6/26/2019)
We had 2 families on the boat for a short morning charter. Water is very cold and under 20deg.C and we had a screaming reverse current.
Good fishing today by Mike Laubscher (6/23/2019)
We had an upcountry couple with us on a short charter today, conditions were really nice with a moderate SW wind and seas were nice and flat. The water has got cold now and sits under 20 deg.C and we had a relatively strong reverse current which made bottom fishing a little difficult.
Family Fun Fishing by Mike Laubscher (6/17/2019)
The kiddies had so much fun today, every drop was a fish and once we had enough fish we tried trolling for Tuna or Bonito
Good Slinger Fishing by Mike Laubscher (6/16/2019)
We got some nice Slinger today and before we knew it we had our Slinger quota, we then tried for other species